Tool Bags for Plumbers That Work! (Simplify Your Job)

Are you tired of substandard work gears? Well, check and get the best tool bag for plumbers and transform your plumbing business right away!

• Can tool bags have a positive impact on your earning?

If you’re a plumber, then you already know one thing a plumber need is a sturdy, comfortable bag! Having the best tool bag for plumbers will give you flexibility and freedom to attend to different clients. You’ll carry all your tools without severe strain on your hands, shoulder, or back. That’s why a quality tool bag is at the center of each plumber’s duties.

A quality tool bag has an exceptional influence on the plumbing job. You can easily carry as many tools as you want without straining your back. It also saves you energy which you can direct to more productive work. So, a suitable tool bag can enhance productivity to a certain extent, which would positively impact earnings.

Comparison Table

To make it clear-cut for you, we’ve compiled a list of the top 14 bags for plumbers and their popular features.

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Best Tool Bag for Plumbers

What are the Best Tool Bags for Plumbers?

We’ve highlighted the most popular tool bags for plumbers currently on the market.

Here are the top 14 bags for plumbers.

As mentioned, quality tool bags are vital to plumbing. Here’s a list of some of the professional-grade bags that can transform your work experience.

1. DEWALT DG5543 Tool Bag: Best Overall

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Key Benefits

We start with the Dewalt DG5543. It’s one of the best durable tool bags for plumbers. Overwhelmingly received by users, this is perhaps the tool bag you need! Let’s look at it in detail.

Easy Access

DeWalt introduces its large-mouthed design, which can easily accommodate your tools. It’s a 16-inch handheld bag that is wider than the typical backpacks. As a result, it’s easy to get the right tools out.

Tool Arrangement

You can arrange the tools as you desire because it has thirty-three pockets. Twenty exterior pockets enable you to keep the frequently used stuff. Also, the lockable zipper and 13 interior pockets offer tool storage for larger devices, which you infrequently use.

Extended Durability

Identical to the Little Giant Ladder Systems 15040-001, this incredible bag is made of a ballistic poly fabric material.

This texture is not similar to the regular bag fabrics. Instead, it’s more robust and offers a lasting performance!

It also has base pads with a hardened plastic compartment tray. So you can use it in heavy-duty jobs without problems.

Why We Love It
  • Large bag that can house tons of equipment
  • A wide-mouthed design helps store larger items
  • Thirty-three pockets offer a more innovative tool arrangement
  • Made using ballistic poly fabric material
Keep In Mind
  • Interior zipper can sometimes jam

However, given the immense benefits it offers, it’s undoubtedly a professional-grade bag you can go for!

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2. Veto Tool Bag for Master Plumber

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Key Benefits

At the second spot, we have a quality bag by Veto Tool Bag. Let’s explore its hidden mechanisms.

Fully-open Compartments

While working, you’d want to get the tools out fast. Searching for one particular tool in your bag may waste your time and make you look unprofessional.

The heavy-duty zippers fully open, giving it a large opening, allowing you to reach your hand tools faster.

Organizes Everything!

It has multiple pockets like the CLC 1530. With an astounding 53 pockets, you have the freedom to carry all the tools. It also has eight Neoprene pockets and compartments to house the cordless drill bits and extensions.

Highly Sturdy

The heavily reinforced carrying handle and rugged construction with authentic Denier nylon make it super sturdy. Also, a hardened bottom keeps the bag steady during work.

Unbelievable Warranty Scheme!

It comes with an offer you can’t refuse. Veto offers a five-year-long warranty for this incredible bag which guarantees quality to the user.

Why We Love It
  • Extended opening for faster work speed
  • Large 53 pocket setup for convenient carrying
  • Extremely durable
  • It comes with a five-year-long warranty
Keep In Mind
  • It lacks side pockets

While this may not be the best backpack for plumbers, it can be a perfect alternative to your regular plumbing bags

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3. Carhartt Legacy Bag for PB Plumber

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Key Benefits

If you’re looking for a beginner-grade bag for your plumbing work, we have this special pick by Carhartt. Let’s inspect it.

Outstanding Organizer

This is one of the most convenient bags that allow you to store all your tools correctly.

With 17 exterior pockets, you can easily reach emergency items. It also has 10 interior pockets to store infrequently used tools, making it a perfect tool bag!

One Hardy Bag!

Another essential thing to consider to keep your tools safe is durability. Your plumbing bag has to be durable enough to withstand the heavy workload.

The toughened carrying handle, abrasion-proof bottom, and rain repellent construction make it durable for long-term use.

Stands Straight!

A uniquely designed internal metal frame makes it stand upright, which helps in storing tools vertically. It prevents the bag from collapsing when reaching out for your tools.

Color Options

Similar to the Rothco Mechanics Bag, it comes in an array of different colors. So you can choose a color that suits your personality and taste!

Why We Love It
  • It has 27 pockets for better tool organization
  • Exclusively designed to be durable
  • Unique internal metal frame design to stand upright
  • Offers multiple color options and limited warranty
Keep In Mind
  • It lacks enough space

However, this bag offers you a decent plumbing experience and a better carrying capability!

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4. McGuire Nicholas Tote: Budget Pick

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Key Benefits

Are you looking for the most advanced plumber tool tote? Well, here’s a bag that’ll blow your mind! Let’s have a deeper look at it.

Stunning Design

It comes with an out-of-the-world design. One of the most defining factors about this excellent tool tote is its hardened middle compartment.

The robust compartment area makes your tools stay in an upright position. It’s perfect for carrying liquids without spilling them.

Smart Pocket Placement

It may not have the most pockets, but McGuire-Nicholas has managed to make an amazing tool carrier. The bag has 14 interior and exterior pockets with a large middle compartment for carrying heavy tools.

Intelligently Constructed Handle

The tubular steel-made durable foam padded handle provides comfort and lessens the strain on the hand. The professional Dewalt DG5597 also has this design.

Superior Toughness

The authentic McGuire-Nicholas tools tote is a sturdy, reliable tool bag. This bag has a superior sturdy build which perfectly suits your work requirements.

Why We Love It
  • It has the world tool tote design
  • 14 tools pockets with one sizeable mid compartment
  • Durable foam padded handle for easy carrying
  • Extremely durable for long term use
Keep In Mind
  • The pockets may seem small for some people

However, this is one of the best tool bags for plumbers you can own.

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5. CLC 1530 For Journeyman Plumbers

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Key Benefits

A tool bag guide is incomplete without mentioning the Custom Leathercraft Tool Bag. Here’s a detailed look at it.

Extensive Tool Carrying Capability

The outstanding load carrying capability defines the Custom Leathercraft. With 43 pockets, you can carry almost anything.

It houses everything from electric testers, screwdrivers, drill bits, electrical tape measure clips, and cell phones.

Intelligently Designed

It’s designed intelligently, so you won’t need to leave a task to fumble through the bag. Instead, you can pick the necessary item from the bag.

Like the McGuire-Nicholas Tote, it comes with a squarish, box-shaped design, so you’d get the utmost work convenience.

Shoulder Cushioning

It has an adjustable shoulder strap to provide the required cushioning. The padded strap offers comfort while carrying it for a longer duration.

Carry Bigger Loads

It has a gigantic middle compartment to house all the heavy tools.

Why We Love It
  • It has 43 pockets to carry all the tools
  • Large, open mid-compartment allows you to house larger tools
  • The box-shaped design allows it to sit upright for easy access
  • Padded strap for effortless carrying
Keep In Mind
  • It may seem too long

This is a decent piece of tool carrier you can go for any time!

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6. Little Giant Canvas Tool Bag

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Key Benefits

If you want a bag without complicated features, you should go for this one. Let’s explore it.

Smart Ladder Attachment Feature

It comes with unique styles and features. With this tool bag, you can comfortably work on ladders.

It comes with a ladder attachment feature that allows you to hang it and fetch tools when necessary.

Get All the Items Together

The large single-compartment design with fewer pockets and heavy-duty zippers helps you carry large tools with simplicity.

