Tool Pouches for Electricians to Hunt for in 2023

Do you happen to have loads of stuff to carry but your Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors or Chanel is just not helping?

Typical marketing strategy. I’m kidding!

Well, I figured that out (ironically). Whether you are an electrician or just a person who happens to have a lot of tools to carry, I picked the top 5 best pouches for electricians to ease your life.

I’m not a fan of regular bags, part of the reason why I prefer durability and space over everything. In the freshly handpicked list of the favorite pouches, I will elaborate their functions, write my opinion, pros, and cons linking it to my buying guide.

In short, just read along, I’ll show you the way to pick Best Tool Pouches for Electricians that perfectly match your needs.

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best tool pouches for electricians

Top-Rated Tool Pouches for Electricians

I know how hard it can be to look for the best one when so many options are available online. No worries! I have classified the top 5 best tool pouches that I could find according to different preferences.

I will be adding the pros and cons of each article so you can choose your perfect tool pouch and be happy with it.

Here goes the best according to my research! (Read more to know about the cons).

ToughBuilt – Electrician Pouch

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Just like the name says, this pouch is built tough and stout to carry all your ‘electrician’ needs. With a whopping 23 pockets and loops to carry all your needs, this is the bag that I approve for overall usage.

If you are new to this, or just want an overall nice bag to take care of your needs, this is the one I suggest to everyone beginning like you.

As I said, ToughBuilt’s 23 pocket pouch is well built and extremely durable. Whether you are carrying a hammer or a single screw, the toughest six layered construction is ready to tackle all. There’s a ClipTech pouch attached to it that clips onto any belt so you don’t have to carry it all the time.

The versatility of this pouch amazes me. It works for everyone irrespective of gender and profession. And surprisingly, excels in every one of them. If you are not an electrician, this pouch is not limited to this.

You can be a student or a teacher, or even a homemaker, this pouch will be the perfect carrier of your notebook, pen, and even masalas!

When Toughbuilt released their ToughBuilt pouch that’s universally versatile, they were not kidding with the quality. They ensured this is the highest quality in the best form, making it the toughest electrician’s pouch the market and customers have ever seen and used.

But if somehow it gets damaged, they solve it too! It is covered by a lifetime warranty (limited) against defects in the product or workmanship.

Also, this is very important for those who are planning to work with this outdoors, these pouches are tested to work brilliantly outdoors with rough environments and are long-lasting as well.

It stands and tackles some of the roughest environments. It’s a lot considering the pouch needs to carry some heavy tools too.

It’s best for the construction sites. The price does justice to the quality of the pouch. The only drawback for me would be the belt clip not being good enough according to the price.

Nevertheless, we are all set for the best and most versatile pouch of all time.

Klein Tools 5243 Tradesman Pro Tool Pouch with Padded Shoulder Strap

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For many times in my life, I have been burned through a generous share of tool holsters. Sometimes the product itself was bad, sometimes it was just me and my luck. But most of the time it lacked practical purposes.

Whatever it was, I’m glad I gave Klein Tools a shot. Because it’s so worth it.

Klein Tools comes in different sizes and shapes yet the ‘lightweight’ feature remains constant. The lightweight tool pouch comes with 15 pocket pouches, 9 pocket pouches, 6 pocket pouches, and a small pouch.

A 15-pocket pouch and 9-pocket pouch are perfect for those who do heavy-duty both indoors and outdoors. It is lightweight and has a shoulder strap making it the best electrician tool pouch with shoulder strap. Hammer, screwdrivers, tape, sharpie, etc, everything fits into the pouch, you name it.

A 6-pocket pouch is recommended for electricians for everyday use and for days with lesser tools. The pockets are spacious and made of Ballistic Weave so you can already guess it’s durable enough to go for months of heavy usage.

The small pouch is a go-to pouch for everyone irrespective of profession. If you are a student, this might come in handy for carrying pens, pencils, erasers, and other stuff.

It has all the amazing features that you want in an electrician pouch. However, I read that the users complained about the strap being not strong enough. But I guess you can work it out if you try to balance the weight of tools on different pockets of the pouch.

Also, the bag is not a clip-on shoulder pouch. You have to adjust it separately with a belt. It’s doable but if I compare it with the price that I have to pay for this pouch …

Nah, I’m good.

But then again, you don’t have to buy a belt for this. A regular belt or a normal one that you can find laying around the corners of your house should do the job. On top of that, you have to take off the belt too if you want to take off the pouch.

That’s a bit of a hassle for me when I’m supposed to be done with work in split seconds. These are lightweight so you really don’t need to take them off and put them on unless you are getting ready or done with your work.

I loved the experience. This is the near-perfect pouch for electricians that includes a shoulder strap. If it is something that intrigues you, I suggest you give it a try.

It’s one of its kind.

CLC Custom Leathercraft 5505 Professional Electrician’s Tool Pouch

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I know I have been listing pouches with spacious and super large-looking exteriors. But, what if I tell you, I’ve found a perfect pouch that has a spacious interior BUT looks small and fits taking the smallest space, that also holds on tight?

Or in other words, are you looking for a small pouch that fits perfectly without compromising the space?

Well, I got news for you.

CLC Custom Leathercraft 5505 Professional Electrician’s Tool Pouch might be the one you are looking for. Let’s start with why I think this has the potential to be on your next purchase list.

This premium quality electrician’s tool pouch comes with 12 pockets. It’s very fitted when I compared it with the rest of the pouches. So if you are looking for something compressed, this can be the one.

This has 3 major pockets and 3 smaller pockets as optional spaces. The pockets include a tape measure clip, an electrical tape chain, a padded touch handle to carry, and a metal tool hook.

The compartments are versatile enough to carry all your tools. The metal clip that’s attached to the pouch is capable of holding all measuring tape sizes. Apart from all those pockets, there are additional holders too. This includes 4 internal tool loops and 6 large screwdriver holders.

But let’s be real, all these pockets and holders are no good if the quality is not strong. This is where CLC had to say a lot. They claimed and promised to create this pouch the strongest and of the highest quality using double layers of rugged, ballistic poly fabric.

Investing attention to steel riveting at stress points, heavy-duty nylon stitchings, and hard molded pockets- CLC claims it holds on to your tools like never before.

Like the material, the quality and durability stay top-notch. It is supposed to last you for a couple of years, to say the least. They made it with their highest quality of product and manufactured it with the finest designers. So, let’s give them that.

There is not any belt attached to it but that doesn’t make it any less of that beast. You can clip it onto any regular belt that you might use. I suggest leather belts!

It excels in durability. It’s small and sassy with just the space you need. The only drawback would be something that I read from real-life people who used and reviewed this.

Even though the pouch is made very strong to hold your tools, it looks like the bottom of the pouch missed the spot. The only reason people needed to re-purchase this was because of the bottom that fell off due to pressure.

Just check out the materials, spaces, pockets, and straps before you buy the pouch. It looked nice and trustable to me, although it doesn’t mean that you will not have any bad luck with it in any way.

Good luck with the hunt!

Occidental Leather 5070 Pro Drywall Pouch

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After I’m done with the listings of good, better, and best kinds of pouches for the electricians, let’s take a break from the usual rat race of being the best in everything.

We are talking about boujee here. You are going to solve mechanical problems in a boujee way now.

Occidental Leather 5070 Pro Drywall Pouch is true to its name when it comes to manufacturing its products.

As the name reads, the pouch is made of pure leather. This makes the exterior of the pouch look crazy expensive and boujee. It acts expensive nevertheless, durability is the one to talk about. Bear with me.

It’s made of leather in brown and tanned color. But definitely, not your typical leather tool pouch.

The USA manufactures it originally so no trust issues here. This all-leather pouch is unexpectedly lightweight. So if your choice is really, and extremely limited to smaller and handy, I do not see a better option than this little pouch right here.

But that doesn’t mess with the strong and spacious interior that it has. The layout is very well thought and just the right one for your tools. The leather used in the compartment is thick so you know it is, in fact, going to last you for years, to expect the least.

I mean, you can already guess its price point. It retails for close to a hundred dollars. So, it better serves what it promised its customers. And to be honest, from what my research shows, it exceeds the expectations of every person who ever bought this.

I’m not complaining or even doubting. It’s pure leather, it had to do its job right, one way or another.

