5 Best Magnetic Back Support Belt to Relieve Your Pain In The “Back”

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In everyday life, we put a lot of pressure on our backs. It supports us throughout the entire day. But sometimes, the back needs some support, and you will know when it does. Back pain has become a common problem nowadays.

In the USA, 25% of adults suffer from chronic back pain. I am one of the victims. And this led me to search for an effective solution. Then one day, I stumbled upon the magnetic back support belt. To be honest, I didn’t know what these were. So, I got more into it.

What I found blew my mind.

At first, I had a hard time believing magnet belts could effectively treat back pain. I had no clue magnets had such magical healing power. But after using them for a few weeks, I was left with no doubt. So, should you try it out too? I would say, ‘yes, definitely’.

But it might be difficult to choose the right one among thousands of options. There are a few things to take into account as well. Sounds like a hassle? No worries because I am here to help you out.

In this article, I have talked about the 5 best magnetic back support belts I have personally used and loved. There is a high possibility you will find your ideal belt from this list. However, even if you don’t, I have explained a process you can follow in choosing the perfect product.

Reading this article will take you one step closer to relieving your back pain for good.

best magnetic back support belt

Do Magnets Work for Back Pain: What I Found Out

People believed in magnets from ancient times. For example, Egyptian queen Cleopatra slept with a chunk of magnetic stones on her forehead. But, no, this was not any kind of ritual or anything.

Ancient Egyptians discovered that magnets could relieve different ailments and preserve youth. It somehow clicked for them.

However, I didn’t find any scientific evidence supporting the claim that magnets have such healing power. That’s until my recent encounter with NIH on the internet. The National Institute of Health (NIH) recently ran a few clinical trials for back pains.

Their study shows that magnet is an effective agent for pain management. Magnets CAN ease pains with noticeable efficiency.

This thing influences the iron in the body and affects the blood flow. This impact contributes to the treatment of back pain.

Possible Side Effects of Magnetic Therapy

I’m just gonna give you the answer in a sentence. Magnetic Therapy is reasonably safe with minor side effects. Last time I checked, magnetic Therapy will never cause issues for people.

As magnets can’t directly affect bones or muscles, there is little chance of having any problem in these parts of your body. In fact, magnetic Therapy boosts blood flow, making you more relaxed and calmer.

However, some people may experience nausea, fatigue, palpitation, and vomiting. Unless you have extremely low blood pressure or eczema, magnetic Therapy isn’t something to avoid.

Let me explain. Magnetic Therapy slows down the blood flow. It is a part of its therapeutic process. Your body calms down as the blood pressure decreases. If you already have low blood pressure, decreasing it more can lead to devastating results.

On the other hand, having a magnet stick to your body can cause rash, itchy skin, skin burn, and other common irritations. In addition, if you have skin diseases, the irritation can cause heavy damage to your skin. So be aware of that.

There’s a way to avoid these problems altogether. I keep my skin and the magnet completely clean before every session. This helps with such issues of irritation.

In addition to these, I have also discovered that some serious side effects of magnetic treatment are specific to certain patients. For example, it is not good to take magnetic Therapy if you have a pacemaker in your heart.

Having an insulin pump is also a strong reason to avoid magnetic Therapy. In these conditions, staying in an active magnetic field can hamper your treatment process.

Gynecologists recommend pregnant women avoid magnetic treatment as well. Such treatment can cause pain, dizziness, nausea, and even vomiting during pregnancy.

Top-Rated Magnetic Back Support Belts–I Picked Five!

You will get relief from your back pain with any magnetic belt, but all the options out there won’t work the way you want. The price of these belts varies as well. So, what do you do?

For starters, you can put a bit of faith in me and check out the best-in-class items I have discussed below. Just take a look at the short account of my experience.

1. Maxar BMS-511 Lumbar Support Back Brace

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I am always looking for the most innovative choice while buying a product. While trying to do the same for my magnetic belt, I stumbled upon this Maxar BMS-522 back brace.

This is a masterpiece for its detailed design. I really liked it since day one and still use it every now and then. So what made me obsessed with this? Well, everything!

