12 Best Tool Backpack for Your Work [#1 Is Excellent]

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The backpack industry is gaining expansion daily, and several backpacks for various professions are available in the market. Some are classic and sophisticated, while others are more recent. Whichever way it is, some backpacks are still better and outstanding in the market.

Every tradesperson wants a good tool backpack, but selecting the best can be a serious deal. This guide gives a detailed review of the best tool backpack. This review is based on the different features that stand out and the profession suitable for each one. Learn about each of these tool backpacks’ pros and cons, to the end, that you make the right selection.

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1. Klein Tools Backpack (55421BP)- Best Tool Backpack

Klein Tools 55421BP-14

Klein Tools is a prominent company that has been in the hand tool manufacturing business for over 150 years. With centuries of experience, this company boasts of producing the best quality tools in the industry, with their backpacks not being an exception. The Klein tools 55421BP backpack is the best among the company’s products; it also stands out among its peers in the tools industry.

Are you in looking for a high-quality, durable, and spacious tool backpack? For lovers of a tool backpack with the require to move essential tools from one place to another, the Klein Tools 55421BP is a fantastic choice for you to consider. Their Oval shape tool backpack is amazing. Klein Tools presents a model that is both elegant and aesthetic.

Klein Tools 55421BP is made with one of the most durable fabrics in the industry. This, together with its excellent fittings and weaves, make it sustainable.

This compact and lightweight backpack has 39 pockets for tool organize and comes in 5 different styles. It contains 37 internal pockets and 2 external pockets to keep everything neatly, including pockets for drill bits, longer screwdrivers, a holder for a tape measure, front pockets with zippers, and electrical tape carry to the job site. For those who have to make use of their working glasses, the front pocket is designed. Hard and molded perfectly to store your glass without breakage. It will make your job easier, which is for sure!

You can carry this tool backpack on your shoulders. Don’t worry; it comes equipped with shoulder straps that are extra padded, so carrying this back pack will be comfortable too. They even locate handles on the upper side of the backpack to make it easier to move or pick it up.

The base of the backpack is 2.5 inches high molded to protect the internal elements from damage. The durability that comes with the molding makes it suitable for storing sensitive tools.

Some bags will almost be lost your tools because of the poor interior color design. The orange color of the Klein backpack saves you that trouble as it reveals all the tools effortlessly.

For plumbers and other merchants who have to use more extended tools, get yourself a Klein backpack. This is because the dimensions are custom fit to contain several long tools in the trade industry.

  • Front zipper pocket
  • Taller interior design
  • Multiple pockets for tool storage
  • Guaranteed protection and durability
  • Expensive shipping fee to other countries
  • A slight difference in the prices of new and used ones

It is worth giving Klein tools based on the features above and the company’s track record of quality production. The backpack will save you a lot of stress, allowing for your tools’ secure location.

2. Great ToolEra Tool Backpack- Best for the Money

Professional Tool Backpack Hard Hat Capacity

Bravo Enterprise is the brain behind this lightweight, yet spacious and versatile tool backpack. It is designed to be usable by not just electricians and other technical workers, but also by office workers or travelers. The full usage options, together with its affordability, make this design a backpack of choice.

The 1680D nylon material is unique to Bravo enterprise as it has been used for several of their designs. This tool backpack bag hard hat capacity is not an exception as it has both the interior and exterior materials made of nylon. This makes it more durable and sturdier than most of the other backpacks in its category.

The hard hat tool bag has 50 pockets, spanning through the interior and exterior section to places for any size tools hammers, screwdrivers, brushes, etc. These pockets are large enough to accommodate varying sizes making it suitable for those who work with more extensive tools. The exterior three compartments are padded.

Another unique feature incorporated by Bravo Enterprise is the main compartment large enough to accommodate hard hats, hence the name. This compartment can be used to carry power tools as well as other tools in its category.

Out of the three zippered compartments present in this backpack, the middle compartment is the largest. This is because it allows for the accommodation of up to 15″ laptop width. This is bigger than several other backpacks. Zipper sliders are lockable.

The problem of visibility has also been resolved by the introduction of the orange interior color. This allows users to access the backpack and pick their desired tools easily.

