Tool Belt For Roofing – A Complete Comparison of the Top Rated Models in 2023!

If you want to survive in the highly competitive roofing industry, you need to have more than just an all-rounded skill set. It is also imperative to uphold high safety standards and guarantee the timely completion of your projects.

One of the basic ways to ensure your projects are a complete success is to have your tools close to you. This includes utility knives, screws, nail guns, snips, nails, steel tapes, rippers, and seam rollers, just to mention a few.

Randomly placing these tools on the roof is dangerous. It’s also not advisable to attempt climbing up or down the ladder holding a traditional toolbox. This is why you require the best tool belt for roofing.

Hop on in and I’ll share 5 of the best products designed to boost your safety, work speed, and productivity.

Short on time? Check out our short list of Best Tool Belt for Roofing in 2023!

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The hunt for the perfect tool belt can be daunting. We researched numerous sources on your behalf to sieve out 5 top-rated models in the market. If you need the best roofing tool belt, it’s safe to settle for any of our recommended models.

Check them out!

1. Occidental Leather Belt- Sturdy Tool Belt

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Occidental Leather is one of the leading tool belt brands in the industry. Within the 30+ years, it has been in the field, it has produced some of the unique and hardworking tool systems. Apart from tool belts, this brand also brags of a whole selection of fastener bags, holsters, and carry bags for contractors.

What about the key features? Let’s discuss now!

The Occidental Leather 9850 is a uniquely designed lightweight tool belt with 24 tool pockets and holders. It comes with a fully adjustable pant waist that fits between 32-inches and 41-inches. This tool system also ticks for the quality of its construction and weighs about 5lbs when empty.

With a sleek leather finish and nylon accents, the tool belt’s overall quality is just what you would expect for its price. For enhanced convenience, the package comes with a pair of suspenders that can be easily attached to pre-installed D-rings and more comfortable carrying of bulky tools.

There is nothing not to like about this product. It’s designed to accommodate both left and right-hand users, not to mention that it can hold all kinds of tools thanks to its array of pockets. The deepest pockets stretch out about 10″ deep and are perfect for carrying heavy tools.

Moreover, the placement of the pockets allows quick retrieval of the tools you need.  It has multiple tools holders with a 5020 2-in-1 Tool and Hammer Holder in the rear. 2003 Oxy Tool Shield which is designed to carry sharp pieces of equipment.

The only downside we can point out is that this tool system is long by design, making it unsuitable for shorter users.

  • Suspenders included
  • Excellent capacity with 24 pockets
  • Available in both left and right-handed models
  • Deep pockets ideal for carrying larger tools or more items
  • Well-constructed with reinforced bottoms for maximum longevity
  • Not the most ideal model for shorter people

This is a dependable tool system from a brand that has set the industry standards for design excellence for decades. It boasts of an intuitive design that makes organizing and retrieving tools a breeze. Generally, this is a product you can count on to improve your safety and work efficiency.

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2. Dewalt Tool Belt- Good for Light Usage

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If there is one brand on our list that needs no introduction, it must be DeWalt. This is an American brand with worldwide recognition for its wide array of top-notch hand tools and power tools for construction.

It also produces some of the best tool systems that enhance workers’ safety in the manufacturing, woodworking, and construction industries.

Because you’re reading this, I’m sure you have bothered to research your tools before purchase. There is also a good chance the brand name Dewalt has popped up repeatedly during your research. In case you are interested in the best leather roofing tool belt, this is also the brand to trust.

The DG5472 tool belt features a total of 12 tool compartments (Another design comes with 10 pockets). This includes 5 main pockets and 7 smaller pockets for small items. You get plenty of room to have all your large and smaller tools close to you during your projects. It’s ideal for you to put a hammer, hand tools, pencils, and nails. The middle tool pocket is perfect for holding extra nails and a measuring tape.

This is a 2-inch wide belt that will not eat through your skin, even when carrying bulky tools. It is a perfect fit for waist sizes between 29-inches and 46-inches and even features a patented pouch handle for easy carrying. Adjusting the belt to fit snugly is a piece of cake.

Longevity-wise, not as many products can beat this metal roofing tool belt. The top grain leather construction is guaranteed to serve you for years with proper care. Something else that genuinely stood out is that the product is lightweight, hence comfortable to wear.

  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • Ideal for carrying both large and small tools
  • Suede leather construction for unrivaled durability
  • Fits 29-inch to 46-inch waists and allows easy adjustments
  • Excellent storage capacity for most contractors (12 compartments)
  • Somewhat low hammer compartment

DeWalt tool systems are tough and dependable. This product in specific is well-made to assure users of getting optimum satisfaction for their bucks. Its 2-inch wide belt assures you of maximum comfort, irrespective of the load you have to carry.
Generally, this model is a safe bet for all kinds of contractors and DIYers.

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3. Bucket Boss Tool Belt- Heavy-Duty Convertible

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When you are viewing for the best roofing tool belt, we present you to this belt. No doubt, we can assure you that this is a superb tool belt for roofing. The brown coloring really makes it a smart choice for both males and female users.

Bucket Boss is a legendary brand that has been in business since 1987. It brags of a wide selection of unique tool systems ideal for different professionals. While products from the brand are affordable, they are built to withstand rough use and resist tear and wear for years.

This product is a superb option to consider if you are searching for a cheap roofing belt. Don’t get it twisted, while the tool system is affordable; it is well-constructed for enhanced productivity and reliable longevity.

Compared to other tool belts on our list, it’s easy to feel as though this product is smaller hence less ideal for professional contractors. However, it is perfect for not just roofers, but also plumbers and handymen whose projects don’t involve carrying a bulky toolbox.

There are 12 small pockets where you can arrange smaller tools like nails and screwdrivers. You also get two large pouches that can hold handy tools or larger items. Size-wise, this tool belt is designed for waists up to 52-inches, and it has large huge grommets for easy adjustments.

This is a product designed to take the abuse of tough projects with remarkable grace. This tool belt is made of 20% Poly, 15% PP, 10% Ferric, 45% PVC, and 10% EPE Foam. A poly ripstop /600D poly material used for outstanding toughness.

Moreover, it features a steel buckled belt and two hammer holders. There are one steel hammer holder and one heavy web holder perfect for carrying those large framing hammers.

  • Customizable to suit your work needs
  • Perfect for roofers, plumbers, and builders
  • Easy to organize small tools in the 12 small bags
  • Large pouches have large openings for easy access
  • Tough and well-constructed for outstanding durability
  • Not the best models for professionals with too many bulky tools

You can rest assured of getting your money’s worth out of this tool system. In case you only carry small items, you can even modify the large pockets to suit your project’s needs. This is a decent tool belt for the price, and it holds up pretty well to constant use.

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4. Dickies Belt With Suspenders

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Dikies work gear is a brand that stands out for the toughness and quality of its products.

Founded in 1922, this company commands a grand following for its dedication to manufacturing work garments ideal for the hardworking American workers. It stands as one of the largest work wear manufacturers worldwide.

It’s easy for your hips and back to ache under the stress of frequently carrying heavy tools. Fortunately, this is a concern the 57023 from Dickies Work Gear is designed to address.

The 4-piece rig made from rip-resistant canvas. Its 3-inch padded tool belt is made with 67.5% cotton and 32.5% polyester. These models look pretty good, with 2 color options available.

The well-padded suspender systems distribute the weight effectively, making it a ton easier to carry heavy tools for extended hours.

This belt is designed for easy customization. Getting an excellent fit for your body is not challenging. According to adjustable waist size ranges from 32 to 50 inches.

The moisture-wicking suspenders naturally enhance your comfort, and the fully adjustable back and front straps ensure that the tool system takes the stress off your hips and back.

Moreover, the belt itself is 5-inches wide. This makes it wider than most products on our list, meaning your comfort is further enhanced. Did I mention that the belt is made from a moisture-wicking mesh? Well, this feature assures you of better work comfort, irrespective of the season.

There are 6 spacious pockets for holding larger tools and 7 smaller pockets for your smaller items. Furthermore, you get 2 tool loops and a bonus steel loop for your hammer. In case you need to keep your phone close by when working, the cell phone pouch at the front will come in handy.

