JB Weld Reviews & Guide: The Right Tool For Any Job!

For years traditional torch welding has been the go-to method for repairing and joining materials with metallic surfaces.

More so, homeowners often resort to different glue forms for improving items and filling up cracks and holes in their homes. The result is not usually satisfying because with variable products come variable results.

The search for a universal bonding product with versatile applications has finally come to an end.

Savvy DIYers and mechanics can now use JB weld bonding products capable of bonding various materials with a lasting result.

I will be taking you through the best JB weld reviews you can find online in a minute.

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JB Weld Reviews Guide

What does JB weld work on?

JB Weld offers a diverse range of adhesives ideal for home projects, with products designed to adhere to virtually any surface.

The adhesive products can be used on a lot of surfaces, some of which are listed below:

• Glass
• Ceramic
• Wood
• Metal
• Plastic
• Concrete
• Fiberglass
• Composite
• Pvc

They also have products suitable for underwater projects.

The wonderful thing about JB Weld is that they have products that are functionally suited for a wide range of applications.

For example, there are products for both structural projects and general bonding in the category of plastic adhesive.

Who should buy JB Weld?

Who doesn’t have one or two items in their homes that need to be repaired? Or a gap that they’ve been meaning to fill.

Anyone with breakable appliances or property should have at least one of JB Weld’s universal application products on hand.

JB Weld offers a variety of products that are appropriate for various materials. Unless you are a mechanic, carrying all of the different types of adhesive products at once may be impractical.

However, as a home or property owner, it is best to keep one or two universal application products on hand at all times because you never know when the need will arise.

For kids that occasionally break items at home without wanting their parents to find out, JB weld got you covered with their Clear weld products.

You can now repair that broken vase or expensive chinaware without your parents finding out. Phew, what a relief, right?

Before we go any further, let’s take a quick review of some of the numerous products JB weld has to offer.


J-B Weld Original Cold-Weld Steel Reinforced Epoxy is a two-part epoxy system that can be used on various surfaces. The product is made up of two adhesive tubes that, when mixed in a 1:1 ratio, provides a long-lasting bonding solution for your appliances.

Great tensile strength:

When a bond is applied to a product, its strength is measured in terms of tensile strength.

The original J-b weld product has a tensile strength of up to 5020 Psi. This makes it ideal for metallic, automotive, plumbing, and many other household appliances that require strong bonding.

Time of Use:

The set time for a product of this strength is relatively short. Unlike most products, which require a set time of up to 24 hours, JB weld has a set time of 4 -6 hours.

The set time is the amount of time it takes for the adhesive to form a satisfactory bond. This means that after 4-6 hours of applying the original cold weld, you can work on other projects without worrying about the previously bonded work.

Cure time:

Cure time is the amount of time it takes for an adhesive to dry completely. The original cold weld product cures entirely in about 16 to 24 hours, after which you can use the item as before. Excellent bonding in less than 24 hours, right?

Versatile applications:

Most adhesives have a preferred application surface. Some only stick to wood, fiberglass, or plastic, depending on the situation.

JB Weld’s original cold weld product bonds to almost any dry and clean surface, providing a permanent bonding solution.

Gone are the days when you had to carry around various types of glue or go to a repair shop for broken appliances.

Water and Chemical resistance:

It’s one thing to apply glue to a surface, but what happens when that surface comes into contact with water, petroleum products, or chemicals?

With the original cold weld, you don’t have to worry again. The JB weld adhesive is resistant to water, chemicals, petroleum and even acid.

Pros and Cons

The use of cold weld has numerous advantages. For starters, cold weld is impervious to water, petroleum, and chemical attack.

Furthermore, it sets in 4-6 hours and cures in less than 24 hours.

The most significant benefit is that it can be used on various products; it’s like having the superman of bonds in your toolbox in a tiny packet.

The downside of using the product is that it fails when exposed to temperatures exceeding 600 degrees Fahrenheit. It also has a dark grey color when set, which some people may find unappealing.


Water weld is an epoxy putty stick designed to make repairs on hard moist surfaces or surfaces that are underwater.

To make use of water weld, cut a little part of the putty stick depending on the size of the repair you need to make.

Kneed the putty that was cut out with your hand, then proceed to apply it onto the surface that needs the repair.

Cure and set time:

Like the original cold weld bond, the water weld glue has a very fast curing and set time.

The water weld sets in about 25 mins and cures within one hour, which is very fast for a product that works underwater.

This makes sealing water leaks relatively fast and eliminates the need to call a plumber for water leaks around the house.


When applying glues, we are always advised to apply them on dry surfaces to ensure optimal function. However, you can apply the water weld glue on both moist surfaces and even underwater.

The water weld putty glue was designed specifically to work with moist surfaces and is optimum for moist and underwater applications.

