Tool Belts of 2023 – Here’s What You Need to Know!

Okay, we’ll be honest here. How many times did you actually wish your tool belt was smaller but would carry the same tools somehow?

I understand how exhausting it is to walk around with a giant tool belt if we ignore its goodness.

Um, but what if I tell you, I found a better alternative?

Not an exact replacement for a tool backpack in any way, but this little buddy does the exact same thing; to carry basic and everyday tools in a small and convenient way.

They’re called ‘tool belts’ by mundane beings but we won’t mind ‘kangaroo pockets’. Jokes apart, they’re a much better alternative if you are on the go and plan to pick up ‘must-haves’ only.

Tool belts are not the easiest to test out. It’s a long and extensive process, to begin with. After going through some of the best and most loved tool belts of all time, I have picked the 10 best tool belts that stand up to their quality.

Before I walk you through my listed tool belts, let’s clear your concept on tool belts for better insight.

Short on time? Check out Comparison Table!

The following comparison table of the 10 best tool belts will give you some basic but important specifications to let you know which model seems to be the one you need.

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Best Tool Belts

Best tool belts available on the market

To save you some time from doing in-depth market research, I have done it for you. I have a list of top 10 belts here. Let’s check them out!

What’s a Tool Belt, Exactly?

Or maybe, why do I need it?

Before I was introduced to the system, I was in your shoes. The first thing I did was to google the exact sentence, what is a tool belt?

Here’s the response, and it’s a pretty good one –
“A tool belt is a belt worn around the waist, retaining pockets and loops made to contain tools and equipment. Tool belts are worn in many professional trades and other activities, and are typically used to transport and maintain tools and material used at a worksite10.”

That’s like one of the top responses you get when you search for it. In easy terms, it’s a doable and much more convenient version of a belt. Imagine a tool backpack, but without the need of carrying it on the shoulders and the need of bearing its weight.

A toolbelt does not limit your expectations. Instead, you can carry all the tools you need in the small pouch-like bag. All you have to do is wear it like a regular belt. The belt will have attached pockets, pouches, and chambers to differentiate your tools. In most cases, it has separate space to hold sensitive pieces too.

All these features will vary according to the bag you choose. And I can help you to find the perfect one that’s worth the value.

How does A Tool Belt Work?

In the simplest way, different from tool belts or boxes.

Usually, the structure of a tool belt is what the name suggests; a regular belt. All the pouches, chambers, and pockets are attached to it, just like a tool backpack. Instead of having to carry it on the shoulders like bags, it just hung out on the belt which reduces the weight enough to make a difference.

The pockets or pouches attached to the belt are not static. You can put on or off pockets that you need or don’t as of the moment. There are zippers or metal buttons attached for the highest security for your tools. But this again depends on the type and brand of tool belts you are going for. The ones that I listed have some good ones.

In short, here is what you do:

  • Choose your preferred tool belt, to begin with.
  • Read the manual of precautions and usage.
  • For regular tool belts, check the interior of the pouches properly.
  • Attach the tool belt where you would usually wear your regular belt.
  • Fix the posture of the belt according to your size.
  • Check if the fit is doable and run a test if it is still doable with tools on.

It’s that simple. To be honest, this can be counted as a life savior for those who want a solution for their heavy work but do not want to roam around with a huge chunk of the bag. Moreover, it is easier to find tools in tool belts as the tools are all positioned vertically. Small pouches can handle the small screws, so there’s that.

What are the options available?

This one is a subjective question that I’ll elaborate on in the buying guide. But just for the sake of the answer, I’ll point out the main points you should look out for.

Honestly, the base idea is the same in every model; a belt and pockets attached to that. A few of the models might stand out creating their own identity, but that’s only a handful in number. One option you get is the variety of brands and the individuality that comes with it.

The materials are different from each other. You should do research on what material makes you feel like you own it. And don’t worry about the correct details on the products, I have all the information up in my list.

You’ll get tons of tool belts according to your profession. If you are someone who needs at least 30 different tools per day, your belt is going to be different from those who only need five. So, there is always room for that.