  • Lightweight (only 3.75 lbs)
  • Cell phone pocket included in the design
  • Excellent capacity with 6 large and 7 small pockets
  • Built with a rip-resistant canvas for unmatched longevity
  • Adjustable front & back straps to help you get the perfect fit
  • Poorly outlined pockets
  • The suspenders are great, although an extra tightener at the chest would be helpful

Irrespective of your field of work, this work gear can take the stress off carrying your tools. With a strong steel double-tongue roller buckle; you don’t have to worry about your items falling off because of their weight.

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5. Toughbuilt Tool Belt- Padded Belt

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ToughBuilt is yet another trusted brand in the industry. Some of its best products have won the hearts of millions of contractors worldwide for their excellent designs that bring the about better organization of tools and enhanced work efficiency.

Surprisingly, Tough Built products are fairly priced, yet their overall quality is unrivaled.

As the name ToughBuilt handyman tool belt suggests, this is a reliable tool system with a “tough built” for enhanced durability.

It is made from heavy-duty canvas and is designed to accommodate 32 to 48-inch pant waists. In case you have a waist bigger than 48-inches, worry not. You can always opt to invest in an optional belt extender.

This is a heavy-duty tool system designed for heavy-duty projects. It weighs about 4lbs before loading your tools. What makes its design outstanding is that it doesn’t have any permanent or semi-permanent pouches or pockets. Instead, it is designed to allow easy attaching and detaching of pockets.

The package comes with 3-piece belt set, which includes 2 pouches, 10 pockets, a heavy-duty organizer, 1 hammer loop, tape measure clips, and 2 ClipTech hubs. It’s rugged manufacturer claims) 6 layers nylon construction.

The tool belt set also features a handy place to fit utility knife, pliers, drill, screwdriver loops, fitting tools, and even dedicated slot for a cell phone and a notebook.

There are also three suspender loops that make carrying bulky tools easy, thanks to the enhanced weight distribution.

We took the tool belt for a test run, and it holds up pretty well to rough regular use on tough work sites. However, the fact that the bags are not lined means that heavier tools can stress the belt’s seams, causing sagging.

  • Speed square included
  • Good value for the money
  • Decent construction quality
  • Comes with 3 suspender loops
  • Fits 32 to 48-inch waist or bigger with a belt extender
  • Allows easy customization to suit different contractors
  • A few pockets
  • No pencil holders
  • Bags have no lining and may cause sagging when carrying heavy tools

This tool belt has a decent number of neat features that make it worth the price. It is designed in an innovative way to allow maximum customization, a perk that most contractors appreciate. Unfortunately, its longevity is questionable, especially if you often carry bulky tools.

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Trust us when we say that this is one of the best roofing tool belt suspenders we had the pleasure of reviewing.

Why Should You Wear Tool Belts for Roofing?

Tool belts are essential accessories for contractors. They offer a means to organize your tools while at work. Even though such belts are seen to be more important for roofers, they are also commonly used by other contractors, including electricians, builders, woodworkers, and cable technicians.

Here are key reasons to wear them during a project:-


During roofing projects, it is best to avoid climbing up and down the ladder to get your tools. A bag tool belt allows you to hold nails, hammers, rippers, and other important tools in a safe and snug fashion. This makes them easily and readily accessible for use.

You possibly think that you can carry your tools in a box, right? Well, it makes better sense to use a tool belt for safety reasons. With your tools snugly around your waist, you can keep your hands free, allowing you to grip the ladder properly when climbing.

Prevent Accidents

Many contractor aprons feature deep pockets where you can place a few tools when working on the roof.

Because these aprons are mainly designed to prevent your clothes from getting dirty, their pockets can’t hold sharp objects like cutters, nails, and knives. Stuffing sharp objects in your pockets exposes you to preventable accidents.

Tool belts have pockets for storing different items, including sharp tools. Additionally, they can be reversed, making it safer for you to bend when working.


