Trying Out Back Brace for Overweight People – This is what You Should Know!

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Do you all remember when there were no size options for people who were not normal-sized? Oh, do I?

I remember when brands pretended plus size people did not exist as an addition to the extremely skinny ones and only produced products targeting a certain body type.

But when this unavailability affects basic human needs, that’s just plain not okay, and it’s time we need to promote products that can prevent the issue.

Medical conditions are sensitive issues, and so are spinal, back, and muscle pains.

Even though the problem is so broad and common, I’m disappointed with every brand’s size range. But that didn’t stop me! I went researching and testing brands that offer options other than regular sizes.

But oh, was I surprised by the distinctive choices overweight people are offered to choose products for their size?

I did have something to say about each candidate for the best back brace for overweight people that I have reviewed. I narrowed my reviews down to some of the most important and the top products he will ever use, at least if you ask me.

Trust me on this. This will cover it all.

Before that, you should know when to and when not to wear a back brace, and I’m here to guide you through this.

Back Brace for Overweight People

When Should I Not Wear a Back Brace?

The only time you should not have to wear a back support or just avoid it is when you have pain while resting. Back braces should give you a good posture, fix your body posture after a serious injury or trauma, or just get you in shape.

I think you should not use back freeze as a casual alternative to your posture fixation.

Rather, I’d recommend you book a consultation or appointment with the doctor about the back support device. Moreover, back braces are not meant to be worn all the time, but rather for two hours at least. The time frame depends on the needs of your body.

However, suppose you have an untreated injury or underlying problems related to posture. In that case, I recommend consulting a doctor before using a back brace.

How Do You Know Your Back Braces’ Size?

Okay, it’s hard to get the product your back needs. You need to try out several products, scour the internet for hours, and fail many times.

Or, you COULD read this section of my piece. I have everything set up for my readers. All you need is to follow my instructions, and you’re good!

First things first, find a measuring tape! A soft, not sturdy measuring tape.

Begin by identifying the widest part of your body for the back brace. The part you have to measure is usually on the lower end of your torso and at the start of your hip bone.

Now place the measuring tape on one side of the widest part of your end torso and determine the body circumference without twisting the tape. You have to ensure that the measurement is comfortable and you can inhale and exhale without trouble.

Lastly, keep wrapping the measurement tape until you reach the marked point of the tape and finalize your dimensions. Compare this size with the size that your desired product advertises.

A little tip from someone who has been dealing with back injuries for many years – there will be times when you will not find your exact size on the list. And that’s when the real challenge begins.

If you find yourself struggling between two sizes, it is always recommended to choose the smaller one for a better fit. But with the adjustments and compression, I don’t think it should be a big deal anyway.

And that’s it!

How do you choose a Good Back Support for Fat People?

How Do You Know Your Back Braces Size

Even though it is extremely sad, there are still fewer choices for obese people than for someone who is deemed normal. However, this concept changed for me when I began researching the matter for myself, buying the best back brace for obese or overweight people.

It’s nice to know that brands are expanding their sizes and making people comfortable with their bodies.

Apart from that, this question is really broad. Being overweight has its own stages, and you need to figure that out on your own. So the most I can do is direct you on the path and give you the best advice so that it helps you in the journey.

For being overweight, you need to know the scale and your position right now. Here are the listed tips that can help you with the process:

Check Your Measurements!

First of all, the measurements. Before buying a back brace, you should check the manual or the instructions that come with it that concern sizes. Different brands and models have different measurements that they follow in a certain product.

All you have to do is to take a soft and accurate measuring band. Then, hold it across your waist or lower back (according to the manual) and measure your actual size.

Now don’t get scared if you don’t find the size online or within your chosen brand. Usually, the sizes range along with the usual proportions.

So, if you find measurements close to you or your size, choose the smaller one close to the measurement. This is to ensure that your belt is fit enough for the compression you will need for your back pain.

Make Sure the Material of the Back Support is Comfortable

This one is very important as you will wear your back brace for a long time almost every day. You need to check the material and texture of the belt before you start. Take your time and decide the things you want in your belt that make you feel comfortable.

Choose something you think you would be able to wear the whole time you’re working. Remember to choose a texture or material that is breathable, promotes air ventilation, and doesn’t make you suffocate.

I suggest trying every texture pattern in person and then deciding which one fits you best.

Check the Validity of the Claims

This is an uncommon thing to look for, but you really need to research the claims the brands are making.

When searching for the best back brace for plus-size people, I have seen brands that blatantly promote or promise something impossible to comprehend.

This is where you have to do some personal research and then decide if you want to be a part of their customer community. From my list, I had extensively tried and researched before I listed them, so you can choose any of the braces without any worry, that’s for sure.

Top Rated Back Brace for Overweight people

When I tell you it’s the best, it is the best. Of course, there will be times and cases where my recommendations didn’t work for some. That’s why I’ll focus on the whats along with the whys.

The golden rule is to follow the review of each back brace thoroughly and go through the ‘is this the best fit for you?’ part of the article too.

Here’s to the very first back brace!

MODVEL Back Brace

No products found.

In the intro, I’ve decided the whys and whats of every back brace on the list. In a nutshell, you’ll know why you should get this stuff based on what purpose it serves.

Brace (literally) yourself for witnessing what MODVEL has to offer. This one earned first place in the list with ease. Let’s see why this claims to be the best.

MODVEL’s back brace is designed for body aches and fixation of body posture. This claims to ease your back pain while in the office, driving, exercising, and any sort of movement.

Now, here’s a disclaimer: if you have back pain while resting, then you should not consider wearing a back support belt and definitely consider consulting your doctor as soon as possible.

If it’s not the case, continue reading.

The Claims mostly depend on the materials of the brace and the way it is designed. When I first saw the belt, it looked promising. There were extra removable lumber pads if you decide to remove them. Don’t worry about the thickness. The whole material is premium and breathable.

I expected it to work like a slim belt and make the users sweat within minutes of wearing it. But MODVEL was the exact opposite of that one. It is said to have power VELCRO high-density. I honestly didn’t notice anything remarkable.

I saw people have some trouble with different sizes of this product.

You cannot mess this up. There’s no way. Wrap the measuring tape over your torso’s widest part while breathing normally. Their “Plus Size” range offers flexible options that most brands usually do not offer.

The material arrangements made sense. The makers seem to keep their promises to fix postures and make people stay more active. Apparently, it reduces back pain too. Usually, obese people suffer from chronic backaches. The belt eases stiff muscles to counter that.

I think the manual was easier to follow. You just have to wear it like a regular belt, and that’s it.

The grip is decent. But again, Everything will depend on the correct size option and your posture. Nevertheless, this back brace is versatile and the least awkward to wear in public.

Herein lies one drawback, you might feel uncomfortable wearing it in public as it has lumber pants. But, again, it’s removable, so there’s nothing to worry about. If it fits within the budget, run, don’t walk.

Copper Fit Unisex Adult Pro Back Belt Compression Brace

No products found.

Okay, we’re straight up discussing whats, AKA the claims, right now. So far, with the review, the company’s claims seem spot on.

Before you buy this one, it’s expected to have some expectations. Copper Fit is known to ace this expectation game. This one is a cult fav, and it took no time to instigate my feelings to finally try it out. First, let’s get our facts straight — these are actually built for athletes.

Naturally, it should be the first choice if you are looking for a therapeutic belt. But, don’t misunderstand it by thinking it is only applicable for the weekends. It’s perfect as an everyday accessory as well. You can wear it underneath your work clothes and uniform.

It would be comfortable enough to pull you through the day. This could also easily pass as a posture corrector; you’ll know when you learn about the materials.

The materials are lightweight copper-infused with a fusion of polyester and spandex. In addition, copper Fit added synthetic rubber to the formula to make it more flexible. I think that’s where they made a revolutionary change for the best back brace for overweight people.

I love how they made this a fusion of study and tough yet flexible enough to feed all shapes and sizes. The size chart is usual, but the fit will depend on how you measure and how correct your measurement is.

Just make sure you can breathe normally when measuring your size, and that should do the work. Not too loose too.

Now, how true are these claims? Personally, this is a steal at this price point. My biggest concern was if it was easy to use and maintain the quality.

Turns out, you can actually clean it like you wash your usual clothes and let it air dry.

I recommend using this whenever you want to, especially while working or even during the resting hours. However, you should only be worried about using this if your back still hurts while resting.

Because, most of the time, users are satisfied when they put on the brace.

It fixes the posture instantly with its perfect sizing and sturdy yet flexible material. So yeah, that makes sense. The outlook was not convincing to me, but again, if you’re not into the external exterior, it shouldn’t matter.

The price point is the main attraction, and you can’t convince me otherwise. It’s worth the blind buy if you can grab it at a discount!

BraceAbility Plus Size 2XL Bariatric Back Brace

No products found.

There have been only a few times in history where I have seen the word ‘Plus Size’ has a keyboard in the product of a brand. But, just for this tiny gesture of BraceAbility, the makers managed to instigate my curiosity and try it out. I’m glad I did that; this is one addition to this precious list.

I think the common hindrance an obese person faces is finding a big and tall brace that actually fits them. I have tried including all of them on my list, but this one is an exception just because they have focused on the right thing and are honest about it.

You can easily measure the circumference of the wider part of your belly with a soft and flexible measuring tape.

You don’t have to worry about the sizing anymore. This is where your ‘big and tall brace’ dreams come true. The fit fits everybody. It can be called a ‘waist trimmer’ too. In addition, the lumbosacral wrap provides extra compression with its double pull feature.

The brace also features an aluminum stay, which helps fix your lumber and lower back posture.

The sizing plays an important role in covering up and fixing the posture. As I have already advertised this as the big and tall brace, it lived up to my words.

The orthopedic back binder tapers range from 10 ½” in length in the back. It’s actually 6” in length in the front. The length difference intentionally gives the brace the perfect shape, almost like a corset. However, it still gives your back full coverage and provides full support to your lower back and abdominal region.

Well… if it’s that good and fitting, wouldn’t it suffocate me?

I had this question at the back of my head when I started reading about its qualities. The answer is, no, it wouldn’t. The reason lies in the material and texture of the brace.

The material is latex-free, cruelty-free, and medical-grade elastic, and the padded back part ensures the comfortability of the user. The texture is breathable, and the coolest part is – you can add extra compression with the belt that comes with it.

This compression will help overcome back pain, muscle pain, and pull or tear of sensitive body parts. This could be a great addition for ease to your usual movements too.

In a nutshell, it’s the perfect one to have if you are all about fixing your back posture. The price wouldn’t break your wallet. The only reason to avoid it would be if it didn’t come in your size, which doesn’t often happen. Definitely worth the buy.

RiptGear Back Brace for Lumbar Support

No products found.

Do you happen to see a product and instantly know its worth?

The design and outlook of the RiptGear Back Brace made me feel exactly like that. Although it only comes in two colors (black and blue), it does more than what brands with a huge collection would do. But then again, we love the motto – quality > quantity.

I know that I’m way too influenced by how a certain product looks that it eventually deviates my whole opinion on it. But this one positively influenced me. Before I wanted to try it out, it had different size measurements and instructions to buy.

I love how they pointed out the precautions and the mistakes that can be avoided. That’s a really good start for a beginner. For measurement, do not take your actual waist size for this one. Instead, add a few inches, and then choose the size.

The belt already fits like a corset, so according to them, it would be too tight for you if you took up your exact measurement.

Now when you choose something with that measurement, it’s natural to worry if it doesn’t fit you. However, Misfitting is not a regular phenomenon in this case, as RiptGear made this belt accustomed to being easily adjustable to sizes.

The straps are adjustable, and the material is breathable, which is the only thing you should be concerned about, especially if you are plus-sized. So when I said the belt looked tough and rough, I should have expected it to be rough and tough.

The belt provides the maximum support you can think of, even during the hardest times (literally), like lifting and handling heavy stuff.

The material they use is claimed to be the highest quality of neoprene. This is actually helpful for added compression according to your need, considering the texture. So, it’s breathable, light, and flexible enough to help you move around the corner.

If you are someone who is going to wear this for a long time in a day, this is a texture you should look for.

The design, again, is the component that makes it stand out. It looks tough and feels tough with the right amount of compression. I have learned that it keeps you cool even after all the compression. If that’s true, I’d be worried if you are still not into this.

The shape and comfort are versatile, so it’s the best back support for obese people. If you ask me, the pricing is standard too. It’s stock out all the time, and I had to deal with it too. So, if you see it around, you know what to do!

NeoHealth Lower Back Brace

No products found.

I’ve found an interesting belt… they recommend you use it if you suffer from back pain and advise you to wear it the moment you feel it. Then, the makers claim to control the pain, and you can continue with what you did without any pain.

That’s kind of intriguing to think of. Think of it like this – Obese people with an unhealthy lifestyle or health problems, their health or health issues like body aches might obstruct their regular chores. If you are one of us, you would know how few options we are given on the open market with various body proportions.

This back brace is different and made a stand with their XXL option. To say the least, I’m impressed with their size selection that starts from a healthy person’s size.

Well, the claims are okay, and all, but the real stuff will depend on how well it fits. Or how suffocating it must be. I looked into it, and it did lead me to a positive impact on this product.

It fits like it is hugging the skin but not in an aggressive way. My neighbor’s physical therapist recommended this for good posture. In turn, she definitely recommends everyone who’s thinking of buying it.

About the pain-gone part of this NeoHealth, it makes sense with the fitting and the adjustable features. If you are a student, chances are you are almost always sitting and attending classes or lectures, which actually is terrible for your lower back even if you have a good posture.

Here’s where NeoHealth Lower Back Brace comes to the rescue. As you need to wear a uniform or casual wear, this one fits perfectly and almost doesn’t feel like you’re wearing anything underneath except for the feeling of compression.

People similar to this had claimed that their pain was gone instantly when they were this, which has become a habit. This is claimed to testify to ace lumbar back support and relieve pain related to that.

