Rolling Tool Bags in 2023 – Everything You Need to Know!

If you have different projects in multiple locations and you need your tools wherever you go, a good tool bag is what you’ll need. And we’re not talking about the ordinary tool bags, but the rolling type specifically.

The best rolling tool bag will take the pressure off your shoulder and back since you will be pulling it like a traveling suitcase. Besides that, you need to make sure that you find a bag that is strong enough to handle your tools without any problem. If you have multiple tools, the bag should come with pockets to fit them perfectly.

We understand the whole process of choosing the right rolling tool bag. For that reason, we came up with this article to help you.

Not every rolling tool bag out there would suit your needs. However, here are 5 models we reckon would serve you perfectly with your tool transportation.

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Benefits of a Rolling Tool Bag

As we have mentioned, a rolling tool bag helps to relieve the pressure off your back and shoulder. But there is more than that. Here is a look at the benefits of having a rolling tool bag;

There Is Room for More

Most of the rolling tools bags will come with multiple pockets and compartments to let you load up more tools in there. They can easily manage massive and mini tools without any problem. Some will also come with customized pockets to contain specific tools.


These bags will carry a lot of tools, which means that they are very much versatile. You can carry different tools of varied purposes in one rolling bag.

Easy to Move Around

When you have the rolling bag for tools, you can enjoy pulling it behind you. They are loaded with a telescopic handle and solid wheels (tool bag with wheels) that allow them to cruise even on uneven surfaces. All in all, they are easy to move around since you won’t have to worry about the heavyweight snapping your back.

Most of Them Are Water-Resistant

A lot of the rolling tool bags out there are made of a waterproof lining that will prevent water and moisture from getting to the tools inside. This way, you can easily work with them in the field regardless of the weather condition.

Keep Your Tools Safe

You don’t have to worry about your tools getting lost or stolen when you have a good rolling tool bag. They are secured by a strong zipper system, and some will come with a padlock for added securing.

Prevent Tool Damages

With the rolling bag, you can enjoy a perfect tool organization that lets you fit your power tools as well as the hand tools. These bags come with the main compartment, along with smaller pockets with dividers, which assures you of proper storage and transportation of the tools.

You won’t have to worry about the tools knocking each other when placed in the rolling tool bag.

1. DeWalt Rolling Tool Bag

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Here is another unit that would make a good electrician rolling tool bag. It comes with some features that make it a valuable addition to your workshop.

Dewalt roller tool bag is made of durable polyester material that is water resistant and tough.

The 18-inch large main compartment assures you of enough space for stacking up your tools without a problem. Furthermore, it offers you 17 pockets that will easily hold your hand tools needed at the job site. Six of the 17 pockets are placed inside, while the remaining 11 are outside.

There is a magnetic folding zipper top that will attach conveniently to the telescoping handle. This will then give you easy access to the main compartment. Even better, the handle comes with an LED light (Light output 39 lumens max) has 3-levels of illumination that will aid you in directing the bag to your work area.

This LED light will not only illuminate your path as you move the bag, but it also helps you find your tools in low-lit areas.

Keep in mind that the light can be adjusted in three levels, and it is powered by two AAA batteries. Don’t worry; these batteries are included when you purchase the bag.

What’s more, the bag comes with heavy-duty treaded wheels that will perfectly move over any jobsite terrain.

Even if you are going out in the field, this bag will roll behind you without any problem. Furthermore, the handle comes with some comfortable padding to be easy on your hands regardless of the weight of the tools inside.

DeWalt Lighted Roller Tool Bag can hold up to 100lbs of tools easily.

  • Comes with heavy-duty treaded wheels for cruising on any terrain
  • Telescoping LED light handle for illuminating the path and the bag interior
  • Padded web handle for comfort
  • Spacious interior with 17 extra pockets
  • Magnetic folding top offers easy access to the main compartment
  • It doesn’t come cheaply

2. Xtreme Power US Rolling Tool Bag

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Sometimes you could be looking for a great rolling tool bag, but your budget doesn’t allow you to go for the high-priced units. In that case, this would be a good choice for you if you want the best budget rolling tool bag.

First off, the rolling bag is made of heavy-duty 600 denier polyester that is thick and durable enough. This cheap rolling tool bag comes at 18 inches in size, but with several pockets for accommodating your tools.

Obviously, there is a large compartment for keeping your power tools, but you also get 19 other pockets. 10 of the pockets and 5 dividing rooms are inside, while the other 9 are external pockets. In other words, you can comfortably store your hand tools, small-sized power tools, and other tool sets. The compartments are well-designed, and they come with dividers.

