We Tested Every Circular Saw To Find What Size Circular Saw To Cut 6×6 Lumber!

For any construction worker, a 6×6-inch deck post is a nightmare you work with. Obviously, one can’t cut such a voluminous block with bare hands. So, you will need help from an electrical machine to cut and shape the 6×6 blocks. But can a circular saw do it?

A circular saw with a blade sized 7 ¼ inches is capable of cutting the 6×6 deck post. This blade can make a 2 ½ inch deep cut in one setting. However, some 16 5/16 inches circular saws can cut the block in one go.

For a smooth and straight cut, learn more in detail here.

What Size Circular Saw To Cut 6x6

What Circular Saw Blade To Cut 6×6?

Circular saw blade comes in various shapes and sizes. Not every circular saw is fit to cut every block or deck post. Especially when the block is as thick as 6×6, you need the correct blade for a safe and smooth cut. If you are looking for a 7 ¼ circular saw, you can consider SKIL 1/4 Inch Circular Saw.

There is a common misconception that a 6×6 block is 6 inches in all edges. However, in reality, a 6×6 inch block is 5 and a half. Even so, this is quite a thick block to run through the circular saw. There are two blades that can cut a 6×6 post. Let us learn about them.

7 ¼ Inch Circular Saw Blade

Cutting a 6×6 block with a 7-and-a-quarter-inch circular saw blade is the most common practice among DIY folks. Since you can’t cut the 6×6 block with this in one go, you need to rotate the panel four times and cut them on a similar angle.

Even though there are larger circular saws out there, you can’t use them to cut a 6×6. This is not because those large circular saws are not widely available. There are 8 ¼ and 10 ¼ inch saw available too. So, why not use a bigger one?

Why Cut 6×6 With 7 ¼ Circular Saw?

Because a 7 ¼ inch circular saw can’t cut the 6×6 post in a single pass, neither can 8 ¼ or 10 1/4. When you are using a 7 ¼ inch circular saw, you can get a 2 ½ deep cut on the block with a 90-degree depth cut. So, when you rotate the block and cut each of the sides 2 ½ inches deep, you can cut a 6×6 block.

On the contrary, an 8 ¼ inch circular saw cuts 2 7/8 inches deep at a 90-degree angle, and a 10 ¼ inch circular saw can cut 2.75 inches. This depth is not an ideal match when you rotate the block and cut it again at the same depth level.

When you are cutting the subsequent cuts, the extra depth from the first cut will interfere with the next cuts, and it will be next to impossible to finish the cut with a smooth and balanced layer. But you won’t have to face this issue with a 7 ¼ inches blade.

Depth Capacity

However, it is equally important to make sure that the circular saw blade is at its maximum depth capacity. The depth of the blade is usually the plate’s radius subtracting the arbor diameter or flange nut. However, the depth is not fixated and can be adjusted according to the material’s depth.

For the 6×6 deck post, the 7 ¼ inch circular saw must be at the maximum capacity of depth, which is 2 ½ inches. If you are using a sidewinder saw, the depth capacity should be a little reduced from the maximum capacity. Because the rafter square might collide with the motor housing of the sidewinder saw otherwise.

Rotating The Block

As you can’t cut the 6×6 block in a singular pass, you need to mark the cutting edge precisely with a pen and a rafter square. A rafter square will ensure that the markings on each side can be equal and similar to each other.

Setting the blade’s maxed depth, put the blade over the cutline you drew earlier. For some guidance, attach a rafter square that can flash the edge of the block and fix it against the circular saw’s shoe to lead you through. Don’t remove the square from the shoe before finishing.

Using the kerf from the fresh cut, align the blade to the next side and reshuffle the rafter square again. For a thick block like 6×6, there will be a lingering center material which you need to cut with a reciprocating saw, or a hand saw.

16 5/16 Inch Circular Saw

Some brands are introducing the largest 16 5/16 circular saw that is capable to cut the 6×6 block in one go. This circular saw was invented keeping in mind to give a clear cut to 6×6 block cuts. You won’t have to go through the hassle of rotating and aligning the mark anymore.

Although they are not widely popular and used frequently, you can find them on amazon. SKIL 16-5/16 Inch Circular saw is one of a kind that you can consider buying. However, if there are no piles of 6×6 blocks in your zone waiting to be cut, you shouldn’t probably go for it. As you can use a 7 ¼ inch circular saw, why waste money on another one?

Some Tips To Remember

  • When you are done with the first cut, rotate to the next side and use the kerf made out from the first cut to position the circular saw blade.
  • After each cut, reposition the rafter square and make sure they are aligned correctly against the circular saw’s shoe.
  • With a circular saw, the finish of the 6×6 block will be rough and edgy. You can smooth it out easily with a handsaw or reciprocating saw.
  • For a clean cut, use a 16 5/16 circular saw. Mark the cutline with a pencil and set the depth at the maximum capacity.

People Also Ask


How to adjust the blade depth to cut 6×6?

To cut 6×6 with a 7 ¼ inch circular saw, you will need the maximum capacity of the depth. For a 7 ¼ blade, the maximum depth is 2 and a half with a 90-degree angle. If the depth is not in the right setting, you can set them manually.

All you have to do is shift the base shoe or footplate. You will find the footplate lever behind the blade guard. By unlocking the lever, you can move the footplate up or down as per your requirement.

For this cut, you need your footplate all the way down. After adjusting the footplate, you need to lock the base shoe again when you hear a click. If you are unsure about the maximum level, you can measure it with a ruler.

What are the alternatives to cut 6×6 blocks?

There are lots of options available if you don’t want to use a circular saw to cut 6×6. The most popular option is a miter saw. This saw also has a circular saw, and you can cut a 6×6 with a 12-inch blade on a miter saw.

Another option is a chainsaw. It can cut the 6×6 lumber in a single pass, but the blade must be shaped and edgy to withhold such depth. Also, secure the 6×6 material tightly so that it can’t slip away or shift from its position.

A chop saw can be used to cut the 6×6 also. You will need a 10-inch blade for that. However, you can’t achieve a clean cut at the first go. Eventually, you will be able to cut the 6×6 altogether at once.

What size circular saw can cut 4×4?

Although you can use a 7 ¼ inch or 6 ½ inch circular saw, the best option for you will be a 10 ½ inch one. Yes, they are a bit heavy to lift but you can get a clear cut with this. Because a 4×4 is 3.5 inches and a 10 ½ circular saw can cut 3.6 inches at maximum capacity.

Final Words

It is legitimately confusing to choose the right blade size for the right material. When the material is as thick as 6×6, opting for the correct blade size is the most crucial. I am sure now you can cut the 6×6 with the correct 7 ¼ inch circular saw.


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