ToolEra comes with rubber carry handle and fully padded long shoulder straps. Both side adjustable buckled safety straps and side D ring add a special touch to the tool backpack. NEW Three exterior cushioned mesh pockets with protected elastic closure.

  • Versatile design
  • Quite affordable
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Storage of other gadgets available
  • Provides enough space for tools of various sizes
  • Only one color design available

If you are looking to save cost while getting yourself a backpack that you can travel without feeling so much pain on your shoulder or back, consider the tool backpack hard hat capacity. It is relatively affordable and inexpensive and can be used on different occasions.

3. Milwaukee Packout Backpack- Comfortable Pack

milwaukee packout

The 6.8 pounds refurbished backpack is worth mentioning because it guarantees comfort while serving multiple functions. Milwaukee designed this product based on customer’s needs, and this is why it is the backpack of choice for most tool-bearing jobs.

Milwaukee’s Packout is the backpack of choice for individuals who want something comfortable to carry their tools easily. With the unique ballistic construction incorporated into the design, you will not have to worry about tear while carrying the backpack.

The sidewalls also further strengthen this backpack. It is specially reinforced to withstand hard job environment. This implies that you can use this backpack even if your job involves climbing or trekking long distances.

For trades people who love to carry multiple tools, Milwaukee’s payout backpack is the backpack of choice. This is because it combines its ruggedness with numerous tool pockets, hence helping with secure storage. It has 48 pockets, including a hard-shell protected electronic and stuff pocket.

Moving with tape measures has also been made easier by incorporating the daisy chain and tape measure clips in the design. This means that their vast majority of users do not have to worry about misplacing their tape measures.

The PACKOUT pack has an impact-resistant polymer base.

  • Fitting design
  • Multiple pockets available
  • Constructed for durability
  • Different models to select from
  • Individual pockets for more significant tools
  • Not lightweight
  • Relatively expensive

The backpack is durable and good enough for electricians looking to move around with multiple tools. Its design works best for those who might want to include accessories as part of their instruments. It comes to mind when speaking of the most comfortable backpacks in the market.

However, the cost is entirely on the high side, and it is not entirely lightweight compared with the others in its category.

4. AmazonBasics Backpack- Durable and Lightweight

amazonbasics backpack review

AmazonBasics tool bag backpack is one of the few backpacks designed by the Amazon brand. This 4.48 pounds backpack is designed especially for electricians, handymen, contractors, or those who love to work. The design makes it easier for those who like to transport must-have gear to sites or other locations. It’s truly pretty decent.

AmazonBasics combines durability with space in a perfect manner. It comes with a lot of pockets. They have a massive variety at which the number begins from 22 and extends to 75. So, you can find your perfect pack from them is guaranteed to find something which fits your needs.

Well, this review concentrates on the 51-pockets tool backpack. The pack opens up into two main zipped compartments (The front for battery and a cordless drill, the backside for tools and parts) with 42 pockets on the inside and 9 pockets on the outside, there’s plenty of space for everything, from wrench sets, screwdrivers, and extensions cords, drill bits to pliers, testers, and more.

Polyester is a well-known fabric in the market, and you can be sure that whatever backpack uses this fabric is highly durable. AmazonBasics makes use of durable PVC-coated 600D polyester fabrics for both interior and exterior design of the backpack. This makes it both durable and long-lasting.

The orange interior lining does not just add beauty to the design. It also gives it enough lighting effects. This will help enhance visibility, making it easier to locate tools in the backpack.

The support system is also topnotch with the incorporation of a shoulder strap and back support. This makes carrying the back easy as you can move from one location to another without getting too tired.

  • Lightweight design
  • Relatively cheaper
  • Comfortability and durability
  • Versatility and multiple-use feature
  • Only available in one color

AmazonBasics’ backpack is good enough for those who love to carry their bags at their backs, without having any feeling of discomfort. The design also supports multiple tool carriage.

If your business does not involve transporting multiple tools, the bag might just be too big for you. The single black color design does not also afford the user numerous selection options.