Versatile applications:

The water weld glue does not just stop at moist and underwater use. It can also be applied to other surfaces around the house and garage.

It comes as a putty stick and can easily be applied to any variety of surfaces or holes once kneaded properly.

Great strength:

The water weld putty stick maintains the great tensile strength that is synonymous with JB weld products. When fully cured, the water weld glue creates a strong and permanent bond with the surface.

This eliminates the need of having to revisit the leak from time to time to effect more repairs. When it comes to JB weld, one glued surface can last for years without repairs.

Pros and Cons

Water weld has numerous advantages; the most important of them is that it eliminates the need to contact a plumber to fix simple home leakages.

It also has multipurpose uses, making it ideal for repairing and filling cracks that are not water-related.

The beautiful thing about water weld is the speed with which it sets and cures, making it a great tool for emergencies.

The major downside to this product is its temperature limitation of 300F. The glue starts to fail when exposed to temperatures above 300F.


The JB Marine weld is similar to the original cold weld. The Marine weld is a two-part epoxy cold weld glue which is optimal when mixed in a 1:1 ratio. Just as the name implies, the marine weld is great for boats, ships and other water vehicles.

Great tensile strength:

The Marine weld has great tensile strength. When fully cured, it boasts up to 5010 PSI which is phenomenal for boats and other marine vehicles.

The Marine weld forms a very strong bond that can resist harsh temperatures up to 600F.

Cure and set time:

Water weld sets in about 4 to 6 hours and takes anywhere within 15 to 24 hours to cure. After applying Marine weld on a surface, you can handle that surface within 4 to 6 hours without posing any damage to it. While in about 24 hours, you can put it back to work.


The Marine weld is great for working on boats, watercraft, deck and hull accessories and other water vessels.

However, in situations where you have no other JB weld products, you can also use it on fiberglass, plastic, PVC and other underwater situations.

Pros and Cons

Marine weld is not just great for boats and water vessels; it’s also suitable for other underwater projects.

The marine weld has great strength and forms strong bonds on surfaces, making it optimum for boats and other materials with constant contact.

The disadvantage of Marine weld is that it is a bit pricey when compared to the original cold weld product considering the latter is more versatile in application.


Plastic weld is a two-part adhesive epoxy system that is great for bonding plastics. Plastic weld comes in a wide assortment of adhesives, with each having a specific bonding purpose.

Wide assortment of adhesives:

Plastic weld comes in various adhesives forms with each differing in its applications.

When bonding hard plastics, use JB weld quick setting plastic bonder. For filling cracks and holes, use plastic weld.

While for plastics with structural purpose, use JB weld high strength plastic bonder.

Great strength:

Plastic weld has a very great tensile strength. Quick setting plastic weld has a tensile strength of 3900 Psi, while the high strength plastic bonder boasts a tensile strength of up to 5020 PSI.

Its great strength makes it great for bonding various types of plastics with versatile purposes.

Versatile applications:

Plastic weld can be used on other materials apart from plastics. Although it works best on plastic, it can also be used on ceramic, fiberglass and automotive materials.

This makes plastic weld a great tool to have around in your toolbox at all times.

Ultra fast set time:

The quick setting plastic weld can set in as little as 5 minutes while taking about an hour to cure.

Should you have an emergency that needs quick action, be sure to have a pack of plastic weld lying around. It certainly would not disappoint you.

Pros and Cons

Plastic weld is great for emergencies because it sets very quickly, which makes it a must-have. Plastic weld also boasts great strength which comes in handy when working with plastics that has structural applications.

However, plastic weld forms a yellowish color when it cures, making it unsuitable for projects where color uniformity is of utmost importance.


SteelStik is a steel-reinforced epoxy putty adhesives suitable for filling cracks and holes on metals. SteelStik is one of JB weld’s numerous assortments of metal adhesives.

Easy to use:

Like water weld, steelStik is an epoxy putty that can be molded with your hand into different shapes. It has direct application over the surface to be filled, making it suitable for simple homeowners.

Quick setting:

SteelStik weld sets very quickly in about 3 to 5 minutes. It has a tensile strength of 900 PSI when fully cured, making it a great glue for steel surfaces.

Versatile applications:

SteelStik, like the rest of JB weld’s products, has versatile applications. While it’s great for steel surfaces, it can also be used on many surfaces, including brick, ceramic, and concrete.


The SteelStik weld cures in about 60 minutes and can be drilled, molded or tapped when it’s fully cured.

SteelStik forms an industrial-strength polymer bond that can be molded into different shapes. This feature makes SteelStik a must-have for all mechanics and industrialists working with steel.

Pros and Cons

SteelStik is a great tool to have around. Its malleability makes it suