Choose Ideal Tool Bags in the Business and How to Get Them!

Let’s be honest with each other. It’s 2023, we only talk tool bags now.

Tools are messy, I get it. And there are tons of organizers already available in the market. Some of them are so good, it makes you forget you are even working.

Well, some of them, actually. The rest of them though, I’m not proud of.

Let’s say, toolboxes are quite in the trend, so why not give that a try?

I admit tool boxes contribute towards space-saving, are quite easy to carry around, and are cheap. But there’s a drawback.

Have you noticed its service when you are in an emergency?

Usually, tools and pieces of equipment are placed all together in a toolbox and that makes it harder to find a specific tool in an emergency.

That leads to the key problem; the tiny screws and nails. Firstly, you can’t possibly find them in this huge mess and when you do, they are usually seen stuck to the corners of the boxes that are hard to grab.

These nails and small objects are stuck at the corners and damage the internal material of the box. So … still into this?

Not anymore when I bring you a better alternative. This one might be cheaper too.

A tool bag is what exactly its name says – a bag for tools. Notice how it’s a ‘bag’ so you know to differentiate between boxes or regular bags.

Tool bags are found in every shape, size, and quality. So, I know how overwhelming it is to look at the list and find yourself in complete stupefaction.

I got you. In this article, as you go through the words, you’ll find yourself guided to choose the best tool bag as per need and a list of the best tool bags I could find. It does not matter what your profession is (or even DIY), there is something for everyone.

Before you dig into the tool bag, let’s know what exactly this is.

Short on time? Check out Comparison Table!

The comparison table provides you with the most important features of the 10 best tool bags, including No. of pockets, weight, and “It’s good for” section where you will know a certain model is suitable for your specific need:

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Best Tool Bags

Top 10 Best Tool Bags Available on the Market

For those who are in a rush, I have summarized some of the 10 tools bags on the market. Let’s see-

What is a Tool Bag?

A tool bag can be generally considered as a bag that carries tools and work equipment. When you google it, it actually says;

‘A sturdy bag used by a worker to hold his or her tools.’

You might have seen bags around the corners of your home, it is kind of like that. Imagine a luggage bag, but without the padding (most of the time), with the same handles but more utility and pockets.

Tool bags are also known as containers, clutch bags, etc. as an alternative. It’s an easy concept. So, if you are done with it, let’s move on to the blessings that are bestowed upon us by tool bags, really.

Or, I can rephrase it like this – why do you need a tool bag? What difference does it actually make?

Here’s What a Tool Bag Brings to the Table

A tool bag is undoubtedly the best alternative you can find for your tools and any equipment that needs to be organized. And I’m not claiming this for just the sake of it, it’s revolutionary, to say the least. I’ll tell you why.

What a Tool Bag Brings to the Table

These Babies Organize Your Tools Well, Really Well!

Unlike the toolboxes, these tool bags are designed to focus on organizing each of the tools, even the smallest part of the equipment. If you are used to using toolboxes, you are habituated to keeping all your tools in one tiny place.

It’s very casual to mix tools and even loose tools in emergency situations just because it didn’t have separate compartments for each category. Tools boxes make the sharp or smallest objects stuck at the bottom or at the corners.

This eventually hampers the structure of the box and you’ll gradually lose all of your small pieces of equipment.

The scenario is completely opposite when it comes to some of the best tool bags in the business. Bags come with different chambers, compartments, and pouches to fit your tools of each category.

Moreover, as it’s a bag, you will get to choose materials, the kind of fashion, size according to the number of compartments and you will never run out of options.

It is softer than boxes and the carrier handles have similar materials to the bag itself. It’s more durable that way if you think about it. As it has definite compartments for specific tools, your tools will always be there for you in split seconds whenever you need them the most.

Hand Carried Tool Bags are Alternatives to Tool Backpacks

Unfortunate as it is, most people who are in the early ‘old ages’ are unable to use tool backpacks due to backbone problems. Although many of the tool backpacks offer solutions to that (check our list), some of them don’t, there is still an alternative.

Tool backpacks can sure be a good fit in this case. Let’s state a logical situation, in an emergency environment, would it be quicker to reach out for tools from your back or from your handbag?