Extended Durability

This fine tool bag is made of ballistic nylon and steel, similar to the DEWALT DG5543! So if you’re looking for a durable alternative, then you can trust this bag.


Unlike most tool bags, it’s exceptionally lightweight, which reduces the total weight when fully loaded.

As a result, it’s comfortable and feasible for you to carry without a struggle.

Why We Love It
  • It’s simple with large openings and few pockets
  • Uncomplicated design for specific tasks
  • Offers ladder support for easy use
  • Extremely durable with steel and ballistic nylon construction
Keep In Mind
  • It may seem too small for some people

Although it’s smaller, it has great features.

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7. Dewalt DG5597 For Residential Plumbers

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Key Benefits

Here is another professional-grade DeWalt pick. Let’s have a quick look at how you can utilize this great item to the max!

Highly Systematized Pocket Design

When your work requires performing complicated tasks and highly intricate mechanisms, its sophisticated pocket design will be of great help—no need to worry if you have sharp tools inside.

Coming with 33 unique pockets, it houses special tools such as utility knives, measuring tapes, or electrical tape.

Carry with Comfort

You can never carry a bag for long if it’s not comfortable enough. Even if the object is light, having a poor carrying mechanism would be uncomfortable.

Well, that’s something you won’t have to worry about with this one.

It features an adjustable shoulder strap reinforced with a padded area, allowing you to carry your tools easily.

The padded bar handle also makes hand-carrying easier.

Smart Design

It’s not a zippered tool bag. Instead, it has an open-top design that helps you get the desired item instantly. Usually, very few bags have such a large and open midsection. It further enables you to find your tools with ease.

Incredibly Sturdy

It’s constructed using a heavy-duty ballistic poly fabric material with durable padding reinforced base. So it lasts for a long time.

Why We Love It
  • Its 33 unique pockets offer the required space for unique tools
  • Comfortable carrying experience with padded straps and handles
  • Ballistic fabric and padded base make it highly durable
  • Open compartment offers extended visibility and fast access
Keep In Mind
  • The straps may fail because of rapid wearing

Nonetheless, this is one of the best tool bags for plumbers you can go for!

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8. CLC 1165 For Apprentice Plumbers

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Key Benefits

At the eighth spot, we have another portable tool bag for plumbers. It’s the world-renowned CLC excellent tool carrier. Let’s talk about it in detail.

For Lasting Use

If you want a bag that lasts for years, go for this one.


The bag is made of a special kind of sturdy polyester fabric known as the 600DPolyester. This particular variant, coupled with a heavy stitching technique, offers you a lasting service with unbelievable durability.

Balanced Pocket Management

It provides a well-balanced pocket arrangement for regular plumbing work. It features a 22 pocket arrangement of 10 outer and 12 inner pockets.

The bag allows you to carry the essential tools on the outer pockets while the less frequently used ones in the inner pockets. As a result, you get a highly organized bag for quick operations.

Easy to Carry

The reinforced web handle enables you to easily hand-carry the bag loaded with tools. The adjustable shoulder strap simultaneously provides full fitting and comfort for longer carrying durations.

Overall, it enables you to carry your tools with ease and comfort.

Large-mouthed Design

It comes with a large-mouthed design like the Workpro 14 inch Bag, making it unbelievably easy to store and fetch tools.

Why We Love It
  • Superior grade 600D poly for lasting use
  • Reinforced web handles and adjustable shoulder straps for feasibly carrying
  • Brilliant pocket arrangement for easy organizing
  • An open-mouthed compartment makes it easy to grab the required items
Keep In Mind
  • It may not have a beautiful appearance

With an incredibly sturdy body and easy carrying capabilities, this tool bag by CLC is a quality pick if you’re looking for a tool bag for plumbers.

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9. ToughBuilt Tradesman Plumbers Tool Bag

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Key Benefits

Well, this bag is something out of the ordinary. Coming with a stunning design, this could be your professional bag for a lifetime!

Unique Design

The aesthetic part of this bag is amazing. It has a unique octagonal design. Because of this distinct design, it will sit upright without collapsing.