First thing I noticed here is the design. I can’t get over the amazing attention to detail. Unlike the disappointing setup of Magnetic Therapy’s back belt, I was happy to see that the magnet here is placed in their individual slots.

This way, the magnets didn’t get on top of one another. It may not sound like a lot, but this gave me a seamless experience.

I noticed more unique features in the whole alignment of this belt. As previously mentioned, there are 31 magnets here. 25 are set at the back, while 6 are in the front crate. At first, I thought this was just for the purpose of design.

But later, I realized that this structure gives a 3D bio-magnetic field. This magnetic field, along with the heat-retain material, helps increase blood flow and preserve body heat.

The combined result of these two actions offered me much more comfortable and faster pain relief. I am really impressed with what MAXAR came up with here.

The strong strap here felt very sturdy. I had used it for two weeks straight, but the Velcro remained as firm as new even after all the stress. Though the robust material didn’t feel quite premium, it was a comfortable belt to wear.

It didn’t interrupt me while bending down or running around. The breathable elastic adds more to the comfort. It kept the retained body heat at a tolerable level.

I immediately noticed the benefit it brought. There was no sweating or itching. You will realize what a relief this is if you have problems with allergies.

But this comfortable, unique back brace has some downsides. Interestingly, none of these issues bothered me the slightest bit. Let me explain. The belt comes in different sizes. But it won’t fit on more than a 45-inch waist.

When my sister tried it on her waist, it wasn’t comfortable at all. Hip movement, such as walking, caused the belt to slide up and out of position.

In other words, this belt is not designed for women.

However, this is an amazing choice if you’re a male with a waist size of less than 45”. The groundbreaking design and the top-quality build material didn’t fail to satisfy me, and it won’t make you regret it either.

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2. Thermal Magnetic Therapy Lumbar Support Belt Lower Back Brace for Men and Women

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When I spend my hard-earned money on something, I want the product to be worth every penny. Unfortunately, most of the magnetic lower or upper back braces don’t live up to my expectations.

But this is not the case regarding the Thermal Magnetic Therapy Lumbar belt. This is a multi-purpose belt with the ability to not only ease back pain but more.

It was more comfortable than I was hoping. The most eye-catching thing about this product is its self-heating feature and soft-foamy body. The experience of this combination is just soothing. Overall, I would say it’s a worthy purchase.

This Thermal Magnetic Therapy comes with 3500 gauss magnets. Add to that, the belt heats by itself. On paper, this thing should help preserve body heat and improve metabolism and blood circulation. But does it work in real life? I can confidently say that it does.

After using this belt for about a week, I noticed that the effect of its 3500 gauss magnets significantly eased my back pain. And after that, I don’t have any doubt about its efficiency.

I know I shouldn’t declare something the best magnetic back support belt without considering certain things. So trust me, I am not doing that. This magnetic therapy belt makes sure to tick all the boxes. It’s not only effective but very comfortable as well.

Before opening the package, I hoped to see a heavy, bulky belt. But when I pulled it out of the box, I could not help but wonder how such a thin, flexible belt could contain 3500 gauss magnets! It’s super comfortable to weak.

After a while, I even forgot I had something tied around my waist. I ran with it, walked with it, and even jumped around. The belt allowed me freedom of movement throughout the time.

The size is perfect as well. My uncle wrapped it around his 46” waist and seemed quite happy. On it, the straps featuring dual adjustment offer customizable fit and compression. This is the feature that gave this belt a universal perfect fit.

The only trouble I had here was with the Velcro. The Velcro didn’t hold up as strongly after a few wears. But I will be lying if I say this didn’t disappoint me.

Thermal Magnetic Therapy will be my first choice as a person who exercises regularly. Can you guess why? I experience muscle pull, stress, back pain, and whatnot in my everyday life.

However, a single magnetic therapy belt heals all these aches. I have tested and noticed that it’s an ideal belt not only for back pain but also for sore muscles, sciatica, herniated disc, and hip pain release. The self-heating tourmaline does the magic here.

After putting it on for the first time, I could feel the heat on my back. Through retaining body heat, this belt relieved me from my back pain and the sore muscles I had invited during my morning yoga.