Since it is a comparatively small pouch, it doesn’t have that many pockets to choose from. There are two large compartments on the front and they are largely spacious. The other two holders are on the sides. The very front has holders too, with its exceptional organization.

Those are mainly made for saws, knives, scissors, circle cutters, and metal snips. You can customize anyway, it is not that much of a big deal.

It’s not a clip-on but you can use a belt or a strap to cling it. There is a separate belt available to you to purchase. But the regular one does the same job. The difference would be the new one is made of pure leather. This is one of its drawbacks.

The other one is completely personal, that it is not cruelty-free. If you are not bothered about these issues, this is a good one, to begin with.

It lasts for a couple of years. It is suitable for both drywall pros and lathers. It’s a bit pricey, but that’s better than buying a low-quality pouch that you need to repurchase every other month only to sum up the same price as the leather pouch.

In short, if you are just getting started with fewer tools and need to work outdoors, you have to look for something that’s small and durable or the best small tool pouch for electricians.

Occidental Leather 5070 Pro Drywall Pouch is undoubtedly the answer.

Veto TP4-B (Tool Pouch- Hard Plastic Base)

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THIS is undoubtedly the best tool pouch for electricians and I’m not joking at all. I’ll try to explain why.

TP4B is a new launch of the previous TP4 that had 4 pockets as spaces. Or, we can say, this is a Next Generation tool. And the new generation is better than ever. If you are shifting from the TP4 to the TP4-B, I would suggest spending some time setting up the new bag.

This comes with an injection molded base, a riveted stainless-steel clip for tape measurement, and extra tool pocket depth. This pouch looked medium-sized and perfect for those who work with a lot of tools in their hand. The storage capacity is maximum and as large as it can get.

According to the information on their website, there are 20 exterior and interior pockets in total. You can already guess how huge it must have been.

But surprisingly enough, the bag doesn’t look that huge compared to this. This also has 2 Vertical Long Shank Side Tool Pockets, 2 smallholders in D-rings, and an 8’’ Electrical Tape Strap. Quite a space so a pouch that looks this small.

That also favors the point that it is lightweight. This only weighs 2 lbs. People have been praising this extensively after the launch of its previous generation. All the faults and complaints that the clients had with the precious TP4 have been resolved in TP4B. So, it’s ready to tackle whatever comes in its way of fixing and assistance.

The rugged material is long-lasting and durable. The leather trim panel and powder coated steel only add to the points. Apart from all that, there are some other features that will help you understand it better and also make it stand out from the rest of the pouches on the list.

Veto TP4-B has a detachable rubber handle. That means you can leave it like a pouch to carry it like a strap on the shoulder. Or, this does the job of hand-carrying like an ordinary pouch on a daily basis.

It also has a metal connection clip too. And most importantly, it has the ‘insurance’ of the pouch a.k.a the warranty. The warranty is for 5 years so you really have nothing to worry about its durability.

The only thing that bugged me was the plastic bottom. The bottom problem that the previous generation had is transferred to the latter generation.

One way to avoid the problem is not to stuff more tools than the pouch can handle. Over stuffing can harm the bottom and will eventually cause the zipper to break or separate. Also, with the warranty that it provides, I think it’s a safe play with the plastic bottom.

So, by far, this is the best commercial electrician tool bag I have come across. It is lightweight, handy, yet does the job of carrying necessary tools. If you have the budget, go for it!

What to Look for in the Best Tool Pouch For Electricians- A Complete Buying Guide

I’m an old school on this part and really rough too. I know my tools and it has to be the perfect pouch to hold all these babies.

With all these pouches claiming to be the best and all the resources available on the internet, it’s hard to choose and not get confused.

And that’s why I’m here to classify and rank your priorities to help you choose your desired pouch for your tools to match your needs perfectly.

Durability and Lightweight

Let’s start with durability. It should be the prime concern of anyone who’s just beginning the journey. Durability depends mostly on the quality and material of the pouch. If you do not want to repurchase a new pouch every year, you might want to give this a thought.

From the pouches that I have listed, all of them are heavily trained for working outdoors in a seamless way keeping safety hazards in mind. Go for leather if you do not have any budget issues.

Ask for a warranty before purchasing. It’s a plus to have a warranty for the safety of your pouch. Grab one if you can!

Always check if the pouch is lightweight enough. You don’t want to carry the huge weight of the tools and the extra weight of your pouch in addition to that. Inspecting the materials can help you in the process.

The versatility of your job

This is connected to your safety concerns. If you are someone who does light work, definitely look into small and tight pouches with fewer compartments but more space inside the existing compartments.

As for contractors, their job changes from day to day. They might have to fix the roof today to install moldings that very day. If this is something that sounds like your daily job, look for something that will assist a wide range of different tools. That means, look for slim pouches with more pockets analogously.

But if it’s for personal use and not related to any job, you are safe to choose from any kind of pouches for electricians. I would suggest going for big, spacious ones to keep all your necessary tools together. You can reach out to them whenever you need it if you can organize it that way.

Lefties? Read this!

This is an important part of choosing the pouch which often goes unnoticed. If you are right-handed, life is good to you and you can skip this part.

Righties are more in number so most of the pouches and belts are designed mainly for them. If you are a leftie, look for customizable options and look for a tool belt that supports removable pouches.

You are not supposed to face problems if the strap or belt is not included with the pouch. But if it is included, you have to check if both the pouch and the belt are movable enough for this.

You also need to organize your sharp tools according to your side to avoid unwanted accidents in the future.

Number of pockets and compartments

This depends on your job too. If you are a heavy user who needs all their tools together in one bag, check out the pouches used for commercial usage. Look for electrician’s pouches that are extensively used for business purposes.

This is directly proportional to its weight and material. The more compartments you want, the weight of the pouch will increase because of that extra space. But if you focus on the material again, this theory might not work as some materials are more lightweight for the purpose.

If you are looking for something for your quick fixes, you should look at small and sassy pouches that have clip-on. Removable pouches that attach themselves to the belt or straps should be fine. But if you can find pouches that come with belts and straps, that’s a jackpot. Consider going for that.

If it’s for a long day, a bigger pouch would be nice. Don’t worry about weight here. All the pouches that I listed above fall under the average weight category, if not the lightest. Choose the one with the most compartments, holders, and pockets available. Don’t overstuff your pouch. Instead, follow our next paragraph to know what you should do.

These are some of the factors that you need to know before you commit yourself to a pouch. This pouch can be a life-long friend if you choose them right and take care of the way it needs to be taken care of.

I’m going to cover the cleaning and maintenance tips for pouches, pockets, holders, and belts now. It’s really going to last long if you follow the steps, that’s what everyone who followed the routine explained!

How to clean electrician pouches Efficiently?

Pouch cleaning is actually a very fun activity if you ask me. I enjoy every bit of the cleaning process of my pouch. It kinda satisfies me how that rusty-looking pouch could look smooth and clean in a matter of minutes.

Let me narrate the way I like to do it. Bet you’ll be a fan of the process after this.

Firstly, the cleaning process will depend on the material of the pouch. We’ll start with leather pouches.

How to clean leather pouch

Leather pouches are usually expensive so I prefer to handle them with care. This also means, I rarely get my leather pouches on the mud or dirt. Let’s assume there’s mud and stains on it. Here’s how I clean those pouches-

  • Take Soap and water. Form soapy water with mild hand soap, not too soapy.
  • Take a soft cloth or a small towel. Damp the cloth or towel in mild soapy water.
  • Pull your dirty leather bag and wipe the exterior with your towel. I go for corners first, that’s where all the dirt and mud is stuck.

You need to repeat this step for quite some time. Invest all the time you can and wash out all the dirt and mud gently with the damp towel.

Here’s the next step-

  • After you are done wiping your leather pouch and tool belt with mild soapy water, you need to let it dry.
  • Leave the pouch alone for a couple of minutes. Let it dry without any interference.
  • Take the damp cloth or towel again. Also, take a bottle of petroleum jelly of any kind. I prefer the big bottle/jar from Vaseline.
  • Dip the soft cloth and scoop a generous amount of jelly. Massage the half-dry pouch with that very cloth and it will give a sheen to the leather.
  • Lather the jelly as much as you can, over the leather skin of the pouch. Go on till the base is thin enough and covers the whole pouch including the belt.
  • Let the leather absorb the moisture after that. Wait for a couple of minutes for the jelly to soak in.
  • Apply any of the shoe cream or shoe polish color powder that matches the color of your pouch.
  • Apply the leather protector.

