Tool Belt Suspenders For You [2023 Update] – Essential Information to Know Before Buying One!

When you work daily, you realize that just a little addition that can take some pressure away improves your work a great deal. You probably own a tool belt that helps you carry the small and big tools you need when you work. However, it is quite heavy on your hips and you are starting to notice aches after work.

It’s your body giving you a signal that you are not treating it right. So, how can you treat it right? Get the best tool belt suspenders for yourself and you will be treating it right. Let’s find out everything you need to know about tool belt suspenders.

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Best Tool Belt Suspenders

Top 5 Best Tool Belt Suspenders List

What is a tool belt suspender?

A tool belt suspender is something that will decrease the pressure of weight on your hips and distribute the weight along your shoulders. It comes with two or more ropes forming a rig with the help of buckles and clips. You fasten it around your shoulders.

Tool Belt Suspenders: How Does It Work?

When you wear a tool belt suspender you attach it to the tool belt that holds the light and heavy tools you use. The weight of the tools in the tool bag is not negligible. So, the tool belt distributes this weight from the hips to your shoulder with its ropes that also have pads in them. As a result, despite the weight being transferred to your shoulder, you feel minimum pressure on it- the padding goes easy on you.

Tool Belt Suspenders: Types

You will find different kinds of tool belt suspenders based on different properties of them. For example, you may find a tool belt suspender with just two straight ropes going over your shoulder. Or, you may find one with multiple ropes forming bridges to distribute the weight throughout your upper body.

In general, more straps and ropes means that the weight will be distributed more. The zigzag designs also serve various purposes. For example, a bridge of ropes may be able to support heavier tools.

Likewise, suspenders are also made of different materials. There is no specific way to classify the tool belt suspenders. Each has its own combination of designs.

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1. Occidental Suspenders- Best Overall

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If you had to choose among all the tool belt suspender brands for one to exist, Occidental leather will not be the wrong choice. In fact, Occidental leather is a brand that has earned its position to stay for years to come. It has its experience in making leather suspenders and it uses its experience to create even better ones with more effective designs. The 5055 Strong Suspension system is just one of its amazing creations. You can pretty much consider it the best leather suspender tool belt.

When you buy a tool belt suspender you want it to be adjustable enough to fit you perfectly. And, this Occidental Leather suspender is quite the adjustable leather suspender! In fact, it has an adjustable chest strap along with a Conway Buckle system to fit you.

This suspender is entirely made of leather, features four links suitable for various body sizes up to 6 feet 2 inches tall.

This suspender also accommodates up to 3-inches width.

In most cases, it fits the wearer very well with no problems faced. Furthermore, the design of the ropes, the buckle system keeps the straps on your shoulders, does not let it fall. Therefore, you can consider it quite safe to work with as your tool belt will not be falling from you.

When it comes to weight distribution, the suspender does a good job. Apparently, it helps to reduce hip and lower back pain. While there is enough padding in the straps and the overall suspender, it still may not feel enough for you. In that case, you may have to buy some extra padding and attach it to the suspender.

It is quite easy to attach the suspender to the tool belt. Other than that, storing the suspender is very easy as well. All you have to do is hang it by the D-ring. The red and black leather together gives the suspender a really classy yet vibrant look.

  • Distributes the weight nicely
  • The size usually fits everyone
  • It is built with good-quality leather
  • Very easy to store using the D-ring
  • The adjustable straps and buckle system help you wear the suspender comfortably
  • The padding may not be enough

2. TradeGear Suspenders- Save your BACK

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If you are looking for an affordable tool belt suspender that will do the job for you then you found one. It looks great and it does just what you need it to do.

One of the greatest issues when looking for the perfect tool belt suspender is the size. Luckily, with this suspender, you do not have to use your brand for this a lot. It has one size that fits all because of the adjustable straps.

But, yes, you will have to work with the straps a bit to make it fit. Apart from that, the breathable padding on the shoulder makes this suspender very comfortable. You will be able to carry the weight without feeling much pressure or heat.