Although it’s pretty common sense, the options vary according to your budget too. There’s a common misconception that the more you pay, the better quality you get.

Um, it’s true in some cases. The catch is to study a product thoroughly and find the highest quality at the best prices. Still, isn’t sure what to do? My list is reading to help you out!

I’ve explored all the options that I could possibly find. I went through some of the best deals and ‘worth the value’ products in the process. I shortlisted them and made a list of the best ones. So here’s the list of the 10 tool belts you can buy:

Top-Rated Tool belts to Go for This Year

I have tried to include all the details of the belt to get a better idea. Nevertheless, a little razzle-dazzle on the topic doesn’t hurt. That is, I included my opinions too for a bit of personification and relatability.

1. GLOSSYEND’s 11 Pocket Brown and Black Heavy Duty Construction Tool Belt

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This one is the quick route if you’re in a hurry. It’s an instant thought. If you ask me the overall best tool belt in the market considering budget and quality, this name is a reflex. I know how some of you struggle with posture, pocket details, and budget. But not anymore with this by your side.

As I mentioned, if you are seeing this in a rush to buy the ideal product on average price, GlossyEnd welcomes you with a warm hug.

Also, who doesn’t love a little fashion in their work fit? Not me!

GlossyEnd’s 11 pocket brown and black tool belt is an addition to the fashion house. But all this is a plus point to the justice it does to the tool organization. In one word – life-saving. You’ll get to know yourselves when I elaborate on its functions.

You already have the ‘spoiler’ of it having 11 pockets, always thankful to the name. The distribution for each pocket is pretty smart. You can find five main pockets here where you can put nails and stuff. The rest of the six pockets have their own length and sizes where you can easily stuff pencils, gauges, pliers, screws, etc. They also built special pockets for pliers and named them ‘special holders of pliers’ that have two steel hammer loops too.

The material is claimed to have been reinforced with rust-proof rivets. That certainly makes the quality superior. After we are done with the pockets, let’s talk about the waist belt. The waist belt is made of polyester so it’s strong and waterproof. The belt has a width of nearly 2 inches and can seamlessly adjust from 33 inches to 52 inches.

However, you can adjust the belt length as you like. It features an instant release buckle too. Even though they claim to fit all sizes, there are debates on that. Now, the drawback here is some of the users experience a problem with the fittings of the belt. I would advise you to not look into this if you have a comparatively smaller waist, just in case.

It’s very comfortable to use, feels premium. For the professionals, it works great for electricians, plumbers, carpenters, contractors, construction workers, etc. If your job is similar to this, you should take a look too!

2. Carhartt Legacy Tool Belt

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The cutest, straight-to-the-point bag to ever exist!

This might look smaller in size but it does the job just as well. The only fact that makes it stand out is, you don’t need to go back and forth for your tools now. Your essentials are just arm’s length away.

Carhartt made sure it catches attention for its looks, so I noticed the waist belt is very thin compared to other belts. Plus point is that it’ll easily fit any size now, with less weight to carry or weight that feels like a breeze.

But don’t mistake its capability compared to its size. To me, it was good enough to secure its place in the top ten. The manufacturers are said to focus more on the exterior part, I guess they did an excellent job with the interior too.

The whole belt has nine pockets in total. There are other loops to store certain equipment too. These pockets and tools are rigid, strong, and worth the money. There’s also a loop for holding tape and hammer. The structure is quite interesting too. When it’s folded, it looks like a compact-sized bag. But when you actually spread it, it looks clean and long enough to carry all your tools. That’s the trick.

The design is chic, no doubt. But let’s not get derailed and focus on the exterior only. It’s only good as long as the quality is good. So, here comes the quality observation. The material is 100% polyester and said to be imported. I’ve found out that it comes from China which means you get it manufactured by raw makers. Although it looks like leather.

The belt is also resistant to rainwater or water in general.

I wanted to discuss its price point separately. I mean, have you ever seen a quality tool belt this cheap?