Get this compact therapeutic tool if you’re into regular exercise, recently had surgery, or if you worked for a long time. Why? Because it’s quickly effective, lightweight and fits naturally with your waist.

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3. Thoracic Back Brace

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The Thoracic Back Brace is completely different from the other magnetic braces discussed earlier. It’s unique and easily won the title of the best magnetic back support belt in my heart.

Why? For starters, it didn’t only ease my back pain. It took care of my shoulder and neck as well. Moreover, it fixed my posture. Yes, this back brace single-handedly fixed the bad posture I had been struggling with for years.

As I was saying, this is a brace with a structure different from the rest of my contenders. I really liked its design. By the mere look of it, I thought this would be an unpleasant item to put on and… well, I have never been so wrong.

The arm paddings made this brace comfortable to wear. In addition, the paddings prevented the braces from cutting or rubbing against my shoulders and arm-pit.

In fact, the pads were so soft I liked having the brace on me.

Now let’s clarify one thing. This brace is not designed solely for back pain. Its main purpose is to offer a perfect posture. At first, I had no idea how something as flexible as this could fix my posture. But after putting it on, I felt the slight pressure on my back.

This pressure made my back muscles stiffer with time. And the tighter my muscle got, the more straight my back became. And eventually, my posture drastically improved. I am not kidding. The hundreds of reviews of this product on amazon agree with me!

But how does this fix back pain?

There are magnets strategically placed throughout the back brace. I cannot help but praise how they have managed to spread the magnets all over this thin structure.

With this brace, I can feel the magnets healing on my back, neck, and shoulder.

This way, my neck, back, and shoulder are getting magnetic therapy. Above all, this is happening while my posture is getting fixed.

The material is sufficiently breathable and compact as well. For weighing less than 10 pounds, this thoracic back brace became my partner during my workdays.

I got one for my wife too. They have convenient designs for women, unlike most back braces I see nowadays.

Although I wish the Thoracic brace offered a bit more flexibility while it’s on my body. I had to struggle to bend down while wearing this thing.

In my opinion, the structure is a bit sturdier than it needs to be. As a result, I always have to put extra force while bending down. This has resulted in minor muscle pull once or twice.

But I don’t mind ignoring this minor issue because of the value this brace is offering. Admittedly, the price is not the cheapest, but it doesn’t fall into the category of “expensive” as well. In other words, I think it’s a worthy purchase.

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4. MAIBU Removable Self-Heating Magnetic Therapy Support Brace

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It is hard to find a good magnetic back brace at an affordable price. I get it. The price of the magnets and the overall cost of getting everything together makes it impossible to keep the cost low. But I needed something that won’t dig through my wallet like crazy.

After browsing the internet for some time, I came across this MAIBU self-heating magnetic therapy brace. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying this is the cheapest option out there.

You can get such a belt at a lower price, I agree. But it is better to suffer back pain than purchase such items. So in searching for a cheap but effective magnetic therapy belt, I realized that this MAIBU product is a winner.

To be honest, I didn’t have any expectations about this belt. But it impressed me in many ways. But, of course, build quality will have to be the first thing on that list.

The fish-ribbon fabric of this belt didn’t feel cheap at all. On the contrary, its breathable soft fabric is something I recommend for magnetic back belts because they keep my back comfortable and prevent excessive sweating. In addition, I found that the overall build is unbelievably sturdy.

Waist support significantly reduced excessive motion and vibration while I was on my daily exercise routine. This makes my exercises more effective.

Along with the comfort and efficiency, I found conveniences I wasn’t expecting. The compression bandage is incredibly flexible. I could adjust the elastic tension according to my need. I could do this while ensuring the belt remains on the waist.

If you have used a magnetic back belt or brace before, then you know what I am talking about.

May it be regular exercise or office, I didn’t have to take it off for once. It didn’t cause an itching or burning sensation on my back. The whole thing isn’t that heavy as well.

In fact, the longer I had it on, the more relief I had. I think I will be taking it on hiking trips as well. This product will give reputed brands a run for their money!

At some point, it is even better than expensive options. For example, this MAIBU belt is suitable for both men and women. Whereas the expensive counterpart, the Maxar belt, is only suitable for men. I don’t know how MAIBU managed to do all these while keeping the cost lower than a pair of socks!

Some points DO stop me from recommending it to everyone. There have been cases where this MAIBU belt caused irritations even in people who don’t have any kind of allergies.

Some reported that the belt burned their back, while others complained it didn’t heat up. These mixed reviews from my friends and colleagues got me confused.

But I think it’s worth the shot. Considering your price, I think the belt offers a lot. And if things don’t meet your need, you can always return them with zero hassle!

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If anyone asks,“What the main feature of a magnetic back brace should be?”Majority of our votes will go to comfort. If you are uncomfortable with the belt around your waist, you have no use for it.

After all, you are thinking of buying one for comfort. But unfortunately, I have noticed that all the magnetic back belts out there don’t have this convenience (although all of them should).

However, suppose you are looking for something similar. In that case, I can recommend a belt that will give you the utmost comfort and convenience at an affordable price.

This magnetic back support belt by Magnetic Therapy felt very lightweight to me. This is definitely a flexible tool, ideal for people of all ages. There’s no need to worry about waist size as well. The large size of this belt easily fits a 46” waist.

This size should perfectly wrap around you. Well, at least it works for me, and I have a 43” waist. The texture is made for comfort. One touch gave me a premium feel.

This magnetic back support belt is too good. It’s made from neoprene (as many back braces are). It’s a synthetic rubber produced from polymerized chloroprene. Let me dumb down what it means. This material gives a soft and super-flexible experience.

Interestingly enough, the material is not too thick. I liked this thing about the belt. I had no problem laying down while it was hooked up around my waist.

Yes, it has hooks and loops. But I discovered that it is possible to close it using magnets.

Enough with comfort and convenience. Let’s focus on how it works. This belt has 29 powerful neodymium magnets. According to the product description on the packaging, these are north poles facing 800 gauss magnets.

If you don’t know much about magnetic strength, let me clarify. A magnetic field of over 300 – 500 gauss is enough to relieve back pains. The more, the better.

How? More gauss means faster action. With over 25 magnets of 800 gausses, you can expect to get rid of your pain in a much shorter time. I know all these are in theory.

However, the practical application didn’t disappoint me as well. It really did work like magic and gave me a faster result. What I like most about this band is its comfortable experience. This, merged with the fast efficiency, made the belt an amazing choice for me.

But I will be lying if I say this comes without fault. Though I had a good experience for the first few days, things got painful after a week or two. The problem is that the magnets are not sewn in. I noticed that the magnets attach themselves to each other, forming a single row of magnets. This felt unpleasant on the back.

Yes, I could adjust the magnet back to their position just by pushing them around, but it’s something I don’t feel like doing every time I put the belt on.

But hey, if you are lucky enough, your belt may not give you this pain in the neck (or should I say, ‘pain’ in the waist)

Lastly, I like the fact that this belt is not that expensive. You can get the whole thing at a reasonable price. Considering the comfort and convenience, I recommend getting this belt if you find it available in the marketplace.

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How To Find the Ideal Magnetic Back Support Belt?

Let me be honest right of the bat. “Ideal” is nothing but relative. What works for me, might not work for you. I understand if you don’t find my list of products particularly helpful.

That’s why I’ve come up with this segment. I’ll be addressing the factors that’ll help you make a better purchase.

How To Find the Ideal Magnetic Back Support Belt

Check If It Does Go Along with Your Body

More or less, all the magnetic back braces will heal your back pain. But not all of them will feel comfortable with you. In addition, you have to take body shape and waist size into consideration.

Waist size is a crucial factor. The belt you choose should be built for your waist. May your waist be 30” or 50”. If you look for it hard enough, I believe you can find one for any waist. There’s always a perfect match somewhere. You just have to find it out.

However, waist size is not all. Therefore, body type should be considered important as well.

You definitely have already noticed that male and female bodies are different. There are significant differences, especially in the shape of the waist. These shapes have their ideal belt. I know there are unisex belts, and they are amazing and all.

Unless you want to share the brace with others, go for one that exclusively fits your body type. For example, I would recommend Maxar’s belt if you are a male. They are an amazing fit for the male structure.

