Top 10 Best Tool Bag for Plumbers of 2021 [Buying Guide]: Must-Have for Plumbers!

Seeking a new plumbers tool Bag? Having the best tool bag for plumbers is the key to getting a sturdy and convenient storage solution for your tools.

As a plumber, you face different challenges with varied projects out there. Whether a client calls you to fix a damaged faucet, blocked drainage, or leaking pipes, it can be challenging to handle those projects.

However, one way of staying ahead and beating the challenge is by having an arsenal of the right tools for the job. In this case, you need to find the best tool bag for plumbers. The best tool bag should be able to not only hold all your necessary materials, but it should be able to serve you for long enough.

Since plumbing projects come with different demands, the plumbing bag should let you carry different tools so that you have an easy time when handling the project at hand.

In this article, we shall be exploring some of the tool bags for plumbers that are worth buying with a buying guide to let you know all about the best tool bags for a plumber.

What are the Best Plumber Tool Bag?

Let’s see together which the most popular tool bags are for plumber currently on the market. Here are the top 10 bags for Plumber.

Let’s check out our detailed list below!

Best Tool Bags for Plumbers- Comparison Chart

To make it clear-cut for you; we’ve compiled a list of top 10 bags for plumbers and give you information to know about the popular features of the bag.

Bag NamePocketsMaterialShoulder Strap
ToughBuilt TB-60-2051Polyester & PlasticYes
DEWALT DG554333Poly FabricYes
CLC 152917Poly FabricYes
Veto Pro Pac Tech-LC53Nylon & PolypropyleneYes
McGuire-Nicholas Tote14FabricNo
Rothco Mechanics Bag10Cotton CanvasNo
Workpro 14 inch Bag13600D PolyesterYes
Dewalt DG559733Ballistic PolyYes
CLC 153043PolyesterYes
Lenox Tote34NylonYes

Why Do You Need to Wear a Plumbers Tool Bag?

One of the things that makes the plumber’s tool bag important is that it enhances the overall efficiency and productivity at work. But here are other reasons for getting one for your tools.

Ensures Safety to Your Tools

If you are working on a project where there are other contractors, you might want to consider the safe storage of your tools. It doesn’t necessarily mean that other contractors will steal your tools. It might happen that someone might accidentally pick your tool, especially if you leave them lying around.

But with a good tool bag, you can be sure of keeping the tools safe without anyone picking it.

Prevents Tools from Damages

Your tools can be damaged in many ways if they are left lying around. Someone can accidentally step on them, which can lead to damage. However, the tool bag offers you pockets for storing even the most delicate tools and parts. Furthermore, they come with divided pockets that prevent the tools from knocking on each other.

Proper Tool Organization

As we have said, the tool bags offer divided pockets that will let you store your tools in an organized manner. The pockets in the bag are meant to keep your tools well organized.

Some of Them Are Waterproof

Some tool bags for plumbers are made with waterproof materials. This means that they can easily be used in wet and humid areas without a problem. The tool bag for plumbers helps to keep your tools dry even if you put it on wet floors.

Types of Plumber Tool Bag

Like any other tool bags, the plumbing tool bags come in different categories. Each of them has its specific benefits.

Backpack Tool Bags

Out of all types of tool bags for plumbers, the backpack happens to be one of the best choices. If you will be carrying multiple tools and you commute with public transport or walk over long distances, the backpack would serve you perfectly.

With a backpack, you can comfortably load up plenty of tools and carry them without experiencing the pressure and extra weight. The weight will be distributed evenly on the upper back and shoulders.

Tote Tool Bags

Tote carriers come almost similar to the open wooden toolboxes. However, these are made of fabric and feature a large center compartment with several small pouches lining on the exterior. Ideally, tote tool bags should be used by a plumber who owns a service vehicle.

It would be awkward to carry the tote carrier on a train or bus since your tools will be exposed. One benefit of tote carriers is that they offer you quick access to your tools.

Roll-up Tool Bags

A roll-up tool bag will suit you if you want to carry a bunch of tools. For instance, it can easily accommodate a complete wrench set. It will look like a mat when you open it up.

This type of material storage carrier comes with individual pouches and side panels. Tools are put in the deep pouches, and the tool bag is rolled up for easy portability. If you only have a couple of basic tools that are needed for your plumbing job, then a roll-up tool bag would be your ideal pick.

