5 Best Tool Bags for Carpenters 2022 [#5 Is Amaze]

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Before we begin our review on the best tool bags for carpenters, here’s a quick thought:

If I were to forecast the total carpenter tool bags industry value, then it would be somewhere in the neighborhood of 580 million. Although the number can be higher (it probably is), it should give you an insight into the following:

Professionals love their tool bags. It’s probably correct to assume that they can’t live without it (that may be an overstatement!).

With that said, we believe it is our duty that you, the carpenters out there get the high-quality product.

This is why we are going ahead with this review on the best carpenter tool bag.

Short on time? Check out our short list of Best Tool Bags for Carpenters in 2022!

Carpenter Bag: When and Why would You need One?

Before we jump into the high-quality carpenter tool bag reviews, we would like to share the benefits of having a tool bag with you.

Keeping things Organized

It’s the first thing that should pop into mind if you’re a carpenter. For us, carpenters are some of the most creative minds on the plant (No, pun intended).

So, in order to bring out the creativity, it is prudent that you have all the tools with you, especially when you’re working on large projects.

And that’s where the tool bags come in. A carpenter bag’s best trait is the organization. If you have all your tools in one place, it’s probably a lot easier for you.

Build Muscle Memory Build-Up

A creator’s mind needs to be free of various distractions.

For this reason, it is probably a good idea to store all your necessary equipment into one tool bag. That way you know where everything is.

As a result of being so organized, you will build-up a muscle memory of how and where you keep all your tools. That, in the long run, will help you with the carpentry work.

Portability and Control

There’s no way to deny this fact.

In order to get better portability and control, it is prudent that you have the best carpentry bag available (we will talk about that in the coming sections).

We want you to imagine the following situation:

Let’s say you’re working a big carpentry project. And you need 90% of your tools on a daily basis to get it done in time.

If you have a tool bag that’s organized in a manner you wish, then it should give you the right amount of control. As a bonus, you get portability.

It is Hard to Forget the Organization

Once you setup everything as you please, then it’s hard to forget.

Let’s say you put your carpentry hammer in a particular pocket. If you’ve worked with the tool bag for a while, then you know it’s there.

You will open that exact pocket every time you need your carpentry hammer.

Carpenters Tool Bag: How Does It Work?

When it comes to the way things work, then you need to understand something.

Not every bag will be the same for you. Despite having a lot of compartments of comfortable materials, you may want to choose something different (even perhaps a downgrade in this case).

And that’s probably your gut telling you to do so.

The carpentry tool bags we have for you all have their strengths and weaknesses. As a matter of fact, the tool compartments and their quality will vary.

So, it’s up to you to choose a tool bag that works for you.

But, before we dive into all of that, let’s take a look at the major tool bag types for carpentry and other pros.

Types of Tool Bags for Carpenters: Major Choice Categories

If we were to discuss the major choice categories for the best tool bags for carpenters, then it would probably be something like this:

Tote Tool Bag

Full transparency, a tote tool bag is more like a shopping bag. Here’s why:

A tote tool bag comes with an open frontal section that’s like a basket. Sometimes you get handlebar-like contraptions/carry handle, which is analogous to a toolbox.

But the main difference with a toolbox is the fact that it’s got more compartments and flexibility.

Shoulder Tool Bag

We believe the name itself will probably make sense to you.

It’s a carpenter tool bag with shoulder straps. And that’s pretty much all there is to it.

You get a regular-sized bag to store all your tools.

Backpack Tool Holder Bag

The idea remains the same here.

But the main difference here is that you have the option to carry this tool bag on your shoulders. And the compartment stores your tools.

Hold-All Tool bag

It’s, by far the most popular option out there.

It’s more of a carry case with easy-to-access compartments for your carpentry tools. The options we have for you are similar or close to Hold-all carpentry bags.

1 Custom Leathercraft Tool Bag- Good Functionality Bag

clc 1107 bag

The CLC Custom Leathercraft 1107 has a fair number of decent features.

But is it worthy of being at the very top of this review on the best tool bags for carpenters?

Well, yes. And that’s not just because of the features.

As you’ll find out in the coming sections, the feature set of the Leathercraft 1107 features just the right amount of balance. You have all the nitty-gritty features you’d want.