Seriously, the price point made me question it’s quality countless times. The quality never failed to blow my mind every time I tried to test. I don’t think any other company can give you this high-quality chic-looking tool belt within this price range anyway. Consider this the best tool belt in budget. The pricing deserves head pats like the quality.

The standard one is the one discussed here. There is an option to choose the deluxe version of this. The price might be a bit higher but you’ll have more space to carry your tools. That is if you need any.

3. JACKSON PALMER Professional Comfort-Rig Tool Belt

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Looks like I swapped you all on the budget. Now if you are sold on that, congratulations. Leaving that aside, I’ll open a new chapter of the list now; tool belts that are worth the money. And I could not have a better opening product other than Jackson Palmer’s pro tool belt. You’ll see why.

First of all, just take a peek at the belt. Literally, is this a joke?

Jackson Palmer took tool belt creation to another level and it’s not surprising anymore. When I read the word ‘comfort’ there, I certainly did not expect them to go this overboard to meet the client’s demand. I’m sold on this part.

The structure of this is quite interesting. There is a 5 point connection so that the weight is distributed evenly on each side. Some rare features for tool belts like power tool hooks are attached to them. They made sure they weren’t playing with the space when they included 2 detachable pouches that had built-in dividers, despite having so much space.

I found more info on the pockets; they are equally spectacular. You can find a hammer holder, tool hooks (2 in number) and 2 detachable pouches having 4 pockets. We’ve already talked about the built-in dividers.

I’m still in love with the way they portrayed their creativity with their design. They use real customer experiences and feedback to elevate the comfort of using – that’s what makes them stand out.

This tool belt is suitable for every kind of job. But if your job relates to lightweight tools and equipment, even though this might be tempting, you don’t actually need this. For tough jobs though … ya’ll stop looking for the perfect one now because it’s here. There are iron buckles for comfort and sewed at key stress points so that it’s very strong to have a nice grip.

Jackson Palmer focused on customer’s comfort heavily as the name suggests. It is built with a design of cool mesh that prevents you from sweating, is easy for breathing and the pressure of the weight. The shoulder straps are padded too.

The price is a bit in the higher range as you expected. This belt is made with thoughts and innovation. The quality is top-notch as they said. And luckily, they stand by it. It’s an interesting fact – they claim 100% money back if their product is not up to their words. So you can stay assured no matter what.

4. Gatorback B240 Electrician’s Combo Tool Belt

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This one is specifically for electricians who are looking for durability and comfort, all in one place!

Before I begin to describe and give insights, just know that the design is patented and you cannot find any similar designs in the whole world. And that’s why, when I came to study on the belt, they offered a good amount of varieties and sizes to choose from.

I loved how organized they were with what they are providing. All of their interior boxes are plastic-lined. This will help them hold onto a box shape rather than sogging. This is a well-thought pattern as a traditional envelope stitching method makes it hard to find small tools in an emergency. As for space, the left side pouch has 9 fastener tool pouches that are accessible to your left hand. The right one has 18 pockets and a tape chain.

The material is heavy-duty nylon that helps to keep the spaces sturdy. Yet, not too sturdy to weigh you down with the weight. Let’s start with the patented design. The design is for supporting back comfort. The inside materials are breathable too. Also, every stress point is stitched carefully and has an extra layer of heavy-duty nylon so that it never tears due to sharp objects.

The main belt is made of leather and has two metal buckets. The leather holes in the belt are made to resist ripping out. Leather also makes it look chic and ensures durability. I know how you’re thinking one metal buckle would do the job just fine. Well, now imagine two metal buckles doing the job more than fine. They claimed to have made the fittest belt to serve your purpose. It ensures the highest security, no doubt.

There are metal suspensor rings and carrier handles to make it a better experience. Carrying handles are rare to find in tool belts. It does make sense as sometimes your shoulders or waist need a rest.

For measuring the belt size, do not use your pant size/measurement. Use your actual waist size for proper fit.