TradeGear build with 600D polyester fabric.

It comes with a phone pouch to make you happier but the pouch may be a bit too small for phones. But, you can keep other things in it. Overall, it won’t be suitable for the heaviest jobs but it does great for the price it comes at.

  • It looks great
  • Quite comfortable to wear
  • Good value for a reasonable price
  • The adjustable straps are very helpful
  • The one size fits all makes things easier for you
  • The phone pouch is too small

3. Dewalt Tool Belt Suspenders- Super Comfortable

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If you are just beginning to use a tool belt suspender then you need a suspender that is very easy to use. The Dewalt DG5132 is one such suspender that is made with a design that will be very convenient for any beginner to use. In fact, it will provide you with the safety, support, and features you need without asking much from you in return.

This suspender is built tough. It’s made of high-performance Dri-Lex fabric, which doesn’t hold heat or moisture.

When purchasing this suspender, all you have to do is find the correct size for you and its adjustable straps will make it a perfect fit for you. Apparently, the chest buckle system along with the front and back strap system makes things very easy to deal with. However, the back strap may be a bit difficult to adjust since it’s at the back.

As for the comfort, the well-padded shoulder yoke really helps you deal with the weight. Furthermore, the breathable, moisture-wicking lining helps to keep you cool throughout your work. You can easily attach your tool belt with this suspender using the hook and loop system as long as the tool belt is within 4-inches of width.

After providing you with all the basics, this suspender also gives you a pocket to hold your essential items. And, you get all these at a very reasonable price.

  • Reasonable price
  • Comes with pockets
  • Quite a comfortable suspender
  • It distributes the weight quite well
  • Good quality builds with breathable material
  • The adjustable system along with the straps makes it very easy to adjust
  • Weak connectors
  • The back strap is a bit difficult to adjust

4. Toughbuilt Suspenders- Nice Fit

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When you are looking for a suspender to help you carry your heavy tool belt, you are looking for a strong one. Now, what can be stronger than a suspender that has the name Toughbuilt? In fact, this Toughbuilt suspender with its tough built can really amaze you with its design and performance. So, what’s so amazing about this suspender? Let’s find out.

If you think that your tool belt alone is not enough to carry all your tools then this suspender has your back! Or, should we say shoulders? Apparently, it has attachment points at the shoulder to carry more pouches.

You get to enjoy 2 extra attachment points on the shoulders for extra ClipTech pouches.

It’s suited for holder holster, hammer loop, and tools; this is undoubtedly one of the best in the marketplace.

Yes, it can get quite heavy carrying so much but the suspender makes it as easy for you as it possibly can. It is well capable of distributing the weight throughout your body. Furthermore, it has enough padding in it to keep it very comfortable for you.

You won’t feel extra pressure on any particular part of your body. The material building this suspender is not leather but it is still quite moisture-wicking and comfortable. It is gentle on your skin and quite durable as well.

Now, the size of the suspender usually fits you because there are adjustable straps and chains with it. However, you may face a bit of a problem when you find that the adjustment components can be a bit stiff or of lower-quality. Sometimes, the chains get stuck, and sometimes the metal loops do not fit incorrectly.

The suspender is designed for individuals around 6-feet tall.

Apart from this, there is no other problem you may face. This suspender, once you put it on is very safe to use. It is actually one of the best suspenders for the tool belts.

  • The material building is of high-quality
  • Quite comfortable to use because of the padding
  • It lets you carry more pouches with the shoulder attachments
  • It distributes the weight really well throughout the upper body
  • The size usually fits people because of the adjustable metal loop, chain, and straps
  • The adjusting components can be stiff and not of the best quality

5. Brown Bag Suspenders- Helps the day last

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You cannot always afford to spend half your bank balance on the best tool belt suspenders set. Sometimes, you have to find the best within a low budget. If you have been looking for a while then you may gain some peace checking this Brown Bag Company 30290 Suspender out. In fact, it not only is a great suspender but it surprises you with its extra features as well.