It cannot be anything but the latter one. And that too, in an organized way. Backpacks are known to be heavy on the shoulders and back.

So, those of you who cannot carry loads on your shoulders can give tool bags a try. The most important part is, tool bags are cheaper than tool backpacks while having better utility.

These are Better Than Tool Belts as Well!

Tool belts cannot be a permanent destination of your organizational journey of tools. Tool belts are mostly used for most sought-after tools and for everyday use for limited tools. This particular belt can never replace a real tool bag where you store all your tools, regardless of the emergency.

Needless to say, the interior space inside the tool bag is huge compared to the tool belt one. Tool bags can literally store anything and everything depending on the variety you choose. But it’s never less than a tool belt.

Tool bags are way ahead of some equipment that is not mentioned here. If you want something that you can carry with ease, has a good enough space, and is inexpensive(good quality), there is nothing that a tool bag can’t do.

How Does a Tool Bag Work?

Using a tool bag is not rocket science – it’s exactly the opposite of that. It’s easier than the regular toolboxes you see daily.

There are compartments and assigned tools for each compartment there. You just have to organize your tools, decide where to keep what, and get ready with it. Tool bags allow you to slack and even place your tools in places they were not designed for. It’s flexible, to say the least. Yet you can never go bad while trying to go overboard with the placement.

Just unzip the compartments and fit the tools as instructed in the manuals. There are loops, pouches, large pockets, small pouches, space for electronic devices, padded for extra protection, and whatnot. All these ensure the highest of your tools.

It doesn’t end with just that. As I already described how important a tool bag is to find tools in place when you are in need, this does not need to be introduced now. It’s convenient and safer and a cakewalk for those who already are into tool work.

What options are available?

Tons of them, if you ask me.

It’s so diverse that it’s hard to name just one out of blue. The right approach to this will be to pick a topic and explore options on the basis of it.

Let’s say, materials. The options are leather, synthetic fabric, and polyester in most cases. Things can go beyond that, you just have to do your research.

There are different comfort levels, number of pockets, and other factors that can expand your options. So if I began to explain it, this topic would be out of limitations.

Here comes the need for an organized list of the bags to explore all your choices and to pick the best one from them. And I made no delay in sneaking my writing into one of them.

And the result is below.

Top-Rated Tool Bags You Can Get This Year

I listed some of the best tool bags for every kind of profession or DIY that I could come across. In this part of the article, you will learn about the in-depth review of the tool bags, handpicked by the professional and voted as the best.

We’ll open with our best one. Here goes the long-awaited list of rare finds!

1. WORKPRO 16-inch Wide Mouth Tool Bag

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I wasn’t hesitating a bit when I chose this to be our ‘opening’ tool bag. This tool bag has everything you could ever ask for in a tool bag if I’m not exaggerating.

With its amazing quality, outstanding performance, and eye-catching outlooks, it easily wins first place on our list. I can’t wait to introduce this beast to the world.

Let’s talk about material and quality first, because that’s one of the deciding factors of the perfect tool bag. As per my research, WORKPRO’s wide-mouth tool bag is made of 600D polyester material that’s known for its reliability and durability.

You can never go wrong with a material like that. But that’s not the only thing. It’s made with double fabric carefully and finely stitched at pressure points that make it strong, durable, and long-lasting. So, can you already guess how it’s going to be with you, even in your rough times?

The material is great, no doubt. But what will a good material do if there’s no space in the bag to keep all your tools? You might have already guessed it. The pockets and interior spaces should be taken into consideration too.

Stay put on this factor, because this one literally has 29 pockets in total. Literally!

The 29 pockets are distributed evenly for maximum utility. 8 of them are on the inside of the bag, while 13 pockets can be found on the exterior part.

Apart from all these, there are 8 belts (I counted them as pockets as well) to keep you organized with pliers, screwdrivers, wrenches, and small/sharp tools. Whenever there is not a pocket, have a large interior space for all your large machines or electronic tools if possible.

All of these will help you keep your tools organized. With all the exterior pockets and side pouches, it’ll be handy to find any emergency tools in need without having to look for it in the piles of random tools.

The mouth is wide and there is a metal framework inside to help with the shape. So all you need to do is to unzip the zipper and pull whatever you need in a matter of seconds. The base of the tool bag is made of waterproof molded materials. It saves your base from abrasion, water, rust, and hard falls.

With all my research on the search for the best tool bags, I rarely came across such a tool bag that’s great overall, even at this price point. It’s not from all the angles and does the job decently. So if you are into something that’s gonna last for a while and willing to invest, this is your call.

2. DEWALT DG5542 Tradesman’s Tool Bag

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After the over-achiever Workpro one, let’s get you some fresh air. I have hand-picked this one to not overwhelm the situation. There is not any better option than the Dewalt tradesman’s tool bag itself.

Dewalt’s tool bag is highly recognized for the comfort it provides. The reason lies in its material and the way all the pockets and pouches are designed. As usual, I will start with the material discussion first.

The material is simply described as polyester. It is specially formulated for heavy-duty to protect it from abrasion. The whole bag is made of the same material but the base is catered with care and has base pads to protect it from external factors that may harm it.

This helps to expand the bag’s life and longevity. Besides, you don’t have to worry about the stitches anymore as heavy-duty zippers can easily control large tools and electronics.

With all the arrangements to make it last for a longer period of time and extract the best materials, Dewalt’s tool bag is the most comfortable tool bag on the list.

So, spoiler alert, if you are prioritizing your comfort over anything, stop right here. This is the one you should get, even if it is a blind buy.

Back to business, let’s talk about pockets here. You can find 29 pockets here, both inside and outside in total. It doesn’t end here, there are other straps and pouches attached to the bag.

For interiors, you will find 9 pockets that will include 1 zippered pocket to ensure the safety of your tools. Apart from that, there are 20 exterior pockets (yes, you read that right) for your countless tools.

All these pocket and pouch arrangements will contribute largely to organizing your tools perfectly. There is also one flap-covered pouch on the outer part of the bag.

You can put your small-size emergency tools there for quick access. This also includes a 10-inch-deep space for tools to be carried with ease.

While most of the tool bags are just done with the carrier handles, this one comes with a shoulder or cross-body strap too. This contributes to the comforts of the bag. The only drawback might be the size of the bag which again, isn’t a big deal with the space it’s offering.

The bag is comfy, has tons of pockets and pouches to play with, and provides an extra strap too. It’s a great deal if you ask me. What are you waiting for?

3. Carhartt Legacy Tool Bag

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When I said I had something for everyone, I wasn’t kidding.

Now this one is what I’m talking about. The ultimate beast for serious DIY-ers. If you are not professional and just like to work with tools, I don’t see any better offer than what Carhartt’s offering right now. These work just as good for job-sites too, don’t get me wrong.

Carhartt’s Legacy tool bags are durable, huge, and have the perfect space for your tools to keep them perfectly organized. The build is sturdy and the material is promising.

They claimed to make it with the synthetic fabric of high quality. They infused rain defender water resistance or repellent which basically means that it is water-resistant.

This plays a huge role to protect your tools from getting moist or ruining the quality. Keeps your tool dry and in place.

The total pockets can vary according to the size you choose. For a usual 14-inch, you get 27 pockets in total. 17 of them will be seen on the exterior part of the bag and 10 pockets are stitched inside the bag for internal organization.

The main compartment is zippered and large in terms of space. The triple stitch provides support for enough longevity.

They did this one particular thing that made it stand out from the crowd. Carhartt installed an internal metal frame within their bag to provide a sturdy structure.

This actually has a higher utility than predicted. Tools don’t get lost around the space and this protects the whole bag from collapsing. I’d say it’s a must to maintain the shape of the bag yet to access the tools easily, whenever I need.

The bag is minimal and clean-looking. I love this kind of look for the workplace, personally. And as Carhartt is already known for their Legacy’s legacy, the outlook outlives other tool bags too.

It looks expensive, which it slightly is if I compare it with regular tool bags. But we cannot compare ‘regular tool bags’ with Carhartt’s Legacy, whether it be the quality or the design.

And that’s the only drawback – the price point. Despite being the cleanest looking and having a minimalistic design, the price point is a bit on the expensive side. That’s why I think it would be the best tool bag for DIYers as the outlook supports their passion.