The good news is every product of Gatorkback comes with a 1-year warranty. You can call them up if there is any problem with the stitching and they would fix it free of charge. They are loyal to their customers, that’s what I thought and realized.

Bet you’re sold.

5. Dickies 5-Pocket Single Side Tool Belt

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Are you tired of seeing all the tool belts focusing on either pouches or weight or even, on your profession? Are you looking for something that’s versatile and the best for light-duty everyday work?

Well, look no more.

Dickies don’t care if you are a professional or just DYI, it serves the exact purpose that it’s supposed to. I’ll save you the time – this pocket is actually a ‘pouch’ and is the best tool belt you can get to go with your apron or lightweight jobs.

Dickies are known for their amazing quality and variety of options. The design of this pocket a.k.a pouch is genuine and simple. To be honest, there’s nothing to it, the look is average.

But it’s known for its flexibility and has an upper hand for being convenient. The size of it makes it easier to reach anytime soon.

Let’s not call it pocket but pouches for starters. I’ll explain it in a few moments.

The whole belt can be worn on one side only, it’s that small and convenient. But that doesn’t mean you have to compromise with storage options. This comes as a whole pouch that has only two large main pockets.

You can find 2 small loop pockets, 1 tool loop for webbing designed for screwdrivers or similar tools. You will find 1 pocket for pliers. So yeah, it’s pretty small if you compare it with the previously listed ones.

The material and quality are trustworthy. They claimed to process the material for heavy-duty purposes so I’ll give them that. The material type is fabric material on the plastic-y side, very friendly to work clothes.

The waist belt is thick and designed to fit the waist measuring 32-inches to 56-inches perfectly. The belt is flexible, nevertheless, so you can always try it out.

The pouch is made to last for years. The canvas is durable and as it’s smaller in size, it helps to organize and keep your tools in a confined space. The loops are placed vertically so it will be easier for you to grab and go.

It’s not that this will not give you hard times; you will need to choose your tool belts likewise.

For example – If your work falls under the category of heavy-duty and you usually need to carry more than 15 tools (major and minor included) every day, this tool belt is very unlikely to serve the purpose alone. This might work as a sling pouch as an extra.

I don’t recommend buying this as the main one if you really need one considering the issue. It’s a great pouch option regardless.

6. Occidental Leather 8580 XL FatLip Tool Bag Set

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Let’s think differently now. Suppose you want a tool belt that will last you for years and you are willing to pay the right price for it … does this sound alluring to you?

Or, let’s say, you are seeing this as a form of investment in your work. You buy a premium quality tool belt with a good amount of money. But it does not stop there. The tool belt served you for more than ten years and still looks as new as ever.

Now that sounds interesting.

If you are someone who likes leather stuff, you sure are going to love this. Occidental Leather created one of the best tool belts using premium grad tanned cowhides with a mixture of waxes and oils according to the customer’s demand.

Before I talk about our usual pocket theory, I cannot wait to tell you about the outlook of the belt.
As it’s made of leather, you can already assume it looks ravishing in person.

The tanned color of the belt makes it look expensive (which it actually is) and in a good way. They claimed to have mixed different oils and waxes within the formulation of the material. You’d know anyway when you see this in person because of the shiny and glossy outlook.

This tool belt’s pockets focused on interior spaces rather than separated chambers themselves. For tool bags, one advantage is that the tool pockets are designed to make access easy for right-handed people. Left-handed customers might add exceptions to the design if necessary.

You can fit your hammers, chisels, pencils, any everyday tool into it. It is better to wear this on the right side of your body.

There are fastener bags on the other side of the belt too. The bags stitched in here are specifically designed for everyday tools that you’ll frequently reach out for.

You can fit your cat’s paw, small bits of equipment, nail bits, and all other tools that are generally used by your left hand. This is usually worn on the left side of the body.

Apart from all these, you can use it as you like, without any doubt. But you’d experience the best of it when you use it according to the instructions. Nevertheless, it’s an amazing product.

If I talk about the cons, it’s just the price. If you think of it as an investment, it’s not a bad option considering the service it offers.