When you wear this suspender, one thing you will surely feel is comfort. Apparently, the adequate gel foam padding in the suspender keeps it very soft and comfortable on your skin while the weight is on you. Furthermore, even if you sweat due to the pressure, the moisture-wicking lining will deal with the sweat in the best possible way.

As for the attachment points, you will find this suspender very easy to attach to your tool belt. The snaps and loops on it are quite accepting and easy to deal with. Furthermore, the chest strap also does not let you down, it is adjustable and fits around you.

The straps are pretty long for individuals who are under 6-feet tall.

One thing that you may find problematic is the size of this suspender. According to many customers, this suspender is quite the giant. Therefore, you may even have to shorten the straps to make it fit perfectly around you.

The quality of the build is quite great for the price you pay. Moreover, this suspender comes with a phone pocket for your convenience.

  • Good quality build
  • It comes with a phone pocket
  • Very comfortable to use because of its padding
  • It is quite a budget-friendly tool belt suspender
  • The lining deals with moisture in the best possible way
  • It has quite a few adjustable features which are very helpful
  • Very Large
  • It may have a really big size

Why Do You Need to Wear Tool Belt Suspenders?

Are you confused about whether you should spend the money and get your own tool belt suspender? Yes, you should, and here is why.

  • Increased safety: As the suspender supports your tool belt, there is even fewer chances of tools spilling out from the tool belt. When you are working, fully concentrated, you cannot risk the tools falling out as that will cause distraction. A tool belt suspender keeps you safe by keeping everything just where they should be.
  • Less Pressure on the Body: The last thing ou ant to feel is pain from carrying too much weight. You can carry a lot of heavy tools but only if the weight is distributed evenly. Why put all the pressure on your hips when you can let is share some of the pressure with the shoulders and your back? A tool belt suspender takes some weight off your hips and keeps it in good condition.
  • More Energy: As you will feel lighter and better, you will feel motivated to work harder on other things. You can fully focus on the task at hand as there is no load to focus on.

What to look for when buying?

Even the best tool belt suspenders in the market will not be good enough for you if you do not get hat you actually need. Yes, a tool belt suspender is what you need but there are various little things that you will have to consider when buying one. Let’s get to know them.

The Compatibility of the suspender with the tool belt

All this hard work for finding the best tool belt suspender is for the tool belt you already own or are about to buy. What is the point of it all if you cannot even attach the suspender to the tool belt? You cannot use the suspender by itself.

This is why the first thing you have to do is find out if the tool belt suspender you are looking at can be used with the tool belt you already own. The best thing you can do in this case is to buy a suspender provided by the same company for the tool belt.

But, sometimes, we agree, the suspender in the pair does not win our hearts. In that case, you can look for a suspender that has a universal design that fits all tool belts. These suspenders usually have adjustable features and a number of ways to attach them with the tool belts.

If you still cannot find the perfect one for your tool belt, just look for the suspenders that you find appealing. When you like one, check if you can attach it to your tool belt. If you can then congratulations. Otherwise, you can ask the salesman to find a similar one that you can attach with your tool belt.

The Material building the suspender.

How long the suspender will last, how good it will look, and how great it will perform, depends a lot on the material building it. The most traditional material used for suspenders is leather. You will, however, find suspenders made of various materials now and they are not any less functioning than leather.

The problem with the leather is only one- it’s expensive. Apart from that, it is very durable and you will feel comfortable wearing it. Furthermore, let’s not forget how classy leather makes anything look.

If you have a really high budget, you can consider leather. Otherwise, you should look for moisture-wicking materials building the suspender. It’s not only the material that helps to wick away the moisture but sometimes the design has air mesh in it for ventilation that helps.

Whichever material you choose, just make sure that it is durable and comfortable to wear.

The Comfort the Suspender Provides.