I like the fact that it naturally tries to make an impact on back pain with some help from technology. And this does the job quite efficiently. This is how the best back brace for overweight people should be. So I’m happy to see that this is already coming to light.

Tips to Lose Weight and Treat Back Pain

Disclaimer: Before you begin to read this part of the article, remember that this is not in any way a piece of medical advice or a place for you if you are already suffering from internal diseases. Instead, all these are the tips that personally worked for me.

Losing weight is a difficult journey, and all of us who have at least attempted once in our life to lose weight are very much aware of it. But, somehow, I was lucky enough to back some tips along with the hard work that actually eased my way into losing weight and also giving myself a break.

I have seen this advice work for my friends and family too. So, I’m gonna share a bit of my advice here just in case it helps people.

I learned this from an MIT-trained physicist and mathematician: The bigger you are, the more energy you burn. The moment I heard it absolutely changed the way I think, and it affected my diet enough to make a change.

But let’s say you don’t want to stay in that position anymore and want a change. What should you do?

Here’s what–

  • From the actual mathematics, I learned that you have to balance your diet and workout routine to notice a change. And for the sake of it, you should plan a meal for a day and make your workout routine and the days you want to work out in a week. Making a routine and getting your life back together is the first step toward a change.
  • When and what to have in your meal is totally up to you. You have full independence over your meal but remember to research calories and the effect they would have on your body before you start to plan your meal. You can look into YouTube and Google or follow people who can help you prepare a full course meal with recipes but with fewer calories. You can add a protein shake if you want. I did it because I did want to gain muscles.
  • Make a workout routine and a schedule with it. Choose and target specific workouts for different body parts and remember to be consistent.
  • If you don’t want to work out or are too tired for that, which shouldn’t be the case, you must walk every morning before doing anything. Find a park or community involved with jogging and join the group. This will motivate you to do better and help you be consistent.
  • Never take any gimmicky or scammy weight loss pills, teas, or anything that promises quick weight loss. 98% of the time, it is never successful.
  • Do not abandon your routine for anything. You have to stick to it till the end of your time. If slacking becomes a habit, it will be very difficult to eliminate it, so choose your choices wisely.
  • Do light yoga or stretch early in the morning. Start slow but be steady.

A change might seem very difficult to comprehend at first, but the results will be worth it.

I want you to know that some advertisements are so gimmicky and create unusual standards that do not exist — Forget all the advertisements that you see on the Internet that someone has lost weight in three days or less. That’s not humanly possible.

Changes might take months, but it will be worth it in the end. Consistency is the key!

Frequently Asked Questions You Have on The Topic


Naturally, it’s a tough subject to cover. so I’ll be answering some of the most asked questions that beginners have before they start. I hope you can pick up a thing or two.

How Many Hours a Day Should You Wear a Back Brace?

I swear I have seen this question since the dawn of time. It’s good to know because the question is only asked by people who care.

This might be excessive, but you can wear your back brace for 23 hours a day. If you have severe back pain or cannot function without wearing a back brace, then it’s obvious that you will need a back brace most of the time in your day.

In these cases, you can wear back braces for a longer time, but I would suggest talking to your doctor or a professional before that.

For people who have no issue and just wear it to prevent future aches, you can wear it for as long as you want but not more than 10 hours a day.

Even though that’s just my opinion, wearing more than 10 hours a day is a bit excessive as there will be constant compression in your back while you’re wearing it.

Are there alternative options to back support belts?

Actually, if you ask me, I don’t think so. Slim belts, corsets, and external compressions might come closer to the function of back support belts, but they will never fill in the gap anyhow.

Should you wear a back brace all day?

This brings me back to elaborate on my answer to the first question. The answer is again connected to the first question: yes, you can wear a back brace 23 hours a day if you feel the need to do so.

But suppose you don’t have any discomfort or a serious problem with the body posture or any professional recommendation. In that case, I don’t think that you should completely rely on a back brace for 24 hours a day.

You need to know that you should not wear a back brace on active pains unless prescribed by professionals.

Final words

I think back braces are a gift combining technology and medical science. I cannot think of a better alternative to cure or even control back pain without the feeling of compressing the back. Where there is back pain, there will always be a back brace.

Obese people, like in the other industry sector, have a hard time finding the sizes that actually fit them. I think that’s why my list will help the people who need help researching and fighting for the best for their body in themself.

The only thing they should be worried about is matching their sizes with the sizes that are available in the brands. In this article, I have already given tips on choosing the best back brace for overweight people.

All that’s left for you is to hunt down the one that suits your needs.


My name is Michael M. Militello, and I want to help you find the right tools and the best products for your next project! As a professional tool expert here in Houston, TX, With my vast tool experience, I can help you choose the right brand, model, and size for the job. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. You can reach me here on my blog and also on Facebook, Twitter , and Pinterest. I look forward to hearing from you!

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