Electrician Tool Bags For Electrical Contractors Of 2023 – Our Top Picks Made Easy!

If you’re an electrician, you know how important it’s to have a good tool bag. Seeing all those tools unorganized will surely give you a headache. Finding the right tool can sometimes feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. A good electrician tool bag will help you organize all your tools so that you don’t have to spend eons looking for the right one. 

Now the million-dollar question is, how do you find the best electrician tool bag from the vast arrays of options out there? Manufacturers are continually coming up with new products, and it’s a daunting task to pick the right. No worries, we are here to help you find your perfect match. Keep reading through the article to get yourself the top-rated electrician’s tool bag out there.

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Top 5 Best Electrician Tool Bags Reviews

1. Klein Electrician Tool Bag With Shoulder Strap

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Klein Tools has been in the market for over a century, and they are constantly improving their products. They have a wide range of tools bags, and the Tradesman Pro is undoubtedly one of the best electrician tool bags out there.

Klein Tools is a popular name among the electricians due to its incredible range of products. The Tradesman Pro Organizer is one of the most rugged and durable tool bags in the market right now. The price of the bag is slightly on the steeper side. However, the outstanding build-quality will surely make the bag last for a long time.

It’s made with high-quality material with 1680D Ballistic weave for maximum durability and longevity. If you’re a professional electrician looking for a bag that can withstand some heavy beatings, this one is an excellent choice for you.

The bag has plenty of storage facilities that gives you tons of options to store all your necessary tools and equipment. There are zippered compartments on the sides where you can store fragile tools or accessories. Also, there are 40 pockets on the inside and the outside of the bag.

The Klein Tools Tradesman pro has a simple yet elegant design. It comes in three different designs and sizes. It comes in an 8-inch, a 10-inch tote shape, and a shoulder pouch design as well. This gives you the flexibility to choose the one according to your requirements.

The insides of the bag are made with bright and vibrant orange color. The science behind using such a vibrant orange color is so that you can easily find the tool you need. It provides you enhanced visibility at the tools and helps you work quicker as well.

  • SLong-lasting
  • Rugged build quality
  • Zippered side compartment
  • Comes in three different sizes
  • 40 small pockets with a large compartment
  • Slightly expensive

2. Carhartt Legacy Tool Bag– Most Functional Tool Bag

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If you’re searching for the best tool bags for electricians, then look no further, this baby is the one for you. The Carhartt Legacy Tool Bag is one of the top-rated tool bags out there.

The Carhartt Legacy Tool Bag has successfully marked itself as our top choice with its incredible features and durable build-quality. The bag is made with 1200 denier heavy-duty polyester that has a durable water repellent (DWR) finish. No matter what the weather condition is, all the tools will be well-protected inside the bag.

There’s ample room for the bulkier tools inside the bag. It has a zippered (YKK Zipper) area for big tools and gears. Also, there are 27 (10 interior and 17 exterior) pockets to hold smaller tools. On the other hand, the 16-inches tool bag includes 34 (11 interior and 23 exterior) pockets and the 18-inches bag includes total 44 (16 interior and 28 exterior) pockets.  Despite the spacious design, it weighs only about 2.2 lbs. It features a grip haul handle to help with transportation.

The bag features a Duravax Base that can withstand heavy weight tools without hampering the quality of the bag. The reinforced abrasion-resistant base gives it a firm holds so that it doesn’t collapse even when you load it up with large power tools.

If it comes to durability, the Carhartt Legacy is difficult to beat. Thanks to its seamless triple needle-stitch construction that adds up to the sturdiness of the bag. The bag has an internal metal frame that helps to stay in an upright position allowing easy access all the time.

This one is suitable for both the professionals and DIY enthusiasts. The bag comes in three different sizes (14, 16 and 18 inches), and each one of them is equipped with multiple interior and exterior pockets as well as loops. You will be able to store all the tools in an organized way so that you can easily reach the one you need in the quickest time.

  • Comes with 27 tool pockets in total
  • A Strong base to help it withstand heavy weight
  • Comes in 3 different sizes
  • Spacious design to hold all the essential tools
  • Made with sturdy rain defender water repellent poly fabric
  • Suitable for both professional and novice electricians
  • Two color (black or brown) options
  • Shallow pocket tool bag

3. DeWalt DG5582 Tool Carrier with Parts Tray

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Along with an incredible range of power tools, Dewalt has also come up with a carrier to make the transportation process easier and hassle-free.

The DEWALTDG5582 Electrical and Maintenance Tool Carrier is an excellent choice for those who’re looking for a compact tray-like carrier. DeWalt specifically designed this one for those who need to carry several small tools and accessories at their workstation.