If you want to invest in a good bag that’ll save your bucks for a decade, give this one a thought.

4. Klein Tools Tradesman Pro Organizer Backpack

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I’ll be honest with you: This one’s not so much the best tool bag but a backpack. It doesn’t end there yet. It does the job of a tool bag ‘specifically’ if you just use the upper front handles. It’s nice and sturdy and more appreciably, an alternative for heavy-duty toolboxes.

Klein Tools’ is undoubtedly the best in business as they secure at least one position whenever I search for the best tool bags and relevant sectors. They have been long enough in the industry to crack the best formulation and research customer acquisition to provide exactly that.

This Tradesman Pro Organizer Backpack is exactly what you need.

As it’s a backpack, you can expect it to have more pouches or pockets than regular toolboxes. Or, the tool bags that I’m going to list. In total, it has 39 pockets for tool storage. Most of the pockets will be found on the inside but you can find some of the molded pockets as exterior ones.

Some of you might need to carry protective glasses or spectacles all the time. Klein made sure to address the situation by attaching hard molded exterior pouches. These have rigid zippers to support their action. That’s pretty cool.

They addressed the small tool situation too and added a front zippered pocket to store all your tiny stuff there.

The interior compartments are moderately large and spacious enough to carry long screwdrivers and similar equipment. These compartments also include small pockets with closures to organize all your devices and parts.

The materials are called 1680D ballistic weaves. They are best known for durability and longevity as per my research. They are water-resistant too, that’s a bonus!

As the material is water-resistant, you do not have to worry about the weather. This material will keep the tools dry and in place, no matter how the weather is. That can be a crucial deciding factor while trying to choose your tool bag, especially if you travel a lot.

If I exclude that, here’s an interesting part of owning a tool backpack. The base of the backpack is molded.On top of that, it’s water-resistant.

You can place the bag anywhere and the bag will stand upright from the support that the mold provides. Also, the back and shoulders straps are padded for maximum comfort.

Summing up the features and pros, I think it’s a pretty useful bag. The drawback could be, if you were specifically looking for a bag, not a shoulder bag, you might have to skip. Other than that, it’s a great bag to consider.

5. CLC Custom LeatherCraft Tool Bag

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Just as Klein’s, CLC has been dropping some of the best productions that the industry has seen. I’m sure you have heard or seen their Custom LeatherCraft Tool bags somewhere else before this, people are already going crazy about it.

CLC is strict with its quality. It’s built robust and has the body material of the heavy-duty polyester fabric. There’s a heavy-duty double-pull zipper top closure that helps to keep all your tools in place and secure if not in inertia. If that’s not enough, I have more to say on the pockets and pouches organization. We’ll get back to that in a minute.

The bag has ensured comfort level along with quality. Apart from the carrier handles (which are padded), the bag comes with adjustable shoulder straps. The adjustable shoulder strap is padded and textured. No doubt on why it is highly recommended for security and proper grip.

Even though it’s a tool bag, the number of pockets in this tool bag caught me off guard. It has 50 pockets, including both interior and exterior! As CLC likes to advertise this tool bag as a one-step multi-compartment ultimate tool carrier, they nailed every bit of it.

The inner compartment is a spacious interior featuring pockets for large hand tools and power tools. The outer compartments offer room for a vast selection of tools and pieces of equipment.

The versatility of the bag really blooms in here. You’ll find a loop or clip for measuring tape on the exterior and a spacious carabiner. I’m genuinely impressed with their thought of putting vertical tool holders on the exterior part of the bag.

That keeps the tool in sight for quick access in critical situations.

The overall outlook is basic and sleek, with nothing overboard. I don’t mind this being blatant because all that we want is already inside the bag.

I didn’t find any remarkable con on this one, this part is mostly subjective. But I couldn’t find any information on the base that is water-resistant, so there it is.

I’m gonna have to say it’s easygoing for all sorts of professionals or even for non-professionals. It could be a great fit for tradesmen, mechanics, technicians, electricians, and all sorts of professions. Basically, anyone who likes to get his/her things sorted.

It’s your call now!