And you get all of that with the proper amount of consistency.

Features and Benefits

So, what are you getting here?

A Top-notch build quality

A carpenter’s pro tool bag needs to have the right to build quality. And if that’s not that case, especially for the very first option that we recommend, things aren’t optimal.

But fortunately, the hard canvas build quality is very satisfactory. As a matter of fact, long-term longevity shouldn’t be an issue at all.

Underside reinforcement

If you’re in the market for the best tool tote bag for carpenter, then you can consider this option with your eyes closed.

Because not only is the build quality top-notch, you are also getting the right amount of reinforcement on the underbelly.

And that should be able to increase the overall usability by a good deal.

Strong handles

The strong webbing on the carry handle is like a cherry on top. You cannot go wrong with such a design.

The handles shouldn’t give you any excess fatigue. And that’s a trait of a tool bag that’s going to stay by your side for a very long time.

Good Functionality

Once you factor in all the features; you’ll see why it is occupying the top spot in our review.

It’s a combo deal that’s got a decent carry handle. You can carry your tools in any orientation you like. And you can also carry your cell phone as well.

  • Handles have a good grip on them
  • The overall build quality (Durable fabric) is decent
  • There’s a good amount of reinforcement underneath
  • The dual-bag (Convenient size) combo offers good functionality
  • The zippers aren’t durable enough
  • The small bag dimension can be a bummer for some

Despite the smaller dimension of one of the bags, we do feel the high-quality materials and balanced features make a good argument.

2 Dewalt DG5433 Tool Bag- Most Comfortable Leather Tool Bag

dewalt dg5433

When it comes to the best tool bag for carpenters, then DEWALT needs to be on the list. Although they are mostly known for their solid line up of power tools, their tool bag line up is very strong as well.

And the DEWALT DG5433 Tool Bag authenticates it.

Features and Benefits

Here’s what you get with the DG5433:

No-compromise build quality

As with all DEWALT products, you will find no compromise on the build quality.

And that holds true for the DG5433 as well. The top grain oil-skin leather bag is a safe haven for nails, pencils, and tools. Furthermore, the leather quality ensures that dust or gunk accumulation is very minimal.

So, the build quality doesn’t have any noticeable snags with it.

Patented handle design

One of the noteworthy features of the DG5433 is the handle design.

It allows the user to carry the bag around without much of a hitch. Also, you get the on-hook storage capability as well.

All in all, the design will probably hold out very well for any professional. 

Good adjustability

You get 4-main pockets and 6-small pockets with this tool bag. And all of the bags are adjustable to a great degree.

And as an electrician or carpenter, you’d want that kind of adjustability. Without it, you will not have the freedom to work you crave for.

Speaking of adjustability, the web loop pry bar is probably another noteworthy feature you should know about. It will make a difference when it comes to heavy duty construction work.

Proper ease of use

Thanks to the 2-inch webbing on the belt along with the dual-tongue buckle, you should have no problems using the DG5433. In short, the ease of use is present for any professional.

  • It features a very intuitive design
  • As a whole, the build quality is on point
  • The one-hand adjustability is convenient
  • The double-tongue buckle is very easy to use
  • The hammer hanger sags too much

We don’t appreciate the hammer hanger sagging that much. Still, once you factor in all the features, you’ll see why we have it in our product recommendations.

3 Dickies Tool Bag- Versatile Bag

dickies 20in work bag

Dealing with so many options to come up with a list of the best tool bags for carpenters isn’t easy. And while we did our extensive research, we found the Dickies Canvas Work Bag to be a strong choice.

Whether you’re a carpenter, electrician, or any other professional, you are bound to like what this tool bag has to offer.

Features and Benefits

Here’s what the Dickies 20-inch bag has to offer:

Rip-resistant build

If you were to compare our tool bag review options, then the Dickies tool bag, without a doubt, will have the best in class build quality. And it’s all thanks to the heavy-duty rip-resistant canvas.

And because of such a build quality, you should have no problems with longevity.

Removable shoulder strap

The cushioning and webbing on the shoulder strap is a noteworthy thing you should keep in mind.

Thanks to the versatility, there’s very little strain on the shoulders. As a result, you will not feel excessive fatigue during heavy sessions.