Dual-compartment Tool Bags

The dual-compartment tool bag actually comes with more than two compartments. They are only called dual since both sides will flap open completely to offer you more storage. 

Always go for the best plumbing tool bag based on what meets your project needs accordingly.

What to Look for Before Buying?

It is not only about going for the best tool bag for plumbers that has positive ratings from customers. Even though this is advised, you should remember that each bag comes with its specific features.

On the other hand, every plumber has their own requirements when attending to their projects. That being said, here’s a buying guide on some of the things you should look for in a good tool bag for plumbers.

Is It Convenient?

The convenience, in this case, refers to the ability of the bag to meet your needs accordingly. It should be able to not only keep your tools organized but should also make it easy for you to find the tools with ease.

Suppose you have a lot of tools and you need a bag to carry them with ease, you should consider going for one with several pockets.

The pockets should also be able to carry each of your tools without any problem. Consider the type of bag based on how you will be using it.


All the tools bags are portable. However, you should consider if it is easy to go with. That being said, consider the comfortability of carrying the bag. Here, you should look at features like the shoulder straps and carrying handles, and make sure they are comfortable enough.


The construction of the tool bag is another feature that you must consider when looking for a good bag. You don’t want a bag that will wear out too easily within the first weeks of using it.

As always, canvas stands as the master when it comes to the best and durable material for a tool bag. Besides the material of the bag, make sure you inspect the pockets and check what they are made of.

Most of the interior pockets come with synthetic material. Don’t forget about the stitching of the bag and that the seams are strong and durable too.

Even though the canvas is the strongest of all, we would also recommend poly fabric, which is lightweight, durable, and can also be waterproof.

If you are operating from wet and humid areas, make sure that you pick a waterproof tool bag.

Size/Weight Limit

What tools will you be carrying in the tool bag? How big or heavy are they? We cannot specify what you should carry in your tool bag. However, you should go for the tool bag that will easily accommodate your tools both in terms of the overall weight limit and the size. Never overload the tool bags or pack a tool that is bigger than the tool bag itself.

The zipper can be damaged if the bag is forced to close.

Bottom Padding/Feet

Too many times, the tool bag will start to wear out from the bottom part. That is why a good plumber tool bag will come with a reinforced bottom to withstand the weight of the tools. Also, some will come with rubber feet to keep the bag slightly raised from the ground, hence boosting durability.

Zippers and Fasteners

You will need to choose the tool bag that comes with a zipper system for the tools in the bag to be safe from dropping or preying eyes. The zipper should be strong enough with equally durable seams. If it comes with smaller outer pockets, make sure they come with zippers to prevent the small items from getting lost.

Fasteners, on the other hand, help to keep the power and hand tools in position and prevent them from wobbling or knocking on each other as you are moving.

Keep in mind that the best tool bag for plumbers is that which meets your needs specifically concerning storing and transporting your tools.

Top 10 Best Tool Bag for Plumbers Reviews 2021

As there are different types of plumbing material bags, it gets even harder to find the ideal bag. However, here are 10 carrier options that you should consider purchasing for your tools.

1. ToughBuilt Tool Bag- 20-inch Massive Mouth

toughbuilt bag

Product specs

MaterialPolyester & Plastic
Shoulder StrapYes
Water ResistantNo
Weight (lbs)5.40
Dimensions (in.)24 x 6.50 x 10.50
WarrantyLimited lifetime

We consider this 20-inch tool bag the best tool bag for plumbers due to a couple of things. It comes with a heavy-duty build quality, plenty of pockets, and its highly functional attributes.

The bag is made of a heavy-duty plastic establishment that will easily survive regular use. Furthermore, it comes with heavy-duty plastic-lined external pockets with rigid plastic Hard-Body lining that will protect the content inside.

There are 2 sides handles that are well-padded and offer a perfect grip on the end-user.

We loved the window pockets that are very durable too. Speaking of the pockets, you get access to 51 pockets that assure you of enough storage for all your tools.

Massive mouth tool bag is a name that it lives up to. Even better, the bag comes with heavy-duty rubber feet that allow you to place it on wet floors without any concern.