7. CLC Custom Leathercraft 1614 20 Pocket Tool Belt

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CLC has quite a name in the quest of searching for the best tool belts or even bags in the market. It never ceases to amaze me though. Their Custom Leathercraft is no exception to their amazing creation and that’s why, it easily secured its place on the list here, today.

Now if we rewind the budget issue and material supremacy, we only have the latter one here. This belt is made differently, with each material very precisely that underwent brilliant thoughts. Because of the thoughtful structures and design, the belt is universal regardless of profession. All of the features make it a perfect fit for framers, electricians, installers, and repair technicians.

You can get a hold of this irrespective of your profession or no profession at all- Just DIY.

The features that make CLC stand out are the thoughts behind the structure of the pockets. Here, you can find 6 huge pockets. The storage didn’t stop there. Instead, they added additional sleeves which might be around 13 in number to hold as many tools as possible. . You’ll find pockets for your usual goods too. The question is – what isn’t in there?

That’s a valid question and the answer can be diverse. Coming up with the cons, I have to say it was difficult to find one. One tiny design that I found annoying was the ‘leather belt system’ (as I call it) tool belt. Though it claims to fit sizes 29 to 46 inches, I have doubts about that belt system. If you prefer these types of belt systems, it’s not a problem anymore!

The interior space does not end there. There are two hammer holders attached for holding heavy tools as suggested. There is also a space for measuring tape clips.

Several sleeves are stitched for the carpenter’s square, pry bar, and combination square. You will find open pockets on both sides of the belt specially designed for quick access to the tools — I think that’s one of the pro features of this tool belt.

This tool belt took the comfort experience to another level. Apart from the tool belt, to even out the weight of the tools, there are shoulder wraps and adjustable straps. This will be placed on your shoulders for extra support to weigh your tools. They claim to make it with absolute durability or materials that just last longer than usual.

Personally, I’m very impressed. The rest is on you.

8. Milwaukee 48-22-8120 Contractor Work Belt with Suspension Rig

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As you can tell, we are into tool belts that not only support your waist for weighing the tools but also your shoulders. This makes a huge difference in our day-to-today life if you really think about it. Moreover, it solves one of the shortcomings that’s heavily relevant in this tool belt industry. I’ll explain how.

Usually, for buying the tool belt, you need to focus only on the belt itself. The main priority – even more than the pockets themselves – is the waist sizes that the belt will fit. It’s between 29 to 52 inches in general or some for advertisement.

But what if our waists are smaller or bigger than that? What if our waist-sized tool belt doesn’t offer the same facilities as them?

This problem is solved by the shoulder carrier straps. If you think logically, the tool belt does not have to fit you perfectly if there are shoulder straps. If the tool belt does not fit, you can slide on the shoulder straps (suspension ring in this case) and this will hold the pockets along with the belt just as well.

Milwaukee’s work belt is one of that kind.

They made the tool belt with enough interior space. There are separate chambers and pouches to keep your tools. The material is formulated in a way that it can resist sharp objects. Which means you can keep daggers or jab saws. The quality is puncher resistant and made of plastic. So, no sharp can internally or externally damage the pockets.

The belt holds 24 unique pockets and handles that help the belt in easy moving. The other pockets, loops, and holders are enough to carry all the daily needed tools. What I really want to talk about is the suspender – it holds the whole system together. There is a small pouch for small phones at the suspension ring.

The overall outlook is really professional. The only thing that bugged me was that it is not very comfortable for those people in tropical countries. But I searched more for contents on this and found out the pads and materials are breathable even though they are padded.

You might have guessed the belt is highly durable. That also contributes to the pricing of the belt. With the service and facilities that it provides, this belt is worth spending a few bucks over. The quality and utility are great so maybe give it a thought!

9. Bucket Boss Mullet Buster 3 Bag Tool Belt

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No products found.

Back to our suspender beasts again, you have to look into this.

At the first glance, this is mesmerizing. It’s one of those products that is worth the impulse buy if you are in that sector. But since I am judging every bit of anything before we purchase, this will not be an exception. But oh is it winning.