Roomy inside

Although you are getting 6-internal and 8 outer compartments, the room inside will allow for extra tools.

So, for heavy workloads, this tool bag should be a nice choice.

Also, you cannot forget about the webbing and reinforcement. They bond together to give you a solid experience overall.

Proper Security

As far as security goes, then you cannot argue about the need for zippers. And they need to be solid as well.

Fortunately, the zippers on this bag are solid enough. In fact, they can withstand heavy usage for long periods of time.

  • Fairly roomy on the inside
  • The rip-resistant material is top-notch
  • Good versatility thanks to the shoulder strap
  • Reinforced webbing and zippers are bonuses
  • The zippers don’t feel top-notch

But, unfortunately, the zippers may feel cheap to some folks. Other than that, we don’t see any particular reason to move around this tool bag.

4 Ergodyne Arsenal Tool Backpack- Multi Purpose Bag

ergodyne arsenal 5843 tool backpack

Although the Ergodyne Arsenal 5843 doesn’t look too spectacular, it’s got a decent set of features. As a matter of fact, it can outrun some of its competition. All of that without losing a sweat.

Let’s talk about the features and benefits.

Features and Benefits

So, what are you getting with the Arsenal 5843?

Solid overall build quality

As always, when it comes to the best tool bags for carpenters, the build quality needs to be on point.

And the Arsenal 5843 lives up to it. The 1200D ballistic polyester material is no joke. As a matter of fact, it will be able to withstand a good deal of wear and tear.

So, we believe you will have no issues with longevity.

Reinforced zippers and webbing

The YKK zippers and the 4-side molded plastic plating will offer proper security and control.

And as a carpenter that will certainly help you out big time. While you’re working on longer projects, you won’t have to worry about the security of your tools.

Not too many tool bags can make this claim. 

Good adjustability

The padded shoulder strap is amongst one of its noteworthy features.

So, the matter of fatigue is more or less out of the window. In short, you won’t feel tired while carrying a heavy load of tools. 

Competitive pricing

And you cannot forget about the competitive pricing of this tool bag. Other than having a lot of good features the pricing seems to be very competitive.

Roomy inside

Lots of pockets. You are getting 11 PALS webbing loops and 26 interior pockets.

  • The build quality feels very robust
  • Padded straps are very comfortable
  • ABS plastic bases are highly secure
  • There’s ample reinforcement with the webbing and zippers
  • Strap spacing is very narrow

And that should remedy the issue with strap spacing. All in all, the pros do outweigh the cons. And that’s saying something.

5 Bucket Boss Tool Bag- Extra-Large Mouth Bag

bucket boss gatemouth

The Bucket boss made its way into our carpenter’s tool belt reviews for the following features and benefits.

Features and Benefits

Here’s what the Bucket Boss Gatemouth has in store for you:

On point construction

The overall construction of this tool bag is on point. As a matter of fact, the 600D ripstop Poly material will hold out a lot longer than other options.

All in all, if longevity is a concern for you, then you shouldn’t worry about it at all. We can vouch that it will last.

Good overall capacity

For a 15-liter tool bag, the spacing is adequate. Although it may not beat some of the premium options out there, it’s perfect for small-scale operations. Also, you get this one has 10 interiors and 6 exterior pockets for storing your tools.

And with proper capacity, you do get the right amount of webbing and reinforcement. All in all, for small-scale diy projects this tool bag should be more than enough.

Easy to use zippers

Although zippers are often underrated features, they do have a specific need. And that need is security.

We’re happy to report that the industrial quality zippers on this tool bag will offer proper usability. You can secure your bag and unzip it with ease.

And that’s why security should not be a concern here.

Proper value

It’s a value-oriented tool bag. As a matter of fact, you will find a lot more heavy-duty options with hefty price tags.

  • Highly competitive pricing
  • Reinforced webbing is a nice bonus
  • Enough padding for optimal comfort
  • The carry handles offer a good deal of comfort
  • Cleaning can be tough
  • It can get moldy very quickly size only

But despite the issues with cleaning, carpenters who are low on a budget will probably like it a lot. So, checking it out shouldn’t hurt.

Why Do you Need to Wear a Tool Bag: The Need for Best?

There’s no easy way to put this. It’s the benefits that should make you wear a tool bag.