6. Pink Power 16” Tool Bag for Women

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The wait is over. We finally have something for our women! And it’s pink.

You might have already guessed by the name that it has to do something with feminine qualities. While I hate that they limited their audience to women only by advocating pink as a ‘women’s color only’, I kind of get how they are trying to empower the women in STEM.

They invest in local communities too. So, the message behind the product is quite intriguing But that’s not enough to make me buy any bag. The product should speak for itself.

Pink Power did not disappoint with their product along with their message. I cannot wait to talk about the outlook of the bag, it gives off the PowerPuff girls vibe! The bag reveals a combination of two colors; a pastel, yet bright baby pink and pitch black.

The final look gives a soft focus to the pink and makes it perfect for anyone who loves a pop of color, both men AND women.

The material is made of heavy-duty nylon. As per my research, it supports durability and longevity. The interior is lined with nylon that resists spills and blocks stains. The nylon used for exterior pouches keeps the bag water-resistant, free from dust and all sorts of pollution.

As for pockets, I loved how they organized everything and added a bit of fashion to it too. There are 22 pockets including the interior pouches. It’s a bit less in my opinion, but they balanced it out with the space inside the pouches.

You will find 10 pockets on the outside and 12 on the inside. You’ll notice two very large pockets attached to the front that feature two closures each for safety.

The zippers are heavy-duty and prevent movement of the tools from place during transportation. The bag comes with rubber feet on the bottom to help it stand upright – this one sold me.

They added what they could to maximize the comfort. This bag comes with a shoulder strap and it is padded. But they didn’t stop there. They added an additional strap handle and three latches for the exterior so that you can detach the strap whenever you want.

I would highly recommend this to the woman who is reading this. I loved how they recognized and worked towards breaking stigmas while considering the obstacles and finding a solution to it. There are lesser pockets – that might be a drawback.

Again, the pocket balance is good enough. Is this the best tool bag for women? I wouldn’t spoil the fun. I’d say, give this a try if you can! Hey, it rhymed.

7. Occidental Leather 9850 Tool Belt

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Surprised to see a belt on the list for best affordable tool bags? Well, wait till you see its features where it proves ‘belts > bags’, sometimes.

This belt does the job of a bag for carpenters. In some cases, more than that.

If you are someone who likes leather stuff, you sure are going to love this.

Occidental Leather created one of the best tool belts using premium grad tanned cowhides with a mixture of waxes and oils according to the customer’s demand.

Now that sounds interesting.

Before I talk about our usual pocket theory, the outlook of the tool belt earned its spot. As it’s made of leather, you can already assume it looks ravishing in person.

The tanned color of the belt makes it look expensive (which it actually is) and in a good way. They claimed to have mixed different oils and waxes within the formulation of the material. You’d know anyway when you see this in person because of the shiny and glossy outlook.

There are 24 pockets and tool holders in total. The bags attached to the belt are at least 10’’ deep. The belt is adjustable from waist 32’’ to as wide as 40’’.

I’ll recommend measuring your actual waist size rather than pant size for this. The structure is structured keeping the modern engineers in mind. This type of format makes it the best tool bag for carpenters.

There are fastener bags on the other side of the belt too. The bags stitched in here are specifically designed for everyday tools that you’ll frequently reach out for.

You can fit your cat’s paw, small bits of equipment, nail bits, and all other tools. This is usually worn on the left side of the body so your left hand can just grab and go.

Apart from all these, you can use it as you like, without any doubt. But you’d experience the best of it when you use it according to the instructions. Nevertheless, it’s an amazing product.

If I talk about the cons, it’s just the price. It is insanely priced if I compare it with the previous bags that ranged between $30-$60, at most. I think it’s the most expensive one on the list.

If you can invest in a good product, you can take a look. If you are on a budget, skip this one. I have all the upcoming goodies that support your wallet. Let’s move on to them!

8. Hilmor HVAC/R Tote, HVAC Bag for Tools & Equipment

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First things first, I happen to stumble upon the mission and vision of Hilmor, and I have to say – they are a brand with an amazing approach to the market. That caught my attention to dive deeper into the brand when I discovered the ultimate gem for HVAC technicians – their tool bag.