5. Camouflage: Veto Pro Pac Tech Pac- Best Carpenter Tool Backpack

veto pro pac mc

Vetro Pro Pac Camouflage backpack is one of the tool bags you can carry over a long distance without getting tired. Its design is suitable for tradespeople who have to climb ladders daily or those involved in heavy-duty construction work.

The body fabric of Vetro Pro Pac Camouflage is constructed with Weatherproof 950 PVC and 1250 PVC Impregnated Denier Nylon and the pocket fabric is Weatherproof 1800PVC Impregnated Denier Nylon.

Vetro Pro Pac has a unique design, accompanied by ample space and multiple pocket options. The tool backpack comes with 2 storage bays with 4 storage platforms and 56 pockets interior and exterior for hand tools, parts boxes, meters, impact drivers, and cordless drills as well as other larger items such as hoses, manifold gauges, cable wires and also a tablet.

Other accommodation maximization feature available in this pack include 9 D-rings (5 small and 4 large), and an 8″ electrical tape strap tape clip holder that is mounted on the outside.

Special Features comes into its own 14 (2 Large, 3 Medium, and 9 Small) Neoprene Pockets, Magnetic Screw Catcher, and the tech pack has tough YKK locking zippers.

For workers looking to carry larger tools because of their work nature, Vetro Pro Pac incorporates a quick release handle. This handle can serve as a secure storage option for larger tools. So, you do not have to worry about carrying your tools by hand.

The 3mm Injection Polypropylene base of the backpack is molded to be waterproof. This makes it possible to transport tools sensitive to water, without the fear of having it damaged.

The thermos-formed EVA padding on the back part and shoulder helps maintain a cushioning effect throughout its carriage. This is a good option for tradespeople who have to trek a long distance to the site.

  • Waterproof feature
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Stable design, preventing tipping over
  • More accessible storage of larger tools
  • Enough compartments to store accessories
  • Expensive
  • Slightly heavynly

Veto’s Tech Camo backpack tool is suitable for those who have to trek long distances with their tools. It is durable and fits well on the carrier’s back. However, it is not as cheap as the other backpacks in its category, and it can also be quite heavy when fully loaded.

6. CLC 1132- Tool Backpack for Electricians

clc 1132 tool backpack

CLC has been in the backpack design industry for over three decades. The company has designed multiple backpacks with each design coming with an upgrade. The custom leathercraft backpack is a premium-quality design that stands out as the best tool backpack for electricians.

Are you looking for the most significant number of tools capacity backpack? It is the perfect back for electricians, HVAC service reps, satellite/cable television technicians, and other workers who want to organize their tools while having your hands free.

CLC displays its experience designing the custom leathercraft 1132 tool backpack, making it the best Leatherman tool for backpacking. It is made of weatherproof ballistic poly fabric, a very resistant stuff.

This monster backpack comes with 6 different zipped compartments and 75 pockets (big and small), loops and sleeves pockets that can hold various tools such as screwdrivers, pliers, testers, electric drill, 14 pieces wrench set, drill bits, valve cores, caps, and many more.

The tools eventually fall off in several backpack designs while carrying the bag from one place to another. This is not the case with the CLC custom leathercraft as it incorporates the hook-and-loop flap. The purpose of this is to keep the tools in place even when the backpack is badly positioned.

The compartment for larger tools is not the same as that of the smaller tools in the CLC backpack. The addition of a 7-inch-by-5.5.-inch plastic tray to the design makes it better for storing smaller tools. Hence, if your job requires carrying several smaller tools, then this bag is best for you.

You can be confident that with all these numerous features, some amount of comfort is guaranteed. In-built paddings in the shoulder and back make it easier and more comfortable to transport the bag from one location to another. You will get two padded handles as well.

  • Comfortable to carry
  • Ensures tools remain in place
  • Provides multiple pockets of various sizes
  • Several layers for more tranquil tool location
  • Single color design
  • Black interior color making tool accessibility difficult

CLC Custom LeatherCraft 1132 75-pocket tool backpack is one of the best choices for electricians because they can get to arrange their multiple tools neatly. Locating the different tools could also be difficult, with the multiple layers. However, the colored interior design would have worked better in the bag.