Voila! That looks like a whole new pouch!

How to Clean Nylon/polyester pouches

The leather polish needs a little bit of extra care. Polyester or other tough materials are comparatively easier to deal with. Here’s how to clean and wash them properly-

  • Begin with our basic soap and water routine. You can directly wash the pouch in this case.
  • Careful with the zippers. You can lubricate the chains with oils and vaseline if it’s rustic.
  • Don’t let the water sit too long around metals as there’s a chance for rust. Let the pouch dry for hours.
  • You can blow dry if you are in a hurry. But it is always better to naturally air or sun dry it.
  • Dust the rest with a soft bristle and use stain remover if needed.

And that’s it.

Tips to Maintain Electrician Pouches and Tool Belts

This is an important part of the process. You cannot avoid these at any cost unless you’re interested in repurchasing the same product every other month.

It takes very little work, don’t worry about it. I’ll share tips and advice that helped me and people I know, to deal with their expensive and beloved pouches.

  1. Do not overstuff your tools into the pouch or belt. Put only the tools that the pocket supports. Keep the rest of the tools in the holders. Do not try to surpass the space limit. As much as it will harm the interior of your pouch, the zippers will break at some point. If space is a problem, pick one from the list that I have made above. Read the factors before you do!
  2. Lubricate your zippers. Zippers tend to get rusty at some point. After you have cleaned the dirt or any kind of surplus element from the pouch, you can use oil or any lubricants on the zippers as aftercare. But remember to not overdo it as there might be electrical tools resisting liquids at any cost.
  3. Let your pouch completely dry before you stuff any of your tools! This is an important fact to look after even if you are in a hurry. Damp pouches can be dangerous if collided with electrical tools and also will degrade the quality of the bag.
  4. Empty your tool pouch and belt once in a while. This will help you find unexpected things and stuff that you forgot even existed.
  5. Clean it no matter what. Treat it as soon as possible if it gets rusty.

This should help you go at least a few years more. These tricks are mostly aftercare and targeted to keep your pouches and tool belts for a longer amount of time.

People Also Ask About Tool Pouch


These frequently asked questions (FAQs) will clear most of the confusion that you might have. Some of them being-

What are the loops on the tool pouch used for?

These are mostly used in emergencies. Each one apparently holds a big blue wire nut for emergencies. — A guy on Reddit.

They are mostly described as ‘mollie loops’ or ‘universal loops’ by the manufacturers. It’s one of the holders you can hook your tools your stuff to.

How to utilize the best electrician tool pouch?

This has way too many answers so I can’t be specific. The best way to utilize any pouch or even product would be to study them properly. Utilize all the holders and space of the space with the tools that you have. Don’t overstuff and clean them periodically. Always keep the cleaning equipment nearby. Sundry the leather pouches and keep them safe!

What are the most trusted tool pouch brands?

Toughbuilt, Klein, CLC, Occidental, Veto, and many more. Basically, all the brands that I listed on my top 5 best pouches for electricians.

Not all the pouches and belts from the bag are the very best. Like the one with TP4 which was not up to the mark by the brand. But the others crossed the expectations and performed really well when used by verified customers.

Final thoughts

Choosing the best electrician tool pouches and belts is very tough, to begin with. At least, it was when I first started.

In this article, I listed my most trusted pouches and belts according to my research and tried to elaborate on their pros and cons. You can also find out what makes them stand out and why you should choose this specific product of this particular brand.

If you happen to be confused, that’s a part of the process. I have the ‘buying guide’ written for you in this article too. Just pick your preferences according to the factors that I mentioned and your choice would be clear.

The hard work does not end there, you have to take care of the pouch too. I have included the cleaning process and tricks for that.

I don’t think I’ve left anything untouched in this article. But if you still need help, YouTube has some great resources too.

Best of luck with the hunt!


My name is Michael M. Militello, and I want to help you find the right tools and the best products for your next project! As a professional tool expert here in Houston, TX, With my vast tool experience, I can help you choose the right brand, model, and size for the job. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. You can reach me here on my blog and also on Facebook, Twitter , and Pinterest. I look forward to hearing from you!

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