As much as I am impressed by the look of it, I can actually tell it’s made of well-thought material. And I was right. This is made of 2-ply, 1680 denier poly fabric that’s used for heavy-duty purposes and is heavyweight. Now this one is very strong on its own and lasts a decade if it’s taken care of. Bottom line – if you are thinking of the best durability, don’t think anymore, it’s that good.

As for the outlook, it’s designed for extreme comfort and accessibility. Pockets, as important as they are, are crazy in numbers here. They literally put 29 pockets in the whole belt. Pouches and pockets are designed separately for maximum space consumption. There are some barrel-bottom pouches that offer extra storage capacity. There are loops and hangers to fit hammers and other long tools. There is also a measuring clip for holding your measuring tapes. There is a suspender with high quality straps attached to the belt. This also has padded shoulder straps for maximum comfort. It’s rigid, sturdy and the best belt you can ever find for roofing.

They went overboard with their attempt to provide their clients with utmost comfort. For starters, all these suspenders and pouches are removable and adjustable so you can customize them on your own. There is also a chest retaining belt/strap and a phone pouch on the chest part of the suspender. The shoulder straps are padded as you know. You can control the weight distribution yourself. Sounds like a dream to me.

The tool belt itself tried to be as universal as it can. It fits waist sizes up to 52 inches. For best fit, do not measure tool belts according to your pant size but your actual waist size. There is a steel buckle that ensures perfect waist fit and stability within the tools.

It is easier to move with this tool belt. That makes it perfect for daily use as well as emergency occasions. Whatever occasion it is, it surely knows to keep us. The price is very affordable if you look at the features. I honestly expected it to be priced at a few more bucks. So, I’ll say it’s a great deal.

10. Tricidi – Coyote Brown Heavy-Duty Tool Belt

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No products found.

We are out of the suspender thing again, it’s a normal one that’s actually not so normal. It is specially made for carpenters and to make their work experience a little bit seamless. But they also claimed it to be versatile so I guess it works well for every profession but it has an upper hand on carpentry.

Till now, I did not find any convenient tool belt on the list. Then, this pops up and proves me wrong. My guilty pleasure is that I agree with it. And soon you will too. There are 24 pockets in total in both belt bags. You can find multipurpose bags in 4 pieces that have huge interior space to stuff anything, literally. There are measuring clips for tapes, D-rings for suspender attachments, and a pocket that keeps your phone safe.

The material is very sturdy. This is said to be made comfortable with a comfortable ergonomic design. The materials are polyester with suede leather in black color and I’m sure of it being very durable as they claimed to carry these stuff. You can fit pliers, wrenches, drills, shears, multitools, utility knives, and other sharp objects. It stays on seamlessly without any discomfort and the pockets and loops can resist tearing and bruises.

The belt is generic, to be honest. It fits the waist from 29 inches to 48 inches. The material is just the same as the pockets. But it holds the pocket quite rigidly and hugs your waist in a way that the belt won’t move from its place. There is a metal buckle attached to the belt. This buckle helps in holding the belt perfectly and also quick release.

The overall outlook is very rough-looking. I would only imagine someone who’s very adventurous wearing this. For a carpenter and an electrician, this is the better option fashion-wise. The belt is wide and made of the same material. If you add a suspender to that, it may turn into something exceptional with comfort. That way, you can cross-check its versatility too. If experimenting is an option, why not go for it?

This one stands out the most. It’s the – money back guarantee! After purchasing this, if you face any difficulty or problem with the product, they will return or refund your money with no questions asked. Although this one is a less researched topic, write to us if you can find any proof!

You need a tool belt: Here’s why?

I can already name a few reasons why tool belts are inseparable. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional or not, this one is a life savior.

Tool bags and other equipment are significant, I know. But what about the days when you don’t have the energy to carry huge weights (tools) on your back? It’s work, you still gotta do it and there’s no other way.