What about the wheels? This bag doesn’t disappoint with the all-terrain wheels. This means you can easily roll it across your jobsite terrain without any problem. Along with the plastic wheels, there are three and a half feet on the bottom to keep it upright and support it when left to stand. No tipping over.

That is made possible by the telescoping handle. The Flexible telescoping handle can be locked at 3 different heights (26 inches, 34 inches, and 41 inches) that feature a comfortable carry.

One unique feature that makes this a good rolling tool bag is that it is water-resistant. You won’t have to worry if it starts to rain and you are still out in the field. No moisture or water droplets will get to your tools when you store them in this bag.

By the way, this bag comes in two variations; you can go with the rolling options or the backpack option.

  • Durable and waterproof 600 denier polyester fabric construction
  • Comes with multiple pockets and straps for carrying even the smallest tools like a tape measure
  • Available in rolling bag or backpack option
  • Comes with adequate padding and back support for extra comfort
  • Dual zipper assures you of safe tool storage
  • The seams could be stronger

3. Klein Rolling Tool Bag

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We consider this the overall best rolling tool bag for electricians as it is meant to comfortably handle the massive power tools without a problem. Contractors and heavy-duty woodworkers would also benefit from it.

The first thing to notice about this one is its ruggedness. It offers you multiple pockets that are made of sturdy and durable 600D ballistic weave material that will remain strong even when you load your tools. Plus, you’ll enjoy a hardtop that lets you stack up the bag while protecting your tools from hard impacts.

This monster offers you a total of 24 pockets to hold up all your arsenal. Out of the 24 pockets, 14 of them are inside to let you carry small tools, including beverages and your cell-phone.

There is a wide-open interior that will accommodate the large tools without any problem. Also, the interior is orange in color to let you see and find your tools with ease.

You get a molded kick plate that will protect the tools inside. Moving the bag around is a walk in the park, thanks to the rugged 6-inch dia wheels. These wheels will easily move over rough terrains while staying strong enough.

A heavy-duty telescoping handle (Extends to 39.5 Inch) is there to let you pull it behind you.

There is a reinforced metal frame that will stay open to help you load and unload your tools to and from the bag with ease. How strong is the bag in terms of weight capacity? Well, this baby can hold up to 200lbs (100 lbs inside and 100 lbs stacked on top) of tools.

  • Durable 600D ballistic weave material with a hardtop
  • Rugged 6-inch wheels can cruise over rough terrain
  • Orange interior for easy visibility of tools
  • Offers 24 pockets for maximum storage
  • Features a molded kick plate for offering support from the tools
  • The zipper system might not be strong enough as other parts

4. Husky 18-inch Rolling Tool Bag

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Is there any contractor in the house? Are you looking for the perfect bag for carrying your tools to the jobsite? Here’s a match made in heaven for you.

This bag doubles as a tote and a rolling bag, which offers you different options. If you are carrying tools that aren’t too heavy, you can easily carry it as a tote bag with the carrying straps.

But if the tools inside are too heavy, then the attached telescoping handle will allow you to pull it behind you. The rear wheels are strong and sturdy enough to cruise over most terrains.

Another reason for getting this bag is the fact that it is made of high-quality 600-denier spun tuff fabric. The Bartec stitching enhances its durability even when it carries heavy tools.

Speaking of carrying tools, you get a large main compartment that easily carries your large power tools. Plus, there are 7 interiors and 11 exterior pockets that will let you carry whichever tool you might want to take with you to the jobsite.

Also, onboard are two exterior tape measure loops, a dual zipper system, a business card holder just behind the handle, and the thick cross X-stitching carrying loops. Don’t forget that the bag comes with a reinforced bottom with the sturdy wheels to cruise over any terrain.

Husky 18 inch tool bag can carry 100 lbs of weight.

Another feature that will make you want to go for this bag is the fact that it is water-resistant. If you live or work around humid and wet climate areas, this would be a good bag for you.

  • Doubles as a tote and a rolling bag
  • Very tough and water-resistant too
  • Features an innovative skid plate that protects the handle
  • Reinforced bottom with two rugged rear wheels
  • Features tape measure loops and a cardholder
  • It might be too wide to move in confined spaces
  • Shallow

5. Milwaukee Rolling Tool Bag 48-22-8220

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Do you have several Milwaukee tools in your workshop? If you do, then an equally strong rolling bag from the same brand would be the best thing you’d want to go for.

This one comes in at 24 inches, which we reckon is sizable enough to handle your multiple tools. It features a hardtop for staying strong for long and also protecting your treasured tools. Like the first bag on the list, this bag also comes with a 1680D ballistic construction that makes it strong enough for carrying your tools.

Milwaukee Hardtop Rolling Bag offers you a total of 53 pockets to hold up all your power tools.

Furthermore, the bag also comes with metallic skid plates. These are other features that enhance the sturdiness of the bag as it carries your tools. The front panel can be folded down to help you organize your accessories. Generally, you’ll have an easy time accessing them when in need.

The metal-rimmed wheels (6 inches All-Terrain) allow you to pull the bag across any terrain.

Along with that, you get a wide handle (It also telescopes handle up to 42 inches extensions from the ground) that allows you to move the bag with minimal effort.

This rolling bag is so sturdy that it can comfortably handle a maximum weight of 250lbs. So yes, you can stack up against your tools and worry less about them ruining the bag. By the way, there are cup holders featured on the hardtop, which is a good thing if you will be working in the field for a long time.

  • Hardtop lid comes with cup holders
  • Metal-rimmed wheels can cruise across any terrain and surface
  • It can support up to 250lbs of tools
  • Sturdy ballistic construction
  • The extra-wide handle offers easy mobility
  • It doesn’t come with a kick plate

Rolling Tool Bag: How Does It Work?

There is no rocket science in how the rolling tool bags work. They are simply large tool bags that you can pull behind you like a suitcase. Rolling bags for tools are, however, large enough to accommodate multiple tools with the different compartments they offer in varying sizes.

You can use them to carry both small and medium-size tools. These bags are designed to keep the tools safe inside as you transport them. Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about the tools falling out of place since some bags feature straps for holding the sizable tools.

Also, you can get rolling bags that come with a hard outer shell to protect the tools from heavy impacts.

Some do come with external padlocks for keeping your items safe and secure from theft or accidental open-ups.

Rolling Tool Bag: Types

Before you step out there to purchase a specific rolling tool bag, it is important to know that they do come in different types. Each type of rolling tool bag is ideal for a specific use. Generally, there are two types of rolling tool bags;

Bin-Type Rolling Tool Bag

This is a rolling bag that comes with a sturdy outer case, and they are the best choice for carrying power tools. They are designed to look like plastic bins with lockable lids. Some bin-type bags for tools come with removable containers that are compartmentalized. These cases are used for storing little tools and accessories.

The bin-type rolling bags are usually designed to let you remove the other bins from the pulling trolley. If you only need to use the power tools at the job sites, this bag will allow you to remove the top bins and be left with the bin containing the power tools.

Traditional Rolling Tool Bag

Unlike the bin-type rolling bags, the traditional selection is normally made of pliable or soft materials like polyester, nylon, canvas, or a blend of two. While the traditional rolling tool bags might seem less sturdy than their counterpart, they happen to be the best when it comes to organizing your tools.

Traditional rolling bags for tools come with several pockets that will carry different tools and accessories without a problem. Some will come with a large opening at the center to carry those power tools, while others come with extra compartments both inside and outside.

Rolling Tool Bag: What to Look for Before Buying?

Most professional tradespersons understand the usefulness of a rolling tool bag. Yes, these are accessories worth having in your workshop, especially if you are a freelance contractor or electrician or if you simply work on different jobsites.

Nevertheless, it is not only about going for the highly-ranked rolling tool bags. Rather, you should choose one that meets your needs accordingly. That said, here are some of the things you ought to look for in a rolling bag for tools.


Before you even think about paying your money to the online store or your local store for a rolling tool bag, you need to consider what it is made of. The material used to make the bag is something you must highly consider.

Canvas is one of the top materials used to make tool bags and wouldn’t be a bad pick if you need a durable material. With canvas, it can be partially waterproof, but under heavy rain, it might leak some water inside. However, you can use some DIY tips to make the canvas extra waterproof.

You can also opt to go for bags made of nylon or polyester, which are the best synthetic fabrics. Still, there are rolling bags that are made of a hard plastic shell. These are the bin-type rolling tool bags.

The hard-shell rolling tool bags are best-suited for fragile and sensitive tools. But for other regular power tools, it wouldn’t be bad to go for nylon, canvas, or polyester made rolling bags.

Zipper System

A lot of people ignore the zipper system when looking for a rolling bag for tools. When looking at the zipper system, you must ensure that it is heavy-duty. It should be as strong and sturdy as the material used to make the bag.

If the zipper is weak and breaks too easily, it might end up opening the bag, and the tools might fall off as you are pulling the bag. With that, your tools will be left unprotected and exposed.

Ideally, go for the thick zippers instead of the slim ones. Also, the zippers should be made of metal and not plastic. For more security, consider going for the double-pull zippers.


Your tool bag must come with the main compartment, along with pockets and dividers. The compartment should not only offer you well-organization of the tools but also offer you easy access when you need to use them.