One of the basic reasons to use a tool belt is for convenience. The belt saves you time and effort because all the tools you need are close to you. You can organize everything neatly to make it hassle-free to find what you need without wasting time.

Enhanced Productivity

Reaching out to the tools you need quickly will save you time. This will, in return, ensure prompt completion of your projects. Contractors benefit from enhanced productivity because they don’t need to keep pausing what they are doing to search for essential tools.

Roofing Tool Belt: How Does It Work?

Tool belts are uniquely designed to make it super easy to carry all your vital tools and access them without a hassle. Most models feature several pockets that are ideal for storing different items.

These pouches are optimally positioned for convenient use. Reliable products also have zipped pockets for holding small items that are easy to misplace. Moreover, you can get belts that feature hooks and loops for hanging heavy power tools.

Generally, tool belts work by making it safe and easy to access the tools you need to get the job done.

Types of Roofing Tool Belt

Tool belts differ in several minor aspects. You can get them in an array of shapes and sizes ideal for different contractors’ work needs.

Let’s dive right in to learn more about the 5 available options.


If you often carry heavy tools, then a suspender tool belt is ideal for you. This kind of belt is designed to offer better weight distribution to avoid straining your shoulders, hips, or back. In case the tools you carry leave you predisposed to injury because of their weight, a suspender belt is what you need.


Waist tool belts are the most popular and are designed to fit snugly around the waist. They can be reversed easily to make bending more comfortable.

Such belts can be used by just about any kind of contractor. They allow customization, letting you alter them to suit your likes, dislikes, and needs. You can even attach pouches to the belts to increase their tool-carrying capacity.


The design of hip belts makes them more practical for use. After all, they help you carry your tools within hands-reach and still keep them out of your way to allow comfortable bending. You can drop or pick tools from the side pocket without moving your eyes from your work piece.


Most contractors will use a pouch together with a waist tool belt. As I mentioned earlier, some waist tool belts allow adding pouches to increase their tool-carrying capacity. We recommend choosing a pouch with double stitches because it tends to have a stronger grip.


There are unique aprons designed to help you carry your work tools safely. Unlike regular contractor aprons, these models can protect your clothes from getting soiled and are also designed to help you keep your tools within hands reach.

Apron tool belts have pockets made from heavy canvas. This makes it to carry sharp or dangerous tools, including nail guns and saws.

What to Look For Before Buying

Some factors and features ought to be scrutinized before choosing the roofing tool belt to buy.

Dive in and let’s have a look at aspects to keep in mind when searching for a high-quality product that suits your requirements.


Just like when searching for any work tool or equipment, it is essential to consider a roofing belt’s construction material. This material will play a prime role in dictating the overall quality and longevity of the product you buy.

If you need a strong and durable tool belt with large compartments, it is better to choose one made from leather. You can find products made from either light or heavy leather. Of course, heavier leather is more durable, although it also happens to be bulky and unsuitable for some contractors.

Lighter leather is a perfect option for contractors who require enhanced mobility. It is softer, and this also makes adjusting the belt easier. On the downside, it’s not as strong as genuine leather.

Other suitable tool belt construction materials include synthetic fiber, nylon, polyester, and canvas.

Fit and Finish

The fit and finish of a tool belt is another important aspect to consider. Again, this will determine the longevity of a product and its ease of use.

For instance, you must consider the amount of padding used and ensure you will not be subjected to unwarranted discomfort when working for long hours. Products that allow some level of adjustment also help to enhance the user experience.

Size and Weight

The last thing you need is to invest in a tool belt that is too big or too small for you. Always analyze the manufacturer’s sizing chart, and confirm that a product has a suitable range of waist measurements. Check both the minimum and maximum waist sizes, which are often measured in inches.

Typically, the weight of a tool belt is indicative of its carry weight.

Here’s the deal, while heavier belts can carry more, the extra weight can also affect your movements and overall comfort. I prefer using strong, lightweight products that keep me fairly mobile, even when carrying too much weight.


The whole idea of investing in a roofing tool belt is to store most, if not all, your tools close to you. The compartments and pockets of a belt will determine how much you can carry at a time. Consider not just their number, but also the sturdiness of their build and their depth.