It offers maximum protection for your tools with lock support.

Out-of-the-World Durability

Just as the name suggests, this bag is built to last. It’s one of the toughest you can go for with super sturdy rivet reinforcement, durable materials, plastic outer, and a rubber bottom.

Lifetime Warranty

With its superior endurance, the manufacturer is highly optimistic about it. They’re backing the bag with an astounding limited lifetime warranty scheme.

Decent Organizing Capabilities

Besides its unbelievable strength, this unique tool bag offers a decent organizing mechanism. It has an incredible 51 pockets and loops for the proper arrangement of required tools.

Furthermore, the large middle compartment is spacious for broader tool storage.

Why We Love It
  • Comes in black and orange colors. This uniquely designed octagonal tool carrier is way ahead in its aesthetics
  • Plastic outer, rubber bottom, and riveted reinforced areas make it one of the most durable tool carriers
  • It is backed up by a limited lifetime warranty policy by ToughBuilt
  • 51 pockets with compartments, loops, and lockable zippers neatly arrange all your plumbing items
Keep In Mind
  • Zippers can have slight issues

Nevertheless, this high-quality tool bag is something you can go for any day.

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10. CLC Plumbers Bucket Tool Bag

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Key Benefits

Here’s another premium CLC tool bag we’ll be talking about. Let’s look at the exact features this bag provides you.

Keep the Tools in Perfect Order

You can utilize this bag to keep your plumbing tools in the correct order. It features a 16 pocket setup with eight exterior and interior pockets. To speed up the work, you can keep the essential tools in the exterior pockets.

Carry with Ease

This incredible bag lets you carry it with ease. The handles are nicely padded, which offers a quality grip.

Similar to the Workpro 14 inch Bag, the adjustable straps make it easier to carry.

Offers Extensive Space

This bag has a mid-compartment with a spacious design. Therefore, you can store heavy tools correctly.

Store Special Items

Plumbers lose their items every day on the job sites. So if you want to store your essential items safely, you can use the zippered back compartment.

You can use this compartment to keep a wallet, keys, or phones so you won’t lose them while on site.

Why We Love It
  • Features quality tool arrangement with 16 pockets
  • It’s easy to carry with the padded handles and adjustable shoulder strap
  • Mid-compartment offers extensive space
  • Back zippered space lets you store essential items
Keep In Mind
  • It could’ve been sturdier

Nonetheless, this tool bag should provide decent support to carry all the tools safely to your plumbing sites with ease. And since you’re searching for the best tool bag for plumbers, we’d recommend this one!

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11. Rothco Mechanics Work Bag For Commercial Plumbers

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Key Benefits

Do you love to keep everything tidy? Rothco’s Mechanic bag comes with an exciting design where you can safely keep all the tools. Let’s find out its secrets.

Whole Zippered Design

As we mentioned earlier, it has a unique design. Unlike most open compartment designs, it has a zippered midsection.

Because of this distinction, your tools will be stored without exposure, well covered inside.

Tough Tool Bag

Another positive for this bag is its strength. Made using heavyweight cotton, these military tool bags are heavy-duty canvas bags. Because of the ultra-durable nature of the cotton canvas, the bag easily combats wear and tear.

Variety of Color Options

Unlike the CLC Custom LeatherCraft 1529, it comes in 4 different colors. Ranging from military camo and black to brown and olive, you’ll never run out of color with this one.

Spacious Tool Carrier

The tool bag has extra space to carry all the required tools, such as Klein tools, in one go.

The sizeable mid compartment comes with eight large interior tool pockets to store your tools and easily locate them.

Why We Love It
  • Large compartment with a zipper, stores a substantial number of tools without exposing them
  • Uses a rugged cotton canvas sturdy material for extra strength
  • It comes in four different color options
  • Provides sufficient room to house all the tools
Keep In Mind
  • Zipper can sometimes have issues


However, this new tool bag should be an incredible add-on to your plumbing jobs.

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12. Workpro Traditional Tool Bag For Sanitary Plumber

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Key Benefits

At the 12th place, we have the Workpro plumber’s tool bag, which you can use for carrying plumbing equipment. Let’s explore this bag.

Large-Mouthed Design

Similar to the CLC Custom Leathercraft 1165, it has a large-mouthed construction. This bag allows you to carry all the necessary equipment, especially the larger ones, with ease.

You’ll also be able to reach the desired tools faster because of the wide opening. So, it’s highly convenient while working.

Carry with Ease

The adjustable straps and padded handles enable you to carry the bag with ease.

Enhanced Durability

This one, too, like the CLC Custom Leathercraft 1165, is made of superior grade 600D polyester fabric. This fabric is recognized for its sheer strength and utmost durability.

Being constructed with such sturdy fabric, you can guess how durable the bag is!

It also has four rubberized bottom feet around the corners, protecting the base from ground contact and reducing damage.

Get Items Instantly

It also helps you get emergency tools like Klein tools right away. It has outer pockets where you can store the frequently used tools, so you get them whenever you need them!

Why We Love It
  • Open, wide compartment mouth helps store larger tools easily
  • It has padded handles and adjustable shoulder straps for ease in carrying
  • 600D polyester fabric and rubber feet allow you to get long-lasting use
  • Outer pockets help reach emergency items instantly
Keep In Mind
  • Zipper issues can ruin the experience

However, it is durable, portable, and can carry large devices, making it a potential quality tool bag!

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13. CLC 1134 Plumber Backpack For Drain Cleaning

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Key Benefits

We have another exceptional tool bag by the premium Custom Leathercraft as we conclude our long and detailed guide. Let’s look at it.

Proper Dual-Shoulder Backpack Design

All the bags we’ve talked about in this guide are mostly one-shoulder/handheld bags. But this is a dual shoulder, full backpack. This beautiful design makes it a stay at the top spot.

Unmatched Comfort!

It’s stunning and easy to carry. This tool backpack is a prime example of effortless carrying, from padded dual shoulder straps to an outstanding padded back.

Get the Extra Room

Unlike the Workpro 14 inch Bag and the other bags, it’s a proper backpack. It has dual compartments with ample space to house almost all the necessary plumbing equipment you need.

Better Management of Tools

With 36 exterior and interior pockets, this bag is a stunning tool organizer and can carry as many tools as you desire. If your work requires plenty of tools and complicated mechanisms, then this bag should be a suitable item for you.

Why We Love It
  • Stunning dual shoulder design, with padded back and straps. It offers unmatched comfort.
  • Multiple large compartments feature extended space
  • Help organize the tools in the correct order for ease of use
  • Expandable pockets store larger tools with ease
Keep In Mind
  • It may seem a bit delicate

Although it’s delicate, this bag is a gem for those who like comfortable bags with stunning tool arrangements.

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14. LENOX Tote For Service Plumber

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Key Benefits 

Finally, we have the Lenox Tool Tote. This bag is similar to the McGuire-Nicholas 22015 15-Inch Collapsible Tote we talked about previously. Here are some of its core strengths.

Wide Tool Tote

This 19′ wide tool tote is an incredible option for carrying large items. If your work requires heavy tools, getting an equally large tool carrier would match perfectly.

Moreover, with narrower bags, you’d have to struggle a lot to get the larger devices out. But that won’t be an issue with this one.

Waterproof Bottom

Water leaking in from the bottom is one of the issues that bothers plumbers. But with this awesome tool tote, that’s not the case.

This long 19′ tool carrier comes with a waterproof bottom design that protects your tools against any liquid leakage from beneath the bag.

Quality Tool Management

It manages your tools with its incredible tool arrangement mechanism. This tool carrier comes with a total of 34 pockets and loops. Among these, 10 are exterior pockets for frequently used tools, 14 interior pockets for storing larger tools, and ten elastic loops.

This specular arrangement of different carrying methods makes it a quality pick for any plumber.

Extra Comfort

Finally, with padded shoulder straps and handles, it’s convenient and comfortable when carrying it.

