Privacy Policy

We,, believes in securing your privacy and data. We have set principles and regulations that ensure that our clients and users are safe while they use this website.

Data Protection Policy
1. We process your data legally and transparently. Before processing or gathering any personal data we always think twice about your privacy and safety. If you are interested to look into our data processing method, we are open to provide you information.
2. All the data we collect are for making our service better to serve you. We do not collect personal data for selling them to any third parties.
3. We process your data only for serving our purpose to provide better service. We keep your personal data stored to us no longer than the necessary time period.
4. You can rely upon us about the confidentiality and privacy of the data as we try out best to secure each and every iota of information.

User Rights
1. You have every right to have information about the data that we collect about you, the reason for collecting and how and why we use that data.
2. You can anytime access and get a copy of the data that we gather about you.
3. You can apply to us to rectify and erase incomplete and inaccurate data about you.
4. If in certain circumstance, you want us to delete your personal data from our records, we are bound to do that.
5. You have the obvious right to put a restriction on our processing of personal data about you.
6. You belong the right to get your personal data using a direct transfer system or if you want, in a machine-readable format.
7. You may lodge a complaint to us always if you find anything related to your personal data that is offending to you and your privacy.
8. You are at liberty to withdraw any of your given consent regarding data processing.

Collected Information
Have a look at the data that we may gather about you:
Information that you share with us:
With a view to delivering the product and service, we may collect your mail address, name, home address, billing address, contact information, etc.
Information that is collected automatically:
Some data might be stored automatically by cookies, logging sessions, and other tools. It may include your IP address and shopping history. We use this type of data to let you experience better service next time.
Information shared by our partners:
We may get some information regarding you from our partner sites. Those sites might have gained information from you in a legal process or from another platform affiliated with them.
Information that is available in public:
We sometimes collect information about you from sources where your information is public. This may include social networking sites where you have visible information about you.
Technical information for effective browsing
Other than the information mentioned above we also collect some technical information to ensure that our visitors can browse our site with ease and comfort. These include IP address, browser type, and version, browser plug-ins and extensions, operating system and platform, your visited URLs, etc.
Comments and Media Files:
To protect our site from spam, we may collect mail address and IP address of the visitors who comment on our posts. Your uploaded images are open to download for the visitors.

Advertising Policy
On our website, we may use Google AdSense and Amazon Advertising in our empty spaces. We try to show you the products that you may find interesting. Yet, we are not responsible for issues that you may face visiting the advertised websites. You are at liberty to set preference about the ads on Google ad setting page to view or discard any ad from your browser.

Third Party Policies
On our website, we may offer or include services or products from third parties having an independent privacy policy. We are not responsible or liable for any content or activities that you do following the lined sites. Yet, we try our best to promote third parties we trust about privacy and sensitive information.

User Data Sharing
We are very careful about your data privacy. That’s why we do not put that on wrong hands. To enhance the user experience, we permit these sites to use your personal data:
1. Amazon Associates
2. Google AdSense
3. Google Analytics.

Data Security
We follow certain policies to secure your data. Here are some of our policies:
1. We let you use our site anonymously and with pseudonyms.
2. We constantly monitor our server and systems for any possible weakness and attacks.
3. We believe that we have appropriate security controls that ensure your data privacy. But, we cannot guarantee that your data will not be misused by any other user or sites that use our site to collect mass data about people.
4. We do everything within our capability to ensure the protection of your data. Yet, we can not guarantee that your data will be 100% secured all the time.

Changes to our Privacy Policy
We reserve all rights to make any changes to this Privacy Policy anytime. Last modification was made on 20 Sep 2021.