Oh, there’s also a dedicated notebook pocket that will come in handy for plumbers.

  • Rubber feet prevents wear and tear
  • Sturdy and long-lasting build quality
  • Carrying shoulder strap comes with steel reinforcement
  • Equipped with 51 pockets to accommodate all your tools
  • The bottom part doesn’t seem to be as durable as such

This bag is very reliable, and we’d recommend it to any plumber out there. As long as a plumber doesn’t load up heavy tools in the main compartment, he will be good to go with this bag.

2. DeWalt Tool Bag- Best Plumbers Tool Bag

dewalt dg5543 tool bag

Product specs

MaterialPoly Fabric
Shoulder StrapYes
Water ResistantYes
Weight (lbs)3
Dimensions (in.)19.30 x 4.50 x 13.80
WarrantyLimited lifetime

Second, on the list is this bag from DEWALT. It offers fewer pockets than our first product on the list, but we still think it is very much worth the purchase.

The durability of this bag is assured with the heavy-duty poly fabric material build. With this establishment, you can be confident in carrying all the tools you need for any plumbing project.

This is also made possible with the 33 (13 interior pockets including one with zippers and 20 exterior) pockets onboard. Along with the 33 pockets, you also get a flap-covered pocket with hook and loop closure.

There are also abrasion-resistant feet that help to enhance the durability of the bag. It means that you won’t have to worry about the wear and tear that always begin at the bottom of the bag.

You get a large mouth opening with this bag for easy access. Plus, there are some comfortable handles for carrying it wherever you wish. Alternatively, you can carry it on your shoulder with the included adjustable shoulder strap.

  • Removable shoulder straps
  • Heavy-duty and durable establishment
  • Pop-open design for easy accessibility
  • Rubber base pads protect the bottom from wear
  • Offers 13 interior and 20 exterior pockets with a Velcro pouch on the outside
  • The shoulder strap isn’t strong enough for professional plumbers

There are a lot of reasons for getting this bag, and you will be sure of its durability above all things. Ideally, avoid carrying it with the shoulder straps if you have heavy tools inside. Other than that, the bag is definitely worth the purchase.

3. Custom Leathercraft 1529 Tool Bag – Best for the Money

clc 1529

Product specs

BrandCustom Leathercraft
MaterialPoly Fabric
Shoulder StrapYes
Water ResistantNo
Weight (lbs)1.95
Dimensions (in.)16 x 9 x 9
WarrantyLimited lifetime

Not every plumber can pay a lot of money for a tool bag. Maybe you are one of the best plumbers in the town, and you want to get the best bag for your valuable tools. But the problem is your budget is too tight. In that case, here is the CLC Custom LeatherCraft 1529- Center Tray tool bag to suit your tight budget.

This CLC Custom Leathercraft is made to serve you for a long time while accommodating your tools with perfection. Here, you get a bag that is made of heavy-duty poly fabric that can easily stand the test of time. Besides that, there are a couple of pockets to accommodate your necessary tools.

Okay, this bag might not offer the 30+ pockets like other tool bags for plumbers out there, but it would serve you well if you know exactly what tools you’ll be needing for the plumbing project.

Here, you get a total of 17 pockets and sleeves. Nine of them are outside, while the other eight are interior pockets. There’s also a center compartment wherein you can place the 13 and a half by 9 inches plastic tray with multi compartments inside.

You’ll have an easy time carrying it, thanks to the extra-padded side handles. There’s an optional adjustable shoulder strap if you prefer to carry the CLC Custom LeatherCraft 1529 on your shoulder.

  • Value for money
  • Strong and durable build
  • Padded shoulder strap for comfort and grip
  • Zippered back compartment to keep your tools safe
  • Easily holds large tools with the main compartment and web loops
  • It isn’t waterproof

If you tend to work in wet and overly humid areas, you might not find this CLC Custom LeatherCraft suitable enough. Even though it isn’t waterproof, the bag is very strong and reliable enough. As long as you keep it away from wet conditions, you will enjoy working with the bag.