Why We Love It
  • Wider opening helps carry bigger tools
  • It has a great tool arrangement system
  • Waterproof bottom prevents liquid leakage
  • Padded shoulder and handle maximizes comfort
Keep In Mind
  • Can be prone to wear after prolonged use

This is a masterpiece that you can have any day! You can carry it comfortably in different ways.

No products found.

What to Look for Before Buying?

You should go for the best tool bag for plumbers with positive ratings from customers. However, you should remember that each bag has its specific features.

Every plumber has their requirements when attending to their projects. With that, here’s a buying guide on some of the things you should look for to get the best tool bag for plumbers.


Convenience, in this case, refers to the ability of the bag to meet your needs. It should keep your tools organized and make it easy for you to find the tools with ease.

Suppose you have many tools and need a bag to carry them; you should go for one with several pockets. The pockets should also carry each of your tools with ease.

Consider the type of bag based on how you’ll be using it.


All the tool bags are portable. However, consider the comfort of carrying the bag. Here, you should look at features like a padded shoulder strap and carrying handle and make sure they are comfortable enough.


When looking for the best tool bag, consider how it’s made. You don’t want a bag that will wear out too quickly within the first weeks of using it.

Generally, canvas stands out as the best and durable material for a tool bag. Besides the bag’s fabric, make sure you inspect the material used to make the pockets.

Most of the interior pockets are made with synthetic material. Also, look at the stitching of the bag and make sure the seams are solid and durable.

Besides canvas, we also recommend poly fabric, which is lightweight, durable, and waterproof.

If you’re operating in wet and humid areas, make sure you pick a waterproof tool bag.

Size/Weight Limit

What tools will you be carrying in the tool bag? How heavy are they?

We cannot specify what you should carry in your tool bag. However, you should go for a tool bag that’ll easily accommodate all your tools despite the weight limit and size.

Never overload the tool bag or carry a tool that is bigger than the bag. The zipper can be damaged if you forcefully close the bag.

Bottom/Feet Padding

Ofttimes, the tool bag will start to wear out on the bottom part. That’s why a good tool bag will come with a reinforced bottom to withstand the weight of the tools. Some will also come with rubber feet to keep the bag slightly raised from the ground to boost its durability.

Zippers and Fasteners

You’ll need to choose a plumbing bag that has heavy-duty zippers for the tools to be safe. If it comes with smaller outer pockets, make sure they have zippers to prevent the small items from getting lost.

On the other hand, fasteners help keep the power and hand tools in position and prevent them from wobbling or knocking on each other as you move.

A plumber’s tool bag specifically meets your storing and transporting needs.

Types of Plumber Tool Bag

Like any other tool bag, the plumbing tool bags come in different categories. Each of them has its specific benefits.

Backpack Tool Bags

Out Of all the tool bags for plumbers, the backpack happens to be one of the best choices. If you carry multiple tools and commute with public transport or walk over long distances, the backpack would serve you perfectly.

With a backpack, you can comfortably load plenty of tools and carry them without experiencing the pressure and extra weight. The weight is evenly distributed on the upper back and shoulders.

Tote Tool Bags

Tote carriers are almost similar to open wooden toolboxes. However, they are made of fabric and feature a large center compartment with several small pouches lining on the exterior. A plumber who owns a service vehicle should ideally use tote tool bags.

It would be awkward to carry the tote carrier on a train or bus, exposing your tools. One benefit of tote carriers is that they offer you quick access to your tools.

Roll-up Tool Bags

A roll-up tool bag will suit you if you want to carry a bunch of tools. For instance, it can easily accommodate a complete wrench set. It will look like a mat when you open it up.

These roll-up bags come with individual pouches and side panels. You can put tools in the deep pockets and roll up the tool bag for easy carrying. If you have a couple of essential tools you need for your plumbing job, then a roll-up tool bag would be your ideal pick.

Dual-compartment Tool Bags

The dual-compartment tool bag comes with more than two compartments. They are dual since both sides will flap open completely to offer you more storage.

Always go for the best plumbing tool bag based on what meets your project needs.

Plumber’s Tool Bag: How Does It Work?