Tool belts are easier and seamless in the process. You don’t have to worry about the weight you need to carry. Because honestly, it’s not gonna be that heavy with tools on your waist.

The belt is firm and tight enough to make it feel lightweight. The pouches and pockets are usually designed to hang on both sides of your waist. That way, it neutralizes the weight and you don’t feel anything.

Some tool belts have suspender rings or extra supports of other kinds. This also helps in weight distribution amongst the belt. In every way, I see this as an absolute win.

Tools belts are mostly used for quick access to the tools. As you go to work every day, it’s generic to want something that will come in handy in terms of need and emergency.

As for bags and others, it is time-consuming in emergencies. Moreover, these pockets are structured separately for both hands to reach as fast as possible. So, the question should be – why don’t you need a tool belt? Truth is – depends, and for most, there’s no answer.

The price points are similar. In fact, some tool belts go as low as $30. Now if you see that as an investment and plan to work at least 5 years with this, you have to let some bucks slide.

The prices are fair considering the facilities. From the tool belts that I listed above, all of them are worth every penny.If you have the ability or can afford one right now, it’s better to be late than never.

How to Choose a Tool Belt: The Buying Guide

It’s lovely to read about all these awesome tool belts; but what’s the purpose of all these if you yourself don’t know what it’s all about? What’s not fitting is that you are overwhelmed by the many choices available in the market.

That’s where this article and this buying guide come in.

If you are still confused about what to go for, I am going to list out all the factors according to preferences here. I’ll explain each of the factors so you can filter out when one matters to you the most.

I’ll elaborate on these factors. Here’s a quick view if you want to save time:

Factors to Consider Before Buying Your Belt

Based on Space and Pockets

When you are searching for a tool belt, it’s obvious that you are going to consider pocket, interior space, and waist fit. Well, I think, that’s the whole point of buying a belt.

From the tool belts that I listed above, some of them have an unnecessary number of pockets and pouches inside them. Some of them have the exact number of pockets that a normal worker would need, yet amazing features.

Others have a good number of fastened pockets for an easy pass to the tools. If you want something that’s swift and easy, opt for the belts that are specially designed for each side of the hand.

Again, if you want something with a protective covering for the electronic sleeve, look into suspenders, they usually have phone pockets. I have those listed above too.

In this step, you will filter all your tools into the exact number of tools that you need for everyday work. That way, you’ll come to a conclusion of the must tools + extra space in case of emergency. It’ll be easier to resolve on the pockets and pouches following this.

Based on Comfort

It might be a hassle to carry all the tools in one place for a long time. Hence, while purchasing tool belts, comfort might be a deciding factor for me. This factor is optional for people who are physically fit or can handle any weight.

You will find tons of belts in the market that provide padding on the back or on the suspender. Usually, the chest strap or the shoulder straps are padded. Some of them even offer extra padding on the back.

If you think you need to prioritize your comfort, there are options waiting for you. You can blindly choose any one of my above listings. I believe they are good enough to make a difference.

Based on Service Proportional to the Value

This is an inescapable factor. I think this would cross the minds of all the people with tight money. Are you spending so much on the right product? Is it worth that much money? What’s the product value on the market right now? Am I going to be alright?

These thoughts are scary when the belt’s about to be a one-time buy. Nevertheless, you should look at the quality when you are investing so much in a product and expect a higher outcome. For this reason, it’s extremely important to measure the service balancing the price of the product.

Now, how will you do that?

Let’s say, the No.1 belt costs $100 and it has the exact amount of pockets you need, a nice interior, and a decent polish on the exterior. The No.2 belt has a price value of $150 with a lesser number of pockets, a nice interior, and exterior, and also comes with a few years of warranty.

What difference does that $50 make? Is that difference meaningful to you?

Yes, or No. You have your answer right there.

Calculate what their service means to you in number and if you see a chance, congratulations!

Based on Your Profession

If you look closely, all the listed tool backpacks are specially designed to target a specific profession. For example- Tricidi – Coyote Brown Heavy-Duty Tool Belt specializes in the ‘quick movement and more space’’ part. It’s certainly for the carpenters.