4. Veto Pro Pac TECH LC Tool Bag – Expensive Plumbing Tool Bag

veto pro pac lc

Product specs

BrandVeto Pro Pac LLC
MaterialNylon & Polypropylene
Shoulder StrapYes
Water ResistantYes
Weight (lbs)6
Dimensions (in.)13.50 x 9.50 x 13.50
Warranty5 Years

Veto Pro Pac is another bag that we consider a good tool carrier for plumbers. The construction is one of a kind, and we generally love how functional the Veto Pro Pac Tech LC tool bag is.

It is made of 100% heavy-duty denier nylon that can withstand the regular usage without wearing out too quickly. The best part is that this bag is very much waterproof because of using 1800 PVC impregnated fabric. Even though it is slightly heavy without the tools inside the bag, the important thing is that it can last for a long.

If you love a bag with plenty of pockets, Veto Pro Pac Tech- LC would be your friend. This bag comes with 53 (50 inside and 3 outside) pockets that should be enough to handle all your needed tools. Whether you have hand tools, meters, parts boxes, a wireless impact drill, or other heavy items, this bag will handle them without a problem. It’s made to hold more than 75 items hand tools also will carry a wide variety of meters.

The Veto Pro Pac TECH LC tool bag also comes with eight neoprene pockets perfectly organized for drill bits and their related bit extensions.

  • You get 53 pockets with this bag
  • Comfortable handle with a nice grip
  • Super strong and durable construction
  • Plastic base offers extra durability to the bag
  • The side panels roll up to leave the main compartment open for easy accessibility
  • It is not a cheap bag

If you are a professional plumber that works on different projects too often and you want a reliable legacy tool bag without minding the price tag, you should give the Veto Pro Pac Tech-LC one a shot. All in all, we can say that it is worth every dollar.

5. McGuire-Nicholas Tool Bag – Space Saver

mcguire-nicholas 22015 15-inch collapsible tote

Product specs

Shoulder StrapNo
Water ResistantNo
Weight (lbs)2.36
Dimensions (in.)7.00 x 15.00 x 11.75

For those plumbers owning a service vehicle and requiring a tool bag to carry their equipment to and from the job site, this tote tool bag would suit you well.

This tool bag is made of thick poly fabric that makes it durable and able to stand the test of time with excellence. Furthermore, you get a maximum of 14 pockets for accommodating your tools. Keep in mind that this one comes with an open design.

Along with the 14 exterior pockets, you get 14 webbed loops (seven on each side) inside for holding up your tools. You can accommodate tiny brushes, scrubbers, razor blades, etc. inside the pockets. Also, you can pack things like carabiner, gloves, flashlight, candles, lighter, and matches into the pockets.

The tapered pocket design offers more room for your tools. There is a tubular steel handle that features a sturdy foam padding for extra comfort. You can store tools vertically in this bag, thanks to the loops inside the bag.

Best of all, this tool bag is collapsible to be used differently. The bottom can be removed to suit your preferences.

  • Collapsible design for versatility
  • Sturdy construction with durable stitching
  • Interior loops let you store items vertically
  • Open design offers easy accessibility to your tools
  • Heavy-duty steel handle with a foam padding for comfort
  • Some customers thought it wasn’t stylish enough

If all you want is a tool for carrying items from your service vehicle to the job site, then this tool bag would serve you well. It doesn’t come with the best design and seems somewhat outdated. We wouldn’t recommend this to you if you have large tools or if you have a lot of tools to carry.

6. Rothco Tool Bag- Perfect portable tool bag

Rothco Mechanics Tool Bag

Product specs

MaterialCotton Canvas
Shoulder StrapNo
Water ResistantNo
Weight (lbs)1.15
Dimensions (in.)11 x 7 x 6

We’re about to introduce you to a heavyweight carrier on our list. If you’re looking for a cotton bag then it’ll suit your needs all the time. The Rothco G.I tool bag stands out from the others due to its durability and aesthetics. 

Apart from that, it has a large compartment that’ll give entrance throughout the carrier. It comes with a generous compartment in the center. As a result, you can provide room for a lot of other tools on it. 

Another benefit of the compartment is that it provides a lot of space. Here, the compartment can accommodate 8 tools inside of it. 

Other than the inside tools, there are outside buttons too. To be exact, there are two outside snap pouches. And, what do these two do? Well, they make it easier to grab the smaller tools. 