Hilmor has quite a reputation with their heritage back in England. Now that they have been introducing themselves as America-based, the quality has only gone better.

They didn’t spare a stitch when they promised to make this one the best of all times. It’s evident when I speak of the materials.

This tool bag can be called a small tool bag compared to others. The bag is made of materials that will make you worry-free as it is water-resistant. You can throw your bag on any surface and it will do its job to keep the tools dry and safe perfectly.

No tools are predicted to be damaged with their reinforced rivets which they claim as ‘built to last’.

The main feature of this bag has to be the space, interior, and the whole outlook. It is designed with 27 pockets where you can find 13 pockets on the interior and 14 on the outside as attached pouches. You will also find loops and clips for measuring tapes. The whole bag and the pocket are designed to carry at least 15 lbs.

They made sure to provide the highest security they can. The interior pockets have extra paddings for extra protection.

You will find a padded strap and carrier to help you carry this heavy-duty bag without any discomfort. The large capacity has ensured security with the interior pockets of the tote. The shape does not allow the tools to move or fall due to excessive movement.

Hilmor added 18 elastic bands to this average to small-sized bag, which is crazy to me. This really reflects on their words on how they listen to their clients and work for the betterment of it.

The bright green interior will help you find your tools in a matter of seconds. You can use exterior features like the key clip, measuring tape clip, and tape holder for additional accessibility.

The price is decent and I didn’t expect anything less than that. If you can settle or specifically look for a small tool bag for work, this is your final destination. I shall bid you farewell.

9. Stark Jobsite Rolling Tool Bag

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Allow me to introduce our first tool bag that has wheels. With that many features and points, make sure this is going anywhere but in your cart.

Now, this is what I call fashion and evolution. Remember how we always nagged about the weight of the tool bag? Well, not anymore.

Although anything that has ‘Stark’ on it has never disappointed me, this one played well. The handle and the whole system made it easier to carry it anywhere you need without having to worry about the weight.

The whole structure is designed to fit your tools, hand tools, individual tools, and tool set within the pouches, dividers, and compartments.

The material is nothing revolutionary on their part. Stark has been producing only quality materials since they landed on this business and this was no different.

The material or fabric is durable, thick, and lasts longer than regular ones. The ballistic material makes it different from other tool bags and makes it worth.

The bag is water-resistant to make your tools dry even if it comes in contact with water from the ‘pulling’. There are wheels at the bottom so you can place your toolbag anywhere with luggage and it will do just fine.

Let’s talk about pockets now. The bag seemed cool, but they didn’t go overboard with the pockets. My theory says, they could attach more pockets, pouches, and loops as this bag has the option to not be carried, rather pulled to its destination.

So, they could easily go overboard with the idea and they didn’t. Currently, this bag has 22 compartments. The large interior has 14 pockets and there are 8 pockets on the exterior for quick access to your tools.

As you can already guess from the name, the rolling bag includes a telescoping handlebar. This is to pair and support the wheels. Imagine not having to carry your heavy-duty tool bag on your shoulder or lift it, that’s one revolutionary idea and quite innovative too.

The outlook looks minimal and sophisticated. And by that, you already can guess the price range which is a little bit on the high-end.

If you have a bigger budget, I’d highly recommend this. Personally, I think this would be the right fit for workers that have back problems or have trouble lifting weights, for working women who are pregnant or similar cases. At this point, it’s worth the blind buy.

10. Veto Pro Pac Tech XL Tool Bag

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I haven’t seen one person dislike this bag, and trust me, I do my research.

Veto Pro Pac Tech tool bag is one of its own kind. While other tool bags have been ‘designed’ to look like an actual bag, they changed the game with this one. Every compartment and design are well-thought. You can already tell this was made by the tradesman, for the tradesman.

The material of the bag is nylon with a polypropylene base. That’s a heavy word, I know, but that’s what makes it stand out so much.

It has a strong base, so you never have to worry about your tools soaking unexpectedly. That also helps in making the bag stand upright. The grips are made of rubber and that’s a bold move on their part for maximum comfort for their users.

Veto claimed this design to be an ‘ergonomic design’. As I said earlier, not many brands could think and work on this design the way Veto did. They studied what tradesmen actually look for and created this tool bag to be the first choice for plumbers.

