Why Use A Rear Handle Circular Saw- 9 Key Benefits Compared to Rear Handle!

The rear handle circular saw has made its fame right after its launch and its popularity has surged rapidly over time. Why is there such popularity over this saw when there is a number of circular saws circling around the market?

The main reason for its popularity is due to higher torque and extended reach that aids in cross-cutting. The ergonomics is so pristine that it has fewer kickbacks.

If you are not content with such a concise answer, look for more in this article.

Why Use A Rear Handle Circular Saw

What Is A Rear Handle Circular Saw?

The rear handle circular saw is exactly what the name suggests. The handle is set at the rear end of the circular saw as the motor is set at the front of the handle. There are many kinds of circular saws, but the motor’s position dictates the core types of the circular saw.

The rear handle circular saw has a brushless motor attached to the body. Due to this, this circular saw forms more torque and speed. If the rear handle circular saw is worm driver type, the blade will be on the left side. Most cordless circular saws are left-handed as it provides you better visibility and this particular saw is no different.

Why Use A Rear Handle Circular Saw?

Every type of circular saw has its own purpose and pros. A rear handle circular saw is widely popular among expert folks inconstruction. So, before you get your hands on that saw, you should learn why you should get a hand on it and whether you are eligible to handle the rear handle circular saw or not.

1. Lots Of Torque

Torque is the force that makes an object rotate. The more powerful the torque is, the faster the object would rotate. A rear handle circular saw has a lot more torque than the sidewinders because of the positioning of the motor.

As the motor’s placement on a rear handle circular saw is on the right side, it provides better high-ratio speed reduction. So, even if the revolutions per minute (RPM) is higher in sidewinders, the rear handle circular saw has more torque capacity.

2. Extended Reach

Another significant feature of this circular saw is its capability for extended reach. This feature is very helpful in crosscutting sheets. The blade on the rear handle circular saw has more room for itself and hence the material it is cutting is dug deeper by this blade.

You don’t have to have larger blades for this as well. A regular blade on a rear handle circular saw will reach deeper than the same blade on a sidewinder circular saw. the 90-degree and 45-degree cuts have more accuracy rate than other circular saws.

3. More Power

Due to the higher torque and circular saw design, it is more forceful and powerful than usual. Because the rear handle circular saw can take up more load without setting any kickbacks. The balance of the motor and blade makes the circular saw easier to handle and manage.

The power doesn’t come via magic. Simple physics has made it possible. With the extended design and weight of the saw, the blade can distribute power more evenly. So, the blade runs faster than any other type of circular saw and possesses the capacity to cut more.

4. Ergonomics

Ergonomics is a mechanism to determine the efficiency of a tool or machine in the workforce. The efficiency of this rear handle circular saw is impeccable. It is indeed true that just placing the handle at the rear end would not make a significant difference.

But it will certainly play a hosting role for other factors. Due to the shape of the saw, your hand will be more forceful while keeping your body straight. This gives you the advantage of managing the blade better. Also, the even distribution of the weight of the circular saw makes it easier to cut the material swiftly.

5. Few Kickbacks

Kickbacks are a very irritating issue while using a circular saw. This happens due to the uneven tension between the motor and the blade. It alters the traction of your hand and makes the cut less straight and bumpy.

A rear handle circular saw is a real gem to overcome this problem. The power of this saw is so well-balanced, and the weight distribution is so organized that the blade will run smoothly on the surface of the material like you are cutting a cake. But remember to ditch your old blades and commit to newer ones for maximum benefits.

6. Better Balance In Crosscutting

A circular saw is more of an expert in straight cuts region. But thanks to the rear handle circular saw, it is more capable of crosscutting as well. Because of the reach the blade gives you with this particular saw, cross cuts become more smooth and more accurate.

7. Capacity To Carry Load

As the weight distribution of this saw is even, it can carry a higher amount of load than any other circular saw. At the same time, this rear handle circular saw is very lightweight. Also, as it is designed to be used with both hands, you will not feel pressured and heavy to lift the saw. The average worm drive rear handle circular saw weighs 13-14 lbs.

8. Clear Visibility

The blade is positioned on the left and the motor and other relevant parts are on the right side of the blade. This makes it ideal for the right-handed user. This provides clear visibility of the cutline. Also, due to its design, your body is less arched. So, your eyes can be more relaxed and focused on the cutline as well.

9. Less Friction At The Base Plate

The base plate of the circular saw is longer than any usual one of the other circular saws. This helps to attach to the surface of the material better. So, you will find no friction on the base plate and you can cut the material more accurately.

Some Tips To Remember

  • Use both hands while using the rear handle circular saw. As the saw is more lengthy than other ones, the cuts would be very crusty if you lose control over the circular saw.
  • There are lots of cordless and battery-operated rear handle circular saws available in the market. If the material you are cutting is rusty and uneven, use a cordless version.
  • While buying a rear handle circular saw, always check the quality of heat resistance in that model. As these saws are extremely powerful, they generate more heat.
  • A LED guide light assistance will lead your way while using the rear handle circular saw. The latest models come with LED lights.

People Also Ask


Are all rear handle circular saws with worm drive?

There is no hard and fast rule that all rear handle circular saws must be with worm drive, but you will find mostly these types of models in the market. Because the duo is so unparallel and compliments each other so firmly, there are hardly any alternatives to these. In most cases, a rear handle circular saw is termed a worm drive saw.

Where is the blade’s position on a rear handle circular saw?

Usually, the blade is located at the left side of the circular saw, providing a more precise view of the cutline. Most worm-drive circular saws have blades on the left. As there is a distance between the handle and the blade, the user has to bend less while using a rear handle circular saw. So, when the blade is on the left side, a user’s posture can be parallel to the blade.

Should I use a rear handle circular saw as a beginner?

A rear handle circular saw is not an ideal choice for novice and low-experienced workers. The best option for them is certainly a direct drive saw or sidewinder. The blade is adjacent to the motor and the distance is significantly reduced. This gives the user more control over the tool. Also, the lightweight feature plays an advantage for beginners.

Final Words

The world of the circular saw is ever-evolving. But even with such fast tides, some time-immemorial treasures always retain their place. A rear handle circular saw might not be here forever, but it has emerged to withhold its position in the industry for a long time. From power to cut, this circular saw excels at every step.


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