7. Klein Laptop Backpack (55439BPTB)- Best Tool Backpack for Laptop Compartment

klein tradesman pro backpack

Klein’s finest for those who love to separate their laptop compartment from their tools compartment. This laptop backpack is of premium quality, coming from one of the oldest producers in the backpack making industry. It is the best tool backpack with a laptop compartment.

The 1680D Ballistic fabric is not only durable but also water-resistant. This makes it easier to carry your tools and gadgets without having to worry about water destroying them.

This compartment is different from the over 25 pockets (20 inside and 5 on the outside) compartment especially for the storage of phones, adapters, tools, and cables.

Klein tools 55439BPTB is designed for modern workers who love to go around with their laptop (up to 17 inches) while carrying their instruments. It has a special compartment for carrying a laptop as thick as 3 inches.

The front pocket is specially molded to keep your glasses safe. This eliminates the worry about where to put your glasses while working.

The interior color is familiar to Klein backpacks and few other backpacks in its category. An orange color makes it easier to locate different tools in the bag.

  • Durable
  • Water-resistant
  • Easy accessibility of tools
  • Separate compartments for tools and laptop
  • Single color design
  • Fewer tool pockets
  • Relatively more expensive

Klein Tools backpack is good for anyone, but this specific design is best for tradesmen who carry laptops and fewer tools. If you are looking to transport more tools, then you should not consider this option.

8. Rugged Backpack- Best Tool Carrier Backpack

best rugged backpack

Rugged tools pro tool backpack is created for contractors and tradesmen who carry heavy tools and engage in rugged tasks. The backpack is suitable for carpenters, plumbers, framers, electricians, and other contractors moving from one site to another.

Judging by the brand name Rugged Tools backpack is exclusively designed with sturdiness in mind. Rugged Tools Pro Tool Backpack incorporates toughness and durability while maintaining its sleek design.

This backpack is constructed of the thick 1680D polyester, so the material used is very strong and tough. It is a heavy-duty product that moreover lasts for a longer time. It can carry on in different weather and keeps your tools dry and safe. It is recognizable by the light orange accents on the outer facing side of it.

It is designed two main compartments with 40 different pockets (34 interior, 4 exterior, and 2 side pockets). This makes it easier to accommodate several tools at once. It can be used to store tools such as screwdrivers, measuring tape, wrenches, level, 12V impact drill, electronics, electrical fish tape, and more. Its pockets are zippers are reinforced for extra strength.

The top handles another feature worthy of mention. This makes it easier to transport the bag from one location to another without placing it on the back.

Wearing the backpack on the back is easier with the paddings on the back surface and straps. These, together with the lumbar support, helps ensure comfort throughout its usage period.

The bottom of the backpack is molded perfectly to help maintain a steady stand on a flat surface. This helps to keep your tools in place when while the bag is seated. 

  • Sleek and durable
  • Colorful interior design
  • A strong back and handle support
  • Several pocket and compartments
  • Single color design
  • Cannot move tools that are not water-resistant

The rugged tools pro tool backpack is one of the few backpacks that you can send to your loved ones on special occasions. This is because it maintains its sleekness while incorporating strength and durability in the design.

It is also affordable, but only comes in one color variant, so you do not choose several options.

9. CLC ECPL 30 Backpack- Best Tool Backpack for Mechanic


Custom Leathercraft has many backpacks attached to its name; however, the CLC ECPL38 is quite different. This in-demand backpack incorporates light and charging capability into its design. This makes it the best tool backpack for mechanic and other merchants.

The Custom Leathercraft CLC ECPL 38 is a perfect gift for mechanics and those who need to charge on-the-go. It has a removable power bank with 15,000 mAH, which can charge multiple devices at once. This powerbank is removable, and you can charge your devices using the custom-fit USB ports on the backpack.

The integrated 2-level, 200 Lumen LED lighting system also complements the illumination. This means that while others are making use of the color system, CLC thought it wise to incorporate the lighting system in its design to allow easy access to tools. It also offers a wide-area illumination that can assist you when work in a dark place.

The CLC USB charging pack has sufficient pockets to hold your 15inch laptop, two phones, and personal items. In addition to a tester, screwdriver, drills, drill bits, pliers, meters, multimeter, wrench sets, scissors, wirecutter, hand tools, and other tools.