Yes, it’s a great plumber tool bag – the design was structured in such a way that it takes a lot less time to organize tools and for easy access to tools. This makes you focus more on the job that you are being paid for.

You will find 80 pockets or a number of compartments in this bag. I know, it’s crazy, it’s the highest we went for. All the pockets are stitched within the bag (internally and externally).

Apart from the 80 pockets, there are clips and loops, clips made of stainless steel for holding your tapes. The compartments are vertically positioned so you can get the most out of them.

The grips or handles are made of rubber. So even if the bag is heavy with all the pockets and tools inside, you can lift it up with the least discomfort. This might come with straps to ease the hassle of carrying loads even more.

As far as best tool bags go, this is expensive. But this is an example of you get what you pay for. You’re spending bucks on a quality bag that will last for years and more. The offers and advantages are cookie points.

As for the profession, I think this is the best tool bag for plumbers and they won’t get anything better than this. Better spend a good amount on a good product than spending less on a cheap product that’ll only last you for days.

Why Do You Need to Wear a Tool Bag?

Good question, allow me to say the awaited words.

I’ve noticed the whys are more common than the hows. The origin of this can dive deeper, finally discovering the lack of people’s knowledge on tool bags. In this part of the article, I’m gonna focus on the prime parts of why tool bags are saviors and why you need one right now.

Tool bags are a smart alternative to toolboxes. Traditional toolboxes usually do not have pockets, pouches and are made of wood or similar kind of hard materials.

When you have tons of tools to carry every day to work and then need a specific one in case of emergencies, you cannot find the tool immediately in toolboxes because of the lack of compartments and chambers.

Tool bags have separate pouches, pouches, and even loops for specific kinds of tools so that you can organize it according to your comfort, that’s a huge bonus right there.

It’s less bulky and more lightweight than toolboxes. Even though it is lighter than toolboxes, it still comes with padded or adjustable straps to make you experience maximum comfort.

Apart from all that, true that serves more purpose than you are paying for. It’s what – 30 bucks? And you’ll score a premium quality.

Now if that lasts you for at least 2 years (warranty excluded), this still will be considered as a great investment as you could work seamlessly. The credit goes to the tool bag, undoubtedly!

The Ultimate Buying Guide

The marketplace is diverse and it does its best to confuse you with your core. I felt the same when I landed on this journey. Fortunately, I found some excellent guidance on the internet and did my research to compile the factors that ease your journey to pick the best one for you.

The Ultimate Buying Guide

In this guide, you will find topics that you need to focus on before you set your heart on a tool bag. This will help not only to check the boxes but also create some of the boxes. Here I go.

Weight Capacity is Important

The biggest of ’em all. You need to make sure that the bag you buy is able to support all your regular tools and assist you every single day. The drawback that comes with it is usually, the bigger the weight capacity = the bigger the size of the tool bag.

So, make sure your tool bag fits in the middle and check both boxes unless your preferences are dissimilar to ours.

All the tools that I have listed above have a certain weight capacity targeting certain professions. A small group of them supports DIYs too. It all comes down to your own preference, at last, so you better pick your poison at your own risk.

Consider Number of Pockets/Compartments

This originates from the weight capacity of your tool bag and comes down to your profession and personal need. Think of this thing – how many tools do I have to carry every day as a technician?

In short – you need to gather all your tools that you think must be with you every day and you definitely cannot go without it. Figure out an approximate number of tools.

Find tool bags that have more or less the same number of pockets or pouches attached to them. If it’s between 10-30 tools, it’s an easy search. You will find tons of tool bags in that range. If it’s more than that – good news for you, I have listed the best ones out there.

Evaluate Your Carrying Options

I think it deserves an extra paragraph because I don’t see many of you paying attention to this while this one literally decides the life expectancy of the tool bag.

The tools are heavy, we already know that. Now imagine that you have to carry an extra weight of the bag with it. That doesn’t sound very intriguing nor is it preferable. You need to think about this one carefully.

The most common carrying options are- grips, straps, and extra adjustable straps. The straps are the most comfortable one as you literally have to do nothing with them. If you think you are strong enough to adjust with the carrier handle grips, those are great options too.