In short, you need to assess the overall carrying capacity of a product. Get to know what can be fitted into the available pockets to determine whether it is an ideal fit for your needs.


The need to make your comfort a priority cannot be emphasized enough. After all, the best tool belts are designed to help you carry your tools with minimal discomfort.

Products with comfortable padding are often pretty comfortable to use. It is also necessary to go for belts with sturdy and thick straps. Moreover, check the adjustment ranges available. It’s easier to get an appropriate fit if you invest in a highly adjustable tool belt.


For roofers, ensuring that your tool belt is secure is a must. You are likely to be working from a height or tight and awkward locations like the attic.

This makes it imperative to confirm that each pouch, pocket, or compartment of your belt is secure to reduce the risk of dropping something and possibly causing an avoidable accident.

Care and Maintenance [Some Important Tips]

Tool belts can last for years with proper care and maintenance. Two of the most basic maintenance practices are to clean the equipment regularly and store it correctly when it’s not in use.

 Proper Storage

The right way to store your tool belt will highly depend on its material of construction. If it is made from leather, make sure it is stored in a cool, dry place. You can either place the belt in a container or box or wrap it up in a clean, soft cotton cloth.

If you don’t plan to use your tool belt for months to come, stuff its pockets with soft items to help retain their form and shape. Also, check the belt occasionally for signs of corrosion, condensation, and moisture.

 Cleaning a Tool Belt

Leather tool belts don’t need to be submerged in water. Just wipe down the leather to free it of dust and dirt. You should also apply a leather conditioner on the surfaces to keep them moist and soft.

If your belt is rained on or accidentally soaked in water, all is not lost as long as you can take quick action. Wipe out excess water using a soft, clean cloth, reshape the pockets, and dry your belt naturally at room temperature.

People Also Ask About Roofer Tool Belt


What are the pros of having a tool belt as a roofer?

Tool belts do so much more than just give you an undeniably professional look.
They also:
1. Enhance your safety by ensuring your hands are free when climbing up the roof
2. Save time by reducing your trips up and down the ladder
3. Improve your overall productivity by saving you time and energy

What are the trusted roofing tool belt brands?

Our research has unveiled a decent number of brands that strive to provide excellent products. Apart from Bucket Boss, Toughbuilt, and DeWalt, other top-rated brands you can trust are Occidental Leather, Dickies Work Gear, and Klein Tools, just to mention a few.

Should you buy a big or a small tool belt?

Nothing is as crucial as finding a tool belt that is a perfect fit for you. Consider your waist size and choose a product that allows just enough waist adjustments to give you a comfortable fit.

If the belt is overly small and tight, your movements will be restricted, not to mention that you will also bear with unnecessary discomfort.

On the other hand, a belt that is too big will be too loose, and this is guaranteed to affect proper weight distribution. Such a belt is also likely to cause you back pains in the long haul.

Who should wear a roofing tool belt?

All kinds of contractors can use roofing tool belts. Anyone who wants to dodge the trouble of asking other people to hand over the tools they need would find a roofing tool belt highly useful.

Some experts who should wear tool systems include:

* Home improvement contractors
* Painting experts
* Electricians
* Construction workers
* Mechanics
* Weekend warriors/ DIYers

Where can you acquire a roofing tool belt?

Roofing belts are a commonplace item. You can find good quality models from your local tool stores. Another option you have is to shop online. Just ensure that you purchase through links from sites you can trust.

Closing Remarks

We can all agree that every professional contractor and DIY warrior needs to invest in the best tool belt for roofing. This is a small accessory that can go a long way to boost your overall productivity by saving you time and energy.

We worked relentlessly to offer you a list of the 5 best products in the current market. Be sure to check out our buyer’s guide to get an idea of the most vital aspects to consider before purchase.


My name is Michael M. Militello, and I want to help you find the right tools and the best products for your next project! As a professional tool expert here in Houston, TX, With my vast tool experience, I can help you choose the right brand, model, and size for the job. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. You can reach me here on my blog and also on Facebook, Twitter , and Pinterest. I look forward to hearing from you!

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