Read the elaboration that I made on each of the tool belts. Observing the services it offers, you should understand the vibe it gives off. If you still don’t, I have mentioned ‘best tool belts for X (let’s say X is a profession)’ somewhere between the lines.

If you are a technician, go for something that focuses on keeping your electronic tools and devices safe. For a construction worker, opt for something with a larger space. For a mechanic, you’ll need a bag with lots of pouches to organize your tools.

In this way, you need to figure out what your job demands and what’s the best the market can offer. For the latter one, you are always welcome to take a look at my elaborative list.

How to Care for and Maintain tool belts

The first rule to keep in your mind is to always treat your tool belt as a tool. Once you set this on your mind, you are halfway there. Without any further ado, here’s what you need to do.

To keep your tool belt top-notch, empty your tool belt once in a while. When you do that, you will find unnecessary and extra stuff laying around that may increase your tool belt weight.

Also, there might be sharp nails and small unwanted tools that may damage the internals. Most of the time, you’ll find lost tools here. So it serves both ways.

Now, to maintain your tool belts, it’s important to clean them once in a while or when it’s not looking great. The cleaning and washing process will depend on the material. However, there are certain times when you cannot wash/clean them. I’ll explain it below.

  • For nylon-based belts: These are the easiest to wash and get dirty frequently. Because of getting unclean frequently, their lifespan reduces. But there’s nothing that a good wash cannot solve. All you need is – a non-toxic wash/soap, soft-bristled brush, and stain remover (optional).

You can scrub it by hand but be careful not to soak it for too long. A washing machine might do the job but it’s better to stay risk-free and do it yourselves.

  • For leather-based belts: You need to concentrate on this a bit. This is sensitive (and expensive!) so we gotta be a little careful. There are two steps that you can follow to wash this. First is the traditional method (above^) in addition to baby oil to keep the leather hydrated. The second step is to clean it with alcohol and apply a thick layer of vaseline after cleaning it.

As it’s leather, it needs hydration and extra care. After you are done with the cleaning, you can keep it outside to dry. Leave it alone for at least 5 hours (overnight drying is recommended). Apply a leather protectant oil after that. Leave it alone again to dry itself. One thing to keep in mind is to not wash-leather products on rainy or humid days!

The most important activity is to store your tools as per instructions. Do not stuff tools more than it can handle. Try not to break pocket rules and only fit the tools in pockets/loops/pouches that are designed for it. If you read it so far, you are already there!

People Also Ask About Tool Belt


Here are answers to some common questions.

What to look for in a tool belt?

There’s no direct answer to this question. As you are the user, you will need to know what to look for in your ideal tool belt. But, in general, having the ability to move the pouches around the belt is a nice thing to have.

Who makes the best tool belt?

DEWALT, Occidental Leather, and Bucket Boss are three of our top choices. But your allegiance may vary depending on your preference.

Which tool belt is best for me?

Again, it will depend on what you want. Generally, whatever feature set you to choose, you may want to go with a decent brand.

What we carry in my tool belt?

That is an interesting question. Because we all have different setups. But you will find a pair of pliers and screwdrivers, one tape measure, two pencils, a pen, and a cellphone. Oh, and there’s a claw hammer on each setup as well.

How to wash your tool belt?

You may want to check out the maintenance section to learn more.

Final thoughts

Tool belts are a must if you ask me. There’s no doubt that you should be extra careful while choosing the best tool belt that fits you. I’ve come up with the buying guide to smoothen the process and the top tool belts to ease your hunting process.

That way, this article is a short-cut way to get closer to some of the world’s finest artifacts in the form of tool belts.

Don’t worry, the article has everything written out. You are good to go!


My name is Michael M. Militello, and I want to help you find the right tools and the best products for your next project! As a professional tool expert here in Houston, TX, With my vast tool experience, I can help you choose the right brand, model, and size for the job. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. You can reach me here on my blog and also on Facebook, Twitter , and Pinterest. I look forward to hearing from you!

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