On the other hand, there is no equal to Thoracic Back Brace for the ladies out there. They have braces tailor-made for women. So, check that out if you are looking for the best thing.

Can You Wear It All the Time?

I don’t know about you, but I keep my magnetic belt on me for most of the day. I take it to the office, jogging, and sometimes I even go to dinners having them on.

No, I’m not dependent on them. The products heal my stressed muscles, which I need them for. Many of you will relate to what I am saying. And if you do, you surely wish for a belt you could always wear.

Well, I found many belts that are not only super-comfy but are ultra-compact. Tuck them beneath your shirt or tank top. Put on a nice dress over the belt, and don’t worry about showing what you’ve got under!

Yes, such slim and flexible belts are available in the market now.

I like Magnetic Therapy when the priority is a compact product. These guys use breathable material and thin magnets with some final touch of seamless Velcro. The whole thing just blended into my body.

Apart from the fact that it becomes invisible when I put a shirt over it, this is incredibly flexible. The freedom of movement I get is just so satisfying.

Honestly, I even forget I have my belts on during my busy days. This is the kind of thing you need every day around your waist!

What Is the Belt Made Of?

The material of a magnetic belt is a crucial element and closely related to your environment. No, I’m not talking BS. Hear me out.

Till now, I have seen belts made from neoprene and belts made from nylon, polyester, spandex, etc. All of them were durable. Their robust build quality left no room for complaints about longevity. But that’s not my concern here.

Build material affects your comfort and the efficiency of the belt. For example, some magnetic belts have breathable fabric, while some don’t. Both are convenient for their ideal situations.

What do I mean? Let me tell you what I do. During the winter days, I pick up a belt made with neoprene material (in case you are wondering, I use Magnetic Therapy’s belt) because it keeps me warm.

Neoprene is a best-in-class material for back braces, but they are not breathable. This is not essentially a wrong thing, and that’s why I prefer neoprene.

The fact that it’s unbreathable helps the belt to retain heat more effectively. This healed my back while giving me the warmth I enjoyed.

But I will never put something on like this during summer. This thing will definitely burn my back and cause rashes. And if you have rashes, I recommend you stay leagues away from neoprene. I prefer a soft, slim, breathable belt on days of sweat and heat.

I know retaining body heat is necessary to fix the back pain. But a nylon or spandex belt won’t prevent that. Instead, they will just prevent the build-up of sweats, and that’s what you need.

How Much Are You Paying?

I found thousands of magnetic back belts over the past few years. To be honest, the belts were more or less the same, with slight changes here and there.

Even then, their prices varied to a great degree. I have seen them all, from magnet therapy belts costing $10 to products that are more expensive than a regular smartphone.

But if I am being realistic, no one will buy a $350 therapy belt unless you have tons of money lying around.

So, how much should you pay? In my experience, a good, worthy belt doesn’t cost more than 25 bucks. In fact, you can get a good belt for under $20 as well.

This is the budget you should have in your pocket. But don’t go for anything as cheap as $5. The product will cause you more pain instead of saving you from yours! (just kidding).

If you are unsure which belt to buy with your budget, check out my picks! All of them are affordable, and undoubtedly, they are the best at their price.

My Final Thoughts on the Topic

After trying out tons of back support belts, I have finally found the ideal one.

Magnetic Therapy’s product won me over. Its overall design and comfort perfectly suit my body. I believe this same one can be the best magnetic back support belt for you.

However, if your problem arises from your hunched back, go for Thoracic Back Brace. It will fix your posture while healing your back pain.

But you don’t have to follow my suggestions if they don’t meet your needs. As you can see, you have other choices available as well. All the alternatives are made from top-notch material and are built for fast healing.

In addition, I have made sure to include the items that won’t run your pocket dry. Overall, I am certain you will find the best magnetic back brace from my picks.

Have faith in my choice or follow my instructions to discover something on your own. Either way, you are sure to get one step closer to eliminating your back pain.


My name is Michael M. Militello, and I want to help you find the right tools and the best products for your next project! As a professional tool expert here in Houston, TX, With my vast tool experience, I can help you choose the right brand, model, and size for the job. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. You can reach me here on my blog and also on Facebook, Twitter , and Pinterest. I look forward to hearing from you!

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