It has a total of 36 pockets with 31 internal and 5 on the external. Besides, 4 extra loops can be used a measuring tape and other loopable tools.

The design ensures comfort with the introduction of the padded web carrying handles and the shoulder strap. This makes it easy to lift the bag with you anywhere you go.

  • Battery inclusion
  • LED-light incorporation
  • Chargeable components
  • Several USB port options
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Multiple interior and exterior pockets
  • Heavyweight

This custom leathercraft is best for those who do not mind carrying heavyweight backpacks. However, the pads on the back and shoulder can cover up for the size. The battery incorporation is also a cool feature that you should consider if you need one.

10. Rugged Tools Tradesman Tool Backpack- Best Tool Backpack for Plumber

rugged tools tradesman tool backpack review

Rugged tools make backpacks according to its name. The company is best known for using one of the best materials in backpack design. The Rugged tools tradesman tool backpack is another rugged backpack that is best suited for plumbers and those who use long and heavy tools at work.

The durability feature of all the other backpacks is extended to this rugged tools tradesman tool backpack. The 1680 denier polyester material is topnotch and can be used for heavy-duty purposes. The model is best for use in outdoor and harsh environments.

It also offers 28 pockets. These include 25 of the pockets are for tools, one large pocket in the central section, and two exterior pockets are also available to store more essential tools. This is smaller when compared to the other backpacks in its category. However, it is most suitable for those who do not have to carry several tools at once.

Rugged Tools Tradesman Tool Backpack is one of the best multitools for backpacking in the market, offering a strong shell case and hard molded bottom. This helps to secure a perfect shape for the bag, even when not positioned correctly. This means your tools will not fall or scatter in the backpack.

The sternum strap seals the stability feature by ensuring weight distribution. This makes it easier to balance the backpack on your back while transporting it from one location to another. It also features a slim-size carrying top handle that is easy to carrying.

  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Two-color designs
  • Strong and durable
  • Even weight distribution
  • Multiple pockets of varying sizes
  • No battery inclusion

Rugged tools tradesman tool backpack is suitable for anyone who wishes to carry long and heavy tools. It is among the best lightweight backpacking multitool. The design is durable and can withstand so much pressure. In addition to the fact that it is lightweight, this makes it a top choice for many.  

However, if you consider a backpack that can charge your tools while you work, this is not your backpack choice.

11. Hersent Multi-Purpose Tool Backpack- Best Tool Backpack for Maintenance

Hersent Multi-Purpose Tool Backpack

Hersent is another famous backpack producer that focuses mainly on maintenance backpacks. The Hersent multipurpose tool backpack is one of those created by the company for merchants who are more into maintenance. This may include the Electrician, HVAC, plumber, mechanic, and carpenter.

Hersent multipurpose tool backpack is lightweight and durable, made of 100% 1680 oxford materials. This also makes it resistant to water and long-lasting.

 It also has multiple zipper pockets as well as a large space for easy tool storage. This can encourage storing of multiple working tools in various parts of the bag.

It has an adjustable shoulder strap, making it easier for men and women to carry on their backs. This means you can gift both males and females this backpack as its handy and easier to carry. The top handle makes it more comfortable to lift and carry, for those who do not want to place the backpack on their back.

The mesh pocket also allows easier storage of smaller tools and a water bottle. By token of this, you don’t have to worry about thirst while working on sites or different locations.

  • Durable
  • Easy carriage
  • Large capacity
  • Water-resistant
  • Suitable for men and women
  • Likelihood to scatter tools
  • Interior pockets not adequately arranged

Hersent multipurpose tool backpack is suitable for someone looking for a cheap backpack to pack a few tools. The interior design is large, but the tool pockets are not enough. Hence, there is a strong chance that these tools will be scattered within the bag. This is an affordable option if you need to run a quick maintenance errand or get the best ultralight backpacking multitool.