Generally, a great tool bag can carry the weight of all the power tools you need for your projects. Plumbing tools are not as heavy as woodworking power tools. Nevertheless, it can be cumbersome to have all the tools in your hands – especially if you carry more than ten tools.

Usually, the bag should be able to carry power tools that weigh over 20lbs without a problem. One of the things that make the plumbing bag reliable is the durable material. Some of the best tool bags are made of canvas, nylon, poly-fabric, and other synthetic materials.

Canvas is one of the best materials since it’s strong, durable, and waterproof.

Besides storing and transporting the tools, the bag also helps protect the plumbing tools in the workshop.

Why Do You Need to Carry a Plumber’s Tool Bag?

A plumber’s tool bag enhances the overall efficiency and productivity at work. But here are other reasons for getting one for your tools.

Ensures Safety to Your Tools

If you’re working on a site with other contractors, you might want to consider the the safe storage of your tools. Someone might accidentally pick your tools if you misplace them.

But with a good tool bag, you can keep the tools safe.

Protects Tools from Damage

If you misplace your tools, they can get damaged. Someone can accidentally step on them and damage them. However, the tool bag offers you pockets for storing the most delicate tools and items.

Furthermore, they come with organized pockets that prevent the tools from knocking on each other.

Proper Tool Organization

As we’ve seen, the tool bags offer organized pockets that allow you to store your tools in an organized manner.

Some of Them Are Waterproof

Some tool bags for plumbers are waterproof. So you can use them in wet and humid areas without a problem. The tool bag helps keep your tools dry even if you place them on wet floors.

Care and Maintenance [Some Important Tips]

Taking care of the tool bags will enhance their strength and performance. One way to do so is to keep the bag clean by following the proper washing instructions.

Some tool bags are machine-washable, while others are not. So, ensure you check if it’s safe to wash the tool bag in the machine. But the best way is by manually cleaning it.

Start by emptying all the pockets and shaking off any loose dirt. Then, you can use the handheld brush attachment of a vacuum cleaner to get rid of the remaining trash. Once done, use a clean, damp rag to scrub the exterior of the tool bag. For the zippers, you can use a toothbrush to clean them.

When the zippers are jamming when you try to close them, use some wax to lubricate them.

People Also Ask About Plumbing Tool Bags


What tools does a plumber need?

There are lots of tools in the market dedicated to plumbers. Tubing cutter, hole saw kit, hacksaw, mole grips, tape for thread sealing, pliers, flashlight, pipe wrench, basin wrench, torque wrench, faucet key, plungers, camera for drain inspection, etc. These are the most basic tools for a plumber.

What are the best tool bags for plumbers?

When selecting the best tool bags for plumbers, Dewalt DG5543 Tool Bags beats all the other options available in the market. However, if you’re looking for the most comfortable option, WORKPRO Multi-pocket Tool Organizer can be your go-to bag.

What’s in a plumber’s tool kit?

Open-end, socket tube, box-end, radiator, Allen chain, and strap wrenches are the most common materials that you’ll find in a plumber’s tool kit. You might also find basin wrenches and adjustable pipes in their repair kit.

Final Thought

We’ve reached the end of our long and detailed guide. Throughout the entire guide, we’ve talked about several professional-grade tool bags for plumbers.

Here we’d like to mention some of the picks you’d undoubtedly love. For a quality tool tote, you can go for the McGuire-Nicholas Tote that offers exceptional performance. However, nothing matches the world-renowned tool giant Dewalt’s DG5543!

Great bags such as these would undoubtedly transform your work experience as a plumber. It’ll make your work a lot easier, more comfortable, and organized.

Being organized allows you to work faster and more efficiently! So, get your tool bag for plumbers and redefine your job right now!


My name is Michael M. Militello, and I want to help you find the right tools and the best products for your next project! As a professional tool expert here in Houston, TX, With my vast tool experience, I can help you choose the right brand, model, and size for the job. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. You can reach me here on my blog and also on Facebook, Twitter , and Pinterest. I look forward to hearing from you!

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