So, you’ll be able to access the smaller tools anytime and any day if you want to. And, the carrier takes things to the next level as it has straps made on it. These adjustable shoulder straps provide easy portability and make it easy when transporting. 

Lastly, there’s a nylon zipper. Hence, the closure of the carrier is firm and secure all the time. 

  • Provides a safe closure
  • Doesn’t get damaged easily
  • Comes with straps on the side
  • It’s easy to carry and transport
  • Allows easy approach to smaller tools
  • Doesn’t have the best stitching

This is one of the best bags in the business. If you’re looking for a durable yet gorgeous option then you’ll be happy with this one. The carriers make it easier to store tools in the pockets. And, they even make it easier to carry the carriers.

7. Workpro Tool Bag- Solid choice for everyday tools

workpro 14 inch bag

Product specs

Material600D Polyester
Shoulder StrapYes
Water ResistantNo
Weight (lbs)1.83
Dimensions (in.)14 x 8 x 9

Portability is one of the key things when focusing on tool bags for plumbers. And, if that’s the case then this option will impress you in every way. The WORKPRO Organizer tool bag is the best when it comes to portability. 

And, why is that? Well, there are two carrying options- a padded shoulder strap and padded handles. As a result, it makes portability an easier job. The other benefit that adjustable shoulder straps do is that it allows easy access for other content in the material bag. 

Hence, this carrier is one of the ideal options on the list when it comes to carrying tools. This tool bag is prepared with 6 inside pockets and 7 outside pockets that are 5 inch deep (3 + 1 with velcro flap on one side, 3 on the other). Besides, you’ll be able to carry medium and smaller tools (variety of wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, meters, and accessories) in this bag as well. It’s made of 600D polyester fabric.

At times, accessing and approaching tools become a harder job. But, why is that? Well, among all the tools in one place, it becomes hard to identify them. Also, you don’t want to waste any time looking for certain tools, right? 

Here, the bag has a top zipped open mouth with an open-top tool carrier. The wider mouth of the bag makes it easier to identify and approach tools. So, a plumber won’t have any problems taking out the tools from the bag or identifying them.

But, what about the durability and security of the bag? Well, the bag has a foamy bottom. This rubber bottom makes the bag sturdy. And, this added sturdiness in the bag ensures that it’ll protect it from minor damages. 

In fact, the added stability in the bag also protects it from any kind of hard or soft fall. At the end of the day, your bag will be protected all the time.

Lastly, there’s a mesh pocket on the outside as well. Here, the mesh pockets make it easier for adding different accessories on the bag’s sides. And, the smaller tools and accessories don’t fall as the pockets are protected. 

  • Protects the content inside
  • Easy to carry and transport
  • The foam bottom keeps the bag sturdy
  • Easy to approach the tools on the inside
  • Comes with outer pockets that make it easy to store items
  • The pockets aren’t deep enough

In the end, the bag is perfect if you’re a plumber who is looking for carrying your medium and hard tools. But, we don’t suggest you put the bag through heavier tools. Even though the bag can carry heavy tools, it’s better to go for the smaller and medium ones.

8. Dewalt Open Top Tool Bag- Fantastic Accessible Tool Bag

dewalt dg5597 18-inch open-top tool carrier

Product specs

MaterialBallistic Poly Fabric
Shoulder StrapYes
Water ResistantYes
Weight (lbs)1
Dimensions (in.)15 x 11.5 x 17.8
WarrantyLimited lifetime

Say hello to an absolute beast from DEWALT. The 18” DEWALT DG5597 Open Top tool carrier can mostly carry any tools in the business. And, the USP of this product is the thirty three pockets of this tool carrier. 

Speaking of the pockets, you’ll feel confused about where to put your tools in the first place. And, why is that? Well, the 33 pockets of the bag bring a lot of extra room for you to keep your tools. 

Here, you’ll find the knife pocket, electrical tape, and measuring tape pockets as well. So, you’ll have a lot of options to consider when it comes down to storage options. 

Similar to some of the products on the list, this one also comes with shoulder straps. Now, the shoulder straps aren’t the best options to go when carrying your bags. And, why is that? 

Well, the added weight of the bag can fatigue your shoulders fast. Plus, you don’t want any sudden injuries now, do you? So, many people don’t go for shoulder straps. 