If you can invest more, I absolutely love the rolling tool bag. It’ll be best if you have trouble carrying the weight of the bag but would love to do the job anyway.

Material and Design

The material of the bag has to be one of the crucial factors. Look for materials that are water-resistant and durable. Nylon, polyester, etc are some of the famous ones – I advise you to look for something in between.

I think the design is more important than the material itself. I really liked the concept of organizing your tools according to what your hands pick up the quickest. For example – you will keep the tools that are used by left hands on the left side of the bag or you and vice versa.

The placement of the tools will affect your work efficiency. After all, it all comes down to how efficiently you can do the work that you are being paid for in a lesser amount of time. Choose bags that are efficiently designed to save you both time and sweat.

These are pretty much it. I would recommend you start with a list of priorities and then set it in order. It will be a cakewalk if you are sure of what you want. For the rest, I’m here with my list.

Best Ways to Care for Your Tool Bag

Tool bags are easy-going, so you don’t have to worry much about this part. Who loves the hassle of going through the entire process of buying a new tool bag again? We surely don’t.

Also, it saves you so much trouble, you gotta care for your little buddy. There are certain rules and precautions that you need to look out for before you begin to care for them. I’ll list them down below.

Best Ways to Care for Your Tool Bag

You should avoid letting your tool bag get into the following situations.

  • Placing it on a wet surface for too long
  • Stuffing tools where it’s not supposed to
  • Fitting sharp objects where it’s not recommended
  • Overloading your bag
  • Not fixing the damage in time

Effect of Atmosphere

As I like in my ‘situation to avoid’ list, you have to be extra careful when there is a damp situation. Some of the tool bags may not like it at all. Yes, I’m talking about the leather ones.

While some of the water-resistant can make it out well at the end, it’s not the same with the leather ones. Leather is permeable so it requires a bit of attention when it’s damp outside.

You need to make sure that your leather tool bag does not come in contact with water. If it does, dry it out immediately under sunlight.

Fabric materials also get wet very easily during damp seasons. In fact, it’s dangerous to get them wet. So, note, leather bags, and fabric or canvas tool bags are not for rainy seasons.

Polyester can get along with all kinds of weather regardless of heat or cold. Considering you will have to keep electrical tools in your pocket, it’s safe to keep it dry anyway.

Clean Your Tool Bags from Time to Time

This is a non-negotiable offer. You must be prompt and sincere to wash your tool bags and vacant them to breathe for some time. Different materials will require a different approach to clean it, do your research on that and be very careful with it.

There is a chance that you will find lost tools and pieces of equipment in the corners of your bag. So that’s a bonus. Other than that, you may find damages within the material.

The most important activity – that will decide the life expectancy– is to repair the damage to avoid further damages.Fix the torn or damaged part of the bag as soon as you can.

Don’t stuff/overload your bags

Stuffing or overloading your bags with tools beyond their weight capacity is always a bad idea. It’s generally the reason behind the damages. If you keep on practicing that for a longer period, it will shorten the life expectancy of your tools and it might even damage the zippers.

Better be safe than sorry!

Final Thoughts

To get the best out of this article, I would suggest you read the factors first and arrange your priorities in a way that fits the perspective.

The list will give you a general context of how the best tool bag looks and performs. This can be your pivot to search for your own tool bags. An easier and more reliable alternative would be to choose from the list.

Either way, you can never go wrong with a tool bag, and I wish you the very best!

People Also Ask About Tool Bags


Here are the answers to some of the most asked questions.

What makes a great backpack or tool bag?

If a backpack has proper adjustability with pouches and loops, then it’s already a very functional option. And that’s what makes a great backpack.

How to organize your tool bag efficiently?

Again, you are the one on the driving seat. Depending on the assignment, you need to decide which tools work for you.

How to spot a good tool bag?

It depends on the feature set you prefer. If all the requirements match, then it’s the right suit for you.

How can you clean your tool bag?

Check out our maintenance section for more info.

What accessories should I get for a tool bag?

In general, we would ask you to keep an extra belt buckle at hand. A couple of loop contraptions would be great as well.


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