The 5 Must-Know Things When Buying a Tool Pouch For Your Job!

The 5 Must-Know Things When Buying a Tool Pouch For Your Job!

You will obviously put in a lot of thought before getting yourself the right tools, but not many people think about the right tool pouch.

If you’re investing money to buy a tool pouch you might as well get one that’ll suit your needs.

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Things Consider When Buying Tool Pouch

Here are some features you can consider while shopping for a tool pouch.

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The material of your tool pouch will decide how long it stays with you. That’s what the durability depends on. Leather pouches are usually the ones preferred and for a good reason! These, as well as the nylon ones, can carry the weight of all your heavy tools. For that, they should also have strong fasteners.

Your work will cause damage to the pouch, with the constant pulling out and shoving in of pointy or heavy tools. There’s also general wear and tear from the materials around your workspace. To keep the damage at bay, get a pouch that’ll stay in shape for a good deal of time.

Some pouches are designed to resist damage from tools. You can look for them if that’s what you prefer. You should try to find pouches with a reinforced bottom panel. They are sturdy and resist wear from the weight of the tool.

The material you choose will also decide how comfortable your tool pouch feels. If you’re getting a belt along with the pouch, you’ll get them in the same material.

Again, leather is preferred by most because of its flexibility and softness. However, it can feel heavy to some people, especially those with a back problem. They can go for a different material, such as Nylon. It is comparatively lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Some pouches will dig into your waist and make it difficult for you to work. Nylon is the best in that regard as it’s soft and comfortable.


Size matters, duh! Depending on how much work you have and the number of tools you need, a small pouch with a few pockets might be best for you. There’s no need to get a big tool belt if you don’t need one. You’ll be carrying all that extra weight for no reason.

It is mostly suitable for those who enjoy some DIY work around the house. If your job calls for a number of different tools, you’ll need a pouch with enough pockets to fit them in. Sometimes, the number of tools doesn’t matter. It can also be about the size of the tools you have.

People who work on a range of projects tend to have various tools. If you’re part of that crowd, you should look for a pouch with pockets big enough to comfortably fit your items. They shouldn’t be hanging out of the pocket. Some tools are expensive, and you probably wouldn’t want to risk damaging them.

There are tool pouches that only come with one or two huge pockets. They are for bigger tools, so you shouldn’t store small ones in them. It’ll just make a mess, and you’ll have trouble finding what you’re looking for.

You should also consider the zippers on the pouch. Get one that has them. You can store your most valuable tools in them to keep them from falling out. Remember to get pouches with good quality zippers as cheap and low-quality ones will break after a while and damage the tools.


If you are getting tool pouches attached to tool belts, you should know that most of them are for right-handed people. The arrangement and design of those belts give maximum comfort to the users so that they can reach their tools easily.

If you’re left-handed, you’ll have trouble finding right-handed belts comfortable. That’s why you should look for belts with detachable pouches. You can arrange them to your liking and reach your tools comfortably.

If you can find a belt made for left-handed people, that’s great. We still recommend that you get the detachable option. It has many additional benefits. You’ll be able to clean your pouches effortlessly and store them without causing damage to the belt. It’ll even help you adjust the weight as you can put away the pouches you don’t need.

Weather resistance

A pouch that’s waterproof and weatherproof is a must-have.

Again, this is to protect expensive tools. You don’t want any of your valuable items to be compromised by water or other wear from harsh weather.

If your pouch has these features, there’ll be a reduced chance of your tools getting damaged!

Some other small things to consider

Choose a tool pouch that has good placement of the hammer holder.

Usually, when you are going around doing work, the hammer can get caught in something and get damaged.

Just ensure that the holder is located in an area where it’ll stay in place.

It’s better if you can adjust the holder yourself to your liking.

Sometimes, it’s challenging to look for the tools you need if the interior of your pouch is dark.

That’s why you should opt for pouches with bright interiors.


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