If were to break it down, then you’ll need to have the best tool bag for carpenter for the following reasons:

  • Portability
  • Control
  • Usability and
  • Functionality

And all these aspects should have the support of features like:

  • Proper Brand Value
  • Quality Material
  • Fine Stitching
  • A good number of compartments (with/without zippers)
  • Functional and easy to use

We will be talking about these aspects in the following section.

Carpenters Tool Bag: What to Look for Before Buying

If you’re in the market for a carpentry tool bag, then you should probably take the following matters seriously. Because the points we are about to show you will make or break the deal.

The User Perspective

We did mention this in the above sections. But we will emphasize it once more.

Each individual has his/her own taste. And if you’re a carpenter or any other creative professional, then it will matter how the tool bag is setup.

Just to be sure, we are not talking about diy carpenter tool bag reviews. We are talking about ready-made options.

So, the bottom line is, the configuration of the best carpenter tool will depend on the individual. Because different carpentry bags will have different orientations.

The Material and Compartments: A Dual Concern  

In general (especially the tool bags we have for you), the materials are good for any brand of tool bag (unless you’re looking for an ultra-cheap option!).

But what should be a concern is the number of compartments and their orientation.

Let’s say you think a tool bag has the right orientation and material quality (according to you).

You should seal the deal and go for that option.

Storage Capacity: A General Concern

When it comes to the best tool bags for carpentry, then storage capacity is a general metric.

Regardless of the brand, inadequate storage capacity is a real bummer. So, after looking at the outer features, you need to make sure that the vendors are giving you enough space.

Otherwise, you may as well skip that option.

Portability and Weight Balance: The Major Deal Breakers

Often times, users don’t have a clear idea about this term.

Like the material and compartment orientation, the portability is a relative thing. If it works for you, then it just works.

But, in general, when the weight balance is off, the portability suffers. So, if you feel a tool bag for your carpentry job isn’t as balanced as you’d like, then you should skip it.

But if you want to do some experimentation, then you’re more than welcome to try it out.

Pricing: A Key Obstacle

When it comes to pricing, you need to be ready to make compromises.

And when we talk about compromise, we talk about brand value. In order to get the best tool bags for carpenters, it is prudent that you go with a solid brand.

And that implies that you make some compromise and shed some extra cash. Because with the proper brand, you can expect proper aftermarket support.

Carpenter Tool Bag Maintenance [What to Do?]

For a carpenter to use a tool bag for a good couple of years, there are certain tips to follow. And all the tips we will talk about now will certainly help you with the maintenance:

  • The soap and warm water cleaning method need to be mild enough. And by mild we mean more water and less soap. In general, users prefer a 2:1 or 3:1 solution with the majority being water.
  • Make sure to keep the water temperature less than 38-degree Celsius.
  • If you want to soften the leather strap, then use olive oil. Condition the affected area. Leave it for 45-minutes.
  • Make sure to rinse dust and debris off your carpentry bag after every project.
  • Avoid putting too much weight on it.
  • Use olive oil to keep everything nice and lubricated.


What are the popular tool bag brands for carpenters?

If you take a look at the options, we have for you, then you’ll find all of them come from reputed brands. But if you were to ask for a specific brand then CLC Custom, DEWALT will be on the top of the list.

What should a carpenter have in his tool bag?

In general, a carpenter should have the following:

  • Set of circular saws
  • Grinders, Nails
  • Trimming Toolset
  • Knives and Drills
  • Nail Punch Set
How do you organize a tool bag?

It’s like inventory work.

Once you’re done with the necessity of your toolset, you’ll need to arrange each tool according to their necessity. After all, you’re the one using the carpentry tools on a daily basis.

How do I choose a tool bag?

Again, it’s a matter of how you organize your tools. The frequency of your use matters here as well.

Where to buy a tool bag?

We’ll leave that up to you!

Closing Remarks

For those of you who’ve made it this far, congratulations. You’ve proven your worth by taking in all the necessary information.

All the information will help you a lot if you’re looking for the best tool bags for carpenters.

But, before we go, we would like to ask for your assistance.

We would like to share your experience if you’ve come in contact with any of our carpentry tool bags.

And that’s all we can ask for. Cheers!

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