But, that won’t be the problem here. It’s a customized plumbers bag that offers an adjustable and non-slip padded bar on the strap, you won’t feel discomfort anytime. So, you can wear the shoulder strap for a long period of time as it provides added comfort for you. 

Now, let’s talk about the design of this bag. Here, the bag comes with an open-top design. And, the bar handle that we mentioned a bit easier can be collapsed. So, it adds visibility to every content on the bag. This makes it easy to approach and identify tools in your bag. 

Last but not the least, the bag is a heavier option. As it’s made of poly fabric material, it’ll protect every content on the inside. Plus, it has base pads on the bottom. And, these pads make sure it protects everything when it takes a fall. 

  • Has easy portability
  • Comes with comfortable straps
  • Protects the contents on the inside
  • Can accommodate a lot of tools in the 33 pockets
  • It’s made of high-quality and heavy-duty materials
  • Provides added comfort at the time of transportation
  • The darker shade on the inside makes it harder to see smaller tools

If you’re looking for a heavy bag with easy portability then we recommend this option for you. At the end of the day, the bag has a lot to offer. With amazing features and benefits, this is a tough competitor.

9. Custom Leathercraft Tool Bag- Utilitarian Tool Carrier

clc 1530

Product specs

BrandCustom Leathercraft
Shoulder StrapYes
Water ResistantNo
Weight (lbs)3
Dimensions (in.)12 x 23 x 15
WarrantyLimited lifetime

The last bag we discussed had few pockets and it was already impressive, to begin with. Well, we’ve decided to take things to another level. And, how? This tool carrier on our list comes with 43 different pockets for carrying your tools (including screwdrivers, cutting pliers, and nut drivers). 

Now, let’s take a look at what these 43 pockets will bring to the table. Here, you’ll have the option of storing your drill tips and drill bits. Moreover, you can even store your cell phones, electrical tapes, straps, and even testers. 

In the end, you can store whatever you want. But you shouldn’t go for larger tools inside of it as the pockets aren’t so deep. Hence, go for the smaller and middle tools for storing them in the pockets. 

Other than that, there’s a 2-window (One of them can be removed) option as well. Here, the pockets provide easier visibility of the contents inside. So, you’ll never lose track of your tools. And, the best part about these window pockets is that you can remove one and keep the other stationery as well. 

Moving on, let’s talk about the unique design of the tool bag. The sturdy polyester used in its construction and Box Shape Design. Here, the design of the bag prevents any kind of tipping whatsoever. So, you won’t have to worry about the bag tipping and causing damage. 

Even if the bag falls, it’ll protect the contents on the inside. Hence, your tools will be protected all the time as we speak. And, there are multiple compartment plastic trays on the bag. Plastic compartment center tray dimensions are 7 x 5.55 inches.  

CLC 1530 comes with both padded handle and adjustable padded shoulder straps that are comfortable to carry your tools.

In the end, the bag maintains a good balance as well. So, you won’t feel awkward when carrying this bag. And, the best part is that the bag provides added stability all the time too. 

  • Doesn’t fall easily
  • The pockets can be removed
  • Has a lot of storage options
  • Easy to identify the tools on the inside
  • The contents on the inside are well protected all the time
  • It’s a bit small

In the end, the bag has everything you’ll need. Starting from fall-prevention design to extra space- the bag has it all. So, if you’re looking for extra storage options then you can go for this tool storage bag.

10. Lenox Plumbers Tote- Very Useful Bag

lenox tool bag 1787474

Product specs

Shoulder StrapYes
Water ResistantYes
Weight (lbs)2
Dimensions (in.)18 x 10 x 10

LENOX Tools Plumber’s 19″ Utility Tote is built specifically for plumbers. With deeper pockets and extra storage options, this bag is tough to beat. If you’re looking to store extra tools then this bag will help you in every way. And, the best part about this carrier is that it has a balanced construction. 

So, let’s start with the added benefits. Firstly, you’ll get a shoulder strap with a balanced establishment. Here, the balanced weight ensures that it’s easier to carry the bag always. 

Also, the shoulder strap on the carrier makes it easier to carry around. And, the shoulder strap has added padding’s on them. As a result, they’re extremely comfortable and stable. 