It’s not only the material that you have to consider to judge if the suspender will be comfortable to wear. Since the suspender has to deal with a lot of weight, it should have thick and high-quality padding in the straps and ropes to put you at comfort.

The thicker the padding, the less pressure you will feel on your shoulder. Apparently, just enough padding will also do. But, you really have to look out for thin padding because this may make the rope of the suspender dig into your skin. Now, that sounds quite painful, doesn’t it?

Other than that, as you already know, the material should be moisture-wicking. Furthermore, it should have good airflow as well so that it dries quickly and also does not overheat you. There probably won’t be any fan around at your work to cool you down. So, this is the best a tool belt suspender can do for you.

The Style of the Tool Belt Suspender.

As you already know, a tool belt suspender can have two ropes or more in different designs to support the weight. You have to select what type of design you want the tool belt suspender to have. Apart from the number and style of the straps and ropes, you have other things to consider as well.

If you are choosing leather, you have to decide on the type of leather building the suspender. Apart from that, the color and texture of the suspender should be appealing to your aesthetics as well.

Imagine the tool belt suspender on yourself. If you like what you see, you can go on with it.

The Extra Features.

A tool belt suspender is actually capable of doing more than just distributing the weight from your hips. In fact, a tool belt suspender can also hold a few things for you. However, you have to find a tool belt suspender that can.

In this case, you will have to look for tool belt suspenders with pockets. You can keep the most frequently used items in these pockets. For example, your phone may have a place in them. Apart from that, you can keep the smaller pins or screws in it as well.

Apart from pockets, there may be other such helpful features that increase a tool belt suspender’s worth. If a feature looks useful to you, by all means, get it for yourself.

The Perfect Fit.

A suspender will not be able to serve its true purpose if you do not select the right size for yourself. Yes, the size of the suspender is a serious issue and you must put the effort into finding the perfect fit for yourself.

In this case, the size chart provided by the brand you are buying will help you. Apparently, there are usually three to four sizes of the same model of the suspender. Apart from that check the reviews to see if the customers complain about their size is a bit off. This will tell you whether you need a size up or a size down.

The most useful feature, in this case, are adjustable straps. This way even after you get the correct size for yourself, you can adjust it more to get the perfect fit.

Care and Maintenance [Some Important Tips]

Different tool belt suspenders need different methods of cleaning. This is mainly because of the different materials building it. So, you can read the manual very carefully before you start cleaning the suspender.

In general, you can rub or wipe off any removable piece of dirt from the suspender after using it. If you feel like it needs a thorough clean then you can use mild soap and warm water to clean it. After you are done cleaning, make sure you dry it well. Too much moisture for too long will cause the suspender a lot of harm. So, be care more careful about employing the wrong method of maintenance.

People Also Ask About Suspenders


How to attach suspenders to a tool belt?

There are different methods for attaching the tool belt to the suspender. However, the most common is putting the tool belt through the loops of the suspender. This is why the width of the tool belt matters. Hooks often join the two as well.

How to wear a tool belt with a suspender?

You have to first fill the tool belt up with the tools. Then, wear the tool belt and fasten the suspender to it, adjusting the straps and hooks. Another way is to attach the tool belt to the suspender first leaving the straps open. Then, wear the tool belt and adjust the straps for the perfect suspender fit.

What is the estimated weight a tool belt suspender holds?

It is around 50 pounds.

What is the cleaning process?

You can wipe the daily dirty off after every use. If you think it needs a deeper clean then just wash it with warm water and mild soap. Then, dry it completely.

Where to buy tool belt suspenders?

You will find the tool belt suspenders in the showrooms of the brands. Again, you can also find them in local hardware stores. If they are not available there, you can always buy from Amazon.

Closing Remarks

When you actually try out a suspender or check one out, you will need to try it on to see if it work for you. However, the knowledge you just gained makes a successful fit more probable. So, have some confidence in yourself and find the best tool belt suspender for yourself!


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