That being said, consider if the main compartment easily accommodates your power tools based on their sizes. Plus, ensure that there are internal and external pockets for storing your hand tools and other nick-nacks.

A rolling tool bag with non-removable pouches and dividers is ideal for carrying electric hand tools and other large tools. Don’t forget about the lining of the pockets and pouches and make sure that they are made of strong materials.

Bottom Padding Support

You shouldn’t ignore the bottom part of the bag. If it is not strong enough, it might not offer the needed support to your tools. It must be a reinforced bottom for it to easily support the weight of the tools in the bag. Check that to make sure it is reinforced with a strong and tough material like acrylic and MDF.

Reinforced Seams

The bag should also work with thick and heavy-duty threads that are used in stitching it. With such seams, you wouldn’t have to worry about having seams that pop out of your bag. Also, the seams should be double-stitched for them not to come off even when you load the bag with heavy tools.

Maximum Weight Capacity

Power tools and hand tools can be very heavy when combined. If you carry them in your normal laptop bag, they will fall off due to their weight. But rolling tool bags are designed to carry heavy tools without tearing off. However, you should understand the weight limit of the tool bag before you purchase it.

If you are a professional electrician or contractor, and you always carry heavy power tools with you, choose a bag that can support up to 200lbs of weight.


The wheels should also be considered when you are choosing the right rolling tool bag. Since you want a bag that you can take with you to the jobsite time and again, it should come with rugged wheels. The wheels must be strong enough to easily cruise over any terrain.

Above all, consider if the bag is waterproof, especially if you work in humid and wet climates. Don’t forget to go through the rolling tool bag reviews from the customers before you buy one. It is important to know what you will be getting when you purchase the tool bag.

Care and Maintenance [Some Important Tips]

Yes, these rolling tool bags are meant to last for a long time. However, proper care and maintenance will help to enhance its durability. First off, it is not necessary to clean the tool bag too often. Instead, just shake off the dust and dirt outside once a week.

You can use a handheld brush attachment of a vacuum to get rid of the dirt and other small debris inside the pockets. For further cleaning, use a damp rag to wipe down the surfaces once in a while. Make sure you hang the bag outside for it to dry naturally.

Avoid putting the bag in the washing machine or using harsh detergents when cleaning it. Also, only load the recommended weight in the bag. Give it an allowance of 50lbs.

People Also Ask About Rolling Tool Bags


Which should I buy? Rolling tool bags, tool belts, or regular tool bags?

You should only buy the one that is more efficient for you. Furthermore, ensure that you consider the durability of the bag. A rolling bag should be suitable for you if you need to carry the whole toolset to the jobsite.

With the tool bags and tools belts, they cannot carry a heavy power tool as a rolling tool bag would. Regular tool bags are also not designed to carry heavy tools since you carry them over your shoulder.

What are the most common rolling tool bag brands?

There are multiple brands out there that are known to make top-notch rolling tool bags. Some of the most trusted brands include Milwaukee, Husky, DeWalt, CLC custom leathercraft, Stark, Xtreme Power US and Klein Tools.

Can a rolling tool bag/ backpack hold a laptop?

It is difficult to find a rolling tool bag with a laptop compartment. Most of them are specifically designed for carrying power tools, hand tools, and other accessories. A laptop on its own is a very delicate gadget that should never be carried along with the power tools.

If you need to use the laptop at the jobsite, you should carry it separately in a dedicated laptop backpack.

How much weight can rolling tool bags carry?

This depends on the construction and other features of the bag. Generally, most rolling tool bags can carry a maximum of 100lbs. However, some come with heavy-duty construction to support up to 250lbs. Always ensure you do not exceed the weight limit of the bag when packing the power tools and hand tools.

How to clean a rolling tool bag?

Preferably, empty the rolling tool bag then take it outside to shake off the accumulated dirt and debris. From there, use a vacuum with a handheld attachment to suck out all the hidden grime and dust. For a deep clean, use a damp rag to wipe around the bag then hang it in direct sunlight to dry completely.

Closing Remarks

There you have it, folks. Now we are confident that you can find the best rolling tool bag that suits your needs accordingly. Keep in mind that the right tool bag is that which will easily accommodate your tools to carry them to and from the jobsite. Make sure you choose a durable bag too.


My name is Michael M. Militello, and I want to help you find the right tools and the best products for your next project! As a professional tool expert here in Houston, TX, With my vast tool experience, I can help you choose the right brand, model, and size for the job. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. You can reach me here on my blog and also on Facebook, Twitter , and Pinterest. I look forward to hearing from you!

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