12. Rugged Laptop Backpack- Best HVAC Tool Backpack

best rugged laptop backpack

Rugged Tools is one of the brands of backpacks that offer affordable choices to its users, which happen to be quite affordable compared to other choices out there. The best tool backpack for HVAC, electricians, plumbers, and those who carry multiple tools with them, rugged tools worksite tool backpack is one to consider. It has some unique features making it the backpack of choice for many merchants. 

Rugged tools worksite tool backpack is another backpack that reckons with durability by carefully choosing the material used for the design. The 1680D polyester material is a popular fabric in the market, suitable for choosing strength over beauty.

This heavy-duty backpack offers 68 pockets in total. It’s contains 30 internal tool pockets, 29 utility organizer, 2 side pockets, 1 utility clip, 1 utility strap, 1 laptop sleeve, and 4 zipper pockets. All of these pockets have varying sizes, and they are designed to carry different tools as you like. This is not absolute, but you can pick each tool, depending on the kind of trade you are doing.

For those who love to work with laptops, the backpack comes with a unique laptop sleeve. This sleeve is spacious enough to accommodate a computer that is up to 15 inches wide. This is wide enough as most of the work laptops have this dimension.

The in-built USB charging port allows you to charge while you work. You can charge your tools that require power to work or even your mobile devices, right from inside your bag.

The molded hard bottom base gives the pack a flat surface to stand straight irrespective of the environment. The bottom base makes the backpack resistant to several harsh elements such as mud, water, and snow.

  • USB incorporation
  • Easy tool accessibility
  • Durable polyester fabric
  • Large-spaced laptop sleeve
  • Heavyweight
  • No power bank or battery

Rugged Tools Worksite Tool Backpack is one of the best options for anyone wishing to buy a versatile backpack for the first time. It is strong and durable and contains many features that are not in the other backpacks. It is less pricey than the other backpacks in its category. The only downside is that you will have to own your power bank or battery to use the USB ports.

What to Look For Before Buying

Backpacks are so numerous online that it can get confusing choosing the best one to buy. Thus, you must factor in the following points before selecting any.

Your line of job

The kind of job you do is essential while selecting a backpack. There are specific backpacks suitable for plumbers, mechanics, HVAC, contractors, and other trades. Buying the wrong backpack is easy if you do not know the features linked to the kind of business you do. You need to read the backpack features you want to choose, ensuring that it fits your work line.

For instance, as a plumber, you want to look out for spacious backpacks to carry large tools. If you need to move your laptop with you while working, you should consider that option. If your appliances need to be charged before usage, you will want to choose a backpack with batteries or power bank incorporation.


The choice of backpack is dependent on your preference. What do you want in the bag? Are you interested in a backpack with multiple pockets or just a few? Do you desire to have an in-built USB feature in the bag? Do you want a laptop sleeve? How padded do you want the bag to be?

These and several other questions need to be answered before going ahead to make the purchase. The truth is that no single best backpack for tools that has all these features. This is why you need to read the tool backpack reviews. Once you can identify the backpack you want, based on the features, then you can order it.

Fabric Material

Several merchants suffer from buying backpacks that are not durable. This can change if you know what to look out for before purchasing. There are different fabrics available in the market. The most popular of them is Polyester.

However, the polyester fabric also comes with different levels of thickness. Your choice of material is dependent on the kind of tools you want to keep in the bag. If you are carrying light tools, then you do not need a thick fabric. However, if you consider moving heavy appliances, you must get a durable material.

Durability often comes with heavyweight; hence it is essential to consider this before buying a backpack.

Feature Placement

This the last but one of the most important things to look out for when buying a backpack. Some backpacks have more interior than exterior pockets. Some other ones have zippers positioned in different directions.

How well do you want your tools arranged? You need to know this as it will also go a long way in helping you make the right decision. Some backpacks are cheap but do not allow proper arrangement of tools, while others support suitable tool arrangement. Check your budget and weigh your options before making a decision.

Closing Remarks

The list above reviews the best tool backpack in various categories. This enables you to make right, and informed decisions depending on your trade or the purpose of the purchase. The different backpacks above are tested and approved by users. This is why you should consider them before going outside this list.

It might be true that some backpacks are available apart from the ones in this review. But, would you instead go for uncertainty, when several verified options are available? Read through the reviews carefully, then check your budget and choose your backpack.

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