In fact, it has 14 internal pockets and 10 external pockets that are enough for your plumbing used stuff. It’s also offer Waterproof Tape holder 10 Elastic loops. It includes a hacksaw pocket, tape holder loop and tape measuring clip.

This tote is constructed of reflective nylon and a hard plastic bottom to protect your plumbing tools in wet environments.  On the other hand, the carrier has a waterproof rating on them. This makes them even better when taken on construction sites. At times, your carriers can get wet with water or sudden rainfall. In this moment, having waterproof ability will be a lifesaver. 

And, the good news is that the carrier comes with this ability. So, you can take the carrier anywhere anytime without having to worry about rainfall. Plus, it makes it compatible with construction sites as well. 

Also, the bag provides easier access to the tools inside. And, a plumber won’t need to worry about the visibility of the tools. In fact, he’ll be able to see them all the time. This makes it easier to identify and approach them whenever he wants. 

Now, let’s focus on how the carrier protects the contents in the middle. Here, the nylon sides of the bags make it essential at protecting them always. So, you won’t have to worry about the security of the contents inside. And, your tools will be protected all the time.

  • It’s completely waterproof
  • Maintains balance all the time
  • Doesn’t get damaged by any means
  • Easy to carry due to the shoulder straps
  • Provides added security to the contents inside
  • The pockets don’t have dividers

The bag comes with a lot of added features and benefits. And, the best part is that it provides all of these at an affordable price range. So, you won’t have to worry as the bag will handle your tools and protect them at the same time.

Plumbers Tool Bag: How Does It Work?

Generally, a great tool bag for a plumber is that which can carry the weight of all the power tools and material you need for the projects. So yes, plumbing tools are not as heavy as woodworking power tools. Nevertheless, it can be cumbersome to have all the different tools in your hands – especially if a plumber carries more than 10 tools.

Usually, the carrier should be able to carry power tools that weigh over 20lbs without a problem. One of the things that make the plumbing tool bag for plumbers reliable is the material. It must be made of durable materials. Some of the materials for the best tool bags are canvas, nylon, poly-fabric material, and other synthetic materials.

Canvas is one of the best tool plumber tool bag materials since it is strong, durable, and waterproof too.

Besides helping with the storage and transportation of the tools and material, the carrier also helps to protect the plumbing tools even in the workshop.

Care and Maintenance [Some Important Tips]

Taking good care of your tool bag will help to enhance its strength and performance. One way to do so is to ensure that you keep the bag clean by following the right washing instructions.

Some tool bags for plumbers are machine-washable, while others are not. So, ensure that you check if it is safe to wash the tool bag in the machine before you do so. But the best way of cleaning your tool bag is by doing it manually.

Start by emptying all the pockets and shaking off any loose dirt or debris outside. From there, you can use the handheld brush attachment of a vacuum cleaner to get rid of the remaining debris. Once you are done with that, use a clean, damp rag to scrub the exterior of the tool bag for plumbers. For the zippers, you can use a toothbrush to clean them.

Suppose the zippers are jamming when you try to close them. Here, you can use some wax from a candle to lubricate them.

Best Tool Bag for Plumbers

People Also Ask About Plumbing Tool Bag

What tools does a plumber need?

There are a lot of tools in the market dedicated to plumbers. Tubing cutter, hole saw kit, hacksaw, mole grips, tape for thread sealing, pliers, flashlight, pipe wrench, basin wrench, torque wrench, faucet key, plungers, camera for drain inspection, etc. These are the most basic tools for a plumber.

What are the best tool bags for plumbers?

When it comes to selecting the best tool bags for plumbers, Rothco G.I. Type Mechanics Tool Bags beats all the other options available in the market in our view. However, if you’re looking for the most comfortable option, WORKPRO Multi-pocket Tool Organizer Tool Bag can be your go-to package.

What’s in a plumber’s tool kit?

Open-end, socket tube, box-end, radiator, Allen, chain, and strap wrenches are the most common materials that you will find in a plumber’s tool kit. You might also find basin wrenches, adjustable, and pipes in their repair kit.

Closing Remarks

So, have you decided which tool bag you will be getting for your tools? Remember that the best tool bag for plumbers is that which can accommodate the exact tools you have. This includes their weight and size. Make sure you choose a durable and fully efficient tool bag.

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