It features a whopping 23 (8 interior and 15 exterior) pockets, Slots and Sleeves to store all your necessary tools and accessories, includes two zippered pockets and a flap-covered pocket. There’s a large compartment inside that can hold large power tools (meters, drills, etc) as well. It has an open-top design that will let you have better visibility and quick access to the important items.

Among the most prominent features of the Dewalt tool bag is its 3 chamber compartments. This gives you the flexibility to arrange the tools based on the size and requirements. You can quickly grab the one you need as it offers full visibility of the stored items.

The DeWalt 6″ x 11″ Parts Tray concealed within a separate, plus measuring tape clip, zippered pocket, spring clip, and electrical tape web strap.

Despite having the open-top design, you will face no problem with the tools falling off. The box-shaped design enables the bag to stay in an upright position keeping all the accessories in their designated place. The bag features a base pad to reduce the risk of wear and tear over time.

The DeWalt Tool Bag is super comfortable to carry around as well. This one is an excellent fit for those who want to avoid backpack styled bags. It comes with an adjustable non-slip padded strap to provide the ultimate comfort to the user. It also features a non-slip carrying handle to make the transportation process super easy and hassle-free.

  • Affordable price tag
  • Four feet for protection
  • Three different chambers
  • Non-slip strap and handle
  • Easy to transport and carry around
  • Open top to provide quick visibility to the accessories
  • Tons of pockets provide plenty of organization options
  • Comes in one size only

4. CLC Custom LeatherCraft 1528– Best Electrician Tool Bag Under $50

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The CLC Custom LeatherCraft Tool Carrier is the best option for those who’re looking for a budget-friendly tool bag. It has a robust build-quality that will give many name brands a run for their money.

CLC has been in the industry for over 30 years, and this one is undoubtedly one of their finest creations. The CLC Custom LeatherCraft Tool Carrier is made with high-quality 600 D Polyester material that will last you a long time. It has a sturdy construction that will let you use the bag effortlessly for years without any damage or wear.

The bag comes in two different sizes giving the users the flexibility to choose the one that fits their requirements. It has a box-shaped design that helps to keep it in an upright position and doesn’t tip over. The bag features a super comfortable extra-padded handles and shoulder strap. You can easily move along with the bag without putting extra strain on the back or shoulder.

Along with multiple pockets, the bag also includes a multi-carbon 11 by 6 inches plastic tray (another size comes with 8.75 by 6.5 inches) to hold the small accessories. The box comes in super handy for storing bolts, screws, and other small essentials. The box can be placed at the side of the bag, and it easily bends about without making it extra bulky or heavy.

It features 22 pockets (another size comes with 25 pockets) in total to hold all your essential tools and accessories in place. There are large main divided pockets in the middle. You can use the larger compartments to store different power tools or big accessories. Everything including pliers, extension cords, 18-20 volt drill, screwdrivers, drill bits, electrical testers, wrench sets, and the most tool can be fit in this tool bag. The elastic loop helps to loosen up the material slightly to help up with the storage process.

  • Available in two sizes
  • Several small internal and external pockets
  • Multi-compartment (3 main compartments) part tray
  • Comfortable carrying handle with padded shoulder straps
  • The Box design isn’t favorable for everyone

5. Internet’s Best Open Top Electricians Tool Bag – Stiff Frame Tote Tool Box

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This tool bag lives up to its name and offers plenty of conveniences to the user. It has an ergonomic design that makes it one of the most comfortable left-handed electrician tool bags out there.

This bag lives up to its catchy name and provides all the conveniences and comfort you need as an electrician. The bag is made with ultra-durable 600D material that will last for a long time without a hitch and covered a semi-stiff frame. It has tons of great reviews from the users, and the bag will surely do justice to your hard-earned money.

There are 16 pockets and loops on the bag, which gives you the flexibility to memorize where each tool is. You can quickly grab the one you need even when you’re in a rush. Also, the open-top design ensures easy access to large tools.

The main compartment is designed to hold bulkier tools and equipment (screwdrivers, pliers, Allen wrenches, drill bits and more). It offers plenty of space and storage to keep all the hand held tools used by an electrician. The unique storage design helps to distribute the weight throughout the bag evenly.

It has a rigid frame construction that helps to stay still at all times. Many electrician tool bags are equipped with a subpar handle that tends to tear up over time. Well, with this bag, you’ll face no such issues.

The bag features a heavy-duty metal handle to withstand heavy weight without compromising the quality of the bag. There’s soft padding on the handle to put less strain on the hand. It also incorporates an adjustable strap that enables you to carry the bag around easily. Be a professional electrician or a DIY enthusiast; everyone will surely love this baby.

  • Features several pockets and loops to hold small tools
  • Large open-top compartment to store big handheld tools
  • 600D grade material offers exceptional durability
  • Open-top design for better visibility and quick grab to the tools
  • Strong metal handle and adjustable strap
  • Comes in a single size only

Benefits of Electrician Tool Bags

Helps you to be More Organized

Did you ever face a situation when you were in front of a client, and you couldn’t find the right tool you needed? Oh, the horror. This is a common scenario many electricians face as they have trouble finding the right one amidst the tools they have. A tool bag has different compartments allocated for various tools that will help you find the right one in the quickest time.

Easily Portable

Tool bags are a lot comfier and easier to carry compared to toolboxes. You can quickly move from one site to another while carrying all your essentials with you. You can store them all in a single place to easily reach the one you need.

Gives a Professional Image

Did a client ever reject you because they thought you weren’t capable enough to perform the job? Well, the first impression does matter, and carrying a tool bag will surely send out a positive vibe to the client.

An electrical tool bag will give you a more professional look and boots up your confidence as well. You will have all the necessary tools that you need and perform the job adeptly without any hassle.

Tools to Carry in the Bag

Electricians need some specific set of tools to make the most out of their job. These are some of the standard tools that you can carry in the bag to ensure that you get the work done correctly.


A crimping plier is a must-have item for every electrician. Try to get the crimping pliers in both insulated and non-insulated variants. Needle nose pliers are also crucial for the electricians as they come in handy for multiple different tasks. Make sure that they have an insulated end to stay away from accidents.


This one is a no brainer as this is one of the most basic hand tools out there. Be a professional or a novice; this is required for every electrician. This is essential for different types of installation processes.


You can purchase different sizes of wrenches that come in a set. They come in handy for unscrewing bolts and nuts. You can also get a crescent wrench as they have different sizes of jaws ranging from 4” to 24”. They have a fixed jaw with a second adjustable jaw that’s suitable for opening different sizes of bolts.

Types of Electrician Tool Bags

Canvas Tool Bag

Canvas tool bags are known for their impeccable durability. It’s a plain-woven fabric that’s highly sturdy and offers extra longevity. You can easily carry heavy tools without hampering the quality of the material.

Hard Bottom Bag

Sometimes you need to carry heavy equipment that will cause extra strain on the regular tool bag. The hard bottom tool bag comes in handy in such a situation. It has a hard base at the bottom that can withstand a large amount of weight.

Open Top Bag

Open top bags offer you easy and quick access to the tools. They have an extra-wide mouth opening with a spacious interior that holds all your necessary equipment in an organized manner. The open-top bags also have small pockets around it to keep smaller tools and equipment.

Tool Backpack

We all love the old-fashioned backpacks as they’re super comfortable and easy to carry. The backpack style is an excellent choice for those who’re always running from one site to another. These bags have plenty of spaces inside with multiple pockets to store both small and large tools. Also, they have a carry on the strap that will put less strain on the shoulders even if you carry them around for a long time.

Why Do You Need To Wear a tool bag?

As an electrician, you will need to carry tons of different tools and accessories with you all the time. Getting a tool bag will help organize all your essential tools and other materials required for the work.

Some electricians prefer using a toolbox instead of a bag. However, toolboxes are a lot heavier, which makes them more inconvenient. Tool bags come with adjustable straps and handles, which make them super portable. You can efficiently run from one workstation to another if you have a tool bag handy.

Also, these bags have plenty of storage options with optimum visibility to find the one you need easily. This will help you to work quickly even when you’re in a rush and boost your work effectiveness. As you will be storing and carrying all the necessary tools in one bag, there are fewer possibilities of losing the tools and accessories.

What to Look for before Buying?

There are several different aspects that you should scrutinize before making the final purchase decision. Not all bags will offer you the same level of durability and convenience. We have accumulated some of the factors that you must consider to get your hands of the best tool bag for electricians.


No matter how great the bag looks or how expensive it is, if it’s made with non-durable material, it’s not worth it. Make sure that the bag is made with a durable material such as canvas, nylon, or leather so that it lasts a long time.

You’ll be carrying a lot of heavy and sharp tools in the bag. Therefore, the bag should be able to withstand the weight and have a sturdy build-quality to refrain itself from any wear or tear.


Price is an essential factor to consider for all kinds of purchase decisions. We have reviewed the top tool bag for electricians in the market so that everyone can get a perfect match within their budget.

However, try to compare prices before you buy so that you can invest in the right model. Always prioritize quality even if it costs you a little more as you will be getting more output from the products over time.


As an electrician, you will need to carry multiple different tools with various sizes. Some may think that the more pockets the bag has, the better it is. Well, that’s not the case. Sometimes, having an excess number of pockets will only make it messier and harder for you to find the right.

Should you have to carry more than one power tool, then we recommend you to go for a bag that has a large inner compartment followed by several small pockets. This will let you accurately organize the tools and put them in a specific order so that you can easily find them.

Storage Space

What good would a tool bag be if you can’t store all your essential tools in it? A good electrician tool bag needs to provide sufficient storage space so that you can carry all the important tools to the worksite.

However, the size and the capacity will vary depending on the number of tools you need for the work. Make sure that you choose a size that effectively meets your needs and ideal for different circumstances.

Carrying Facility

Not everyone is blessed with Johnny Bravo physique. So, it will be hard to carry the bag around with your hands all the time. Thankfully most of the tool bags come with a carrying strap to make it easier for the electrician to carry them around.

It’s vital that the bag comes with a comfortable carrying strap that effectively distributes the weight around the shoulder and back. This will ensure that you don’t feel fatigued even when you’re on the move from one place to another carrying the bag.

Other Features

Some tool bags come with extra facilities to make things more convenient for you. Some bags include a built-in LED light so that you can work effortlessly even in a poorly lit area. With the help of the light, you will be able to see properly and perform the task without any hassle.

Also, some bags have wheels that make it easier to transport them around. Even though strapped bags are easy to carry, it’s not suitable for the people with back pain issues. If you have a strained neck or back, then we suggest you get a tool bag that comes with wheels for easier transportability.

Care and Maintenance [Some Important Tips]

The lifecycle of the tool bag will be extended to a great deal if you take proper care and maintenance. We have come with a simple guide to help you with the process.

  • Warm water helps to loosen up the dirt particles that are accumulated over time. Soak the bag in warm soapy water for half an hour and thoroughly dampen the places with stains. Always use lukewarm water as using cold water may not help you get the desired result.
  • Use any branded cleaning agent to clean up the bag. However, you can also use diluted bleach for stubborn stains and marks.
  • Once the bag is soaked enough, scrub it gently using a scrubber. Make sure that you don’t scrub it too vigorously as that may damage the material and the upper layer of the bag. Avoid this part is the bag is made of leather.
  • The final step is to clean it thoroughly with clear running water. Ensure that all the soaps are gone, and there’s no residue remaining. Now, let the bag air dry and make sure it’s completely dried down before using it.

Following these simple and easy instructions will make the tool bag last for a long time. Try to brush off the dirt with a soft bristle brush after each use. Make sure that you give the bag a thorough cleaning after a month of use to keep it in tip-top shape over time.

People Also Ask About Electrician Tools Bag


What are the most popular electrician tool bag brands?

The market is filled with tons of different brands. However, there are some that stand out from others in terms of product quality, price, and many other important aspects. DeWalt, CLC Custom LeatherCraft, Klein Tools, Veto Pro, Internet’s Best, Carhartt are some of the most prominent tool bag brands out there.

Are electrician tool bags waterproof?

All the tool bags that we reviewed in this article are made with a waterproof fabric. However, some of them have an open-top design. So, if you’re working during monsoon, then we recommend you to cover up the top to prevent water from getting inside the bag.

How to choose the right size?

Well, this solely depends on the type of work you’re into and the tools that you carry most of the time. If you need to carry multiple power tools, then we recommend you to go for a bag with a large main chamber with compartments to keep each tool separated. If you carry several smaller items, then you should opt for bags with multiple chambers and loops. This will help you to store and organize them easily.

How to use a tool bag?

The usage procedure of a tool bag is similar to any other kind of bag. However, the design may vary so, and you should go for the one that you feel will be more comfortable and convenient for you.

How to clean the bag?

The cleaning procedure is very simple and straightforward. We have included a detailed guide above regarding the cleaning and maintenance process.

Where to buy?

All the products that we listed here are available on Amazon.

Closing Remarks

Being an electrician, you will need to carry multiple tools with you at all times. A good tool bag will help you have quick and easy access to all your essentials. You’ll be able to carry all the tools to the workstation to make the most out of your job.

We have gathered all the essential details that you need to know before purchasing the bag. We understand that one style doesn’t go well for everyone. Therefore, we have picked up tool bags with a different design, size, and price so that everyone can find their best match.

Also, all the bags that we reviewed are top of the line, and the best tool bags for electricians out there. The reviews contain in-depth details about the product so that you get to know all the important features of it.

So, get yourself an electrician tool bag to have a fun day at work with everything near and handy.


My name is Michael M. Militello, and I want to help you find the right tools and the best products for your next project! As a professional tool expert here in Houston, TX, With my vast tool experience, I can help you choose the right brand, model, and size for the job. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. You can reach me here on my blog and also on Facebook, Twitter , and Pinterest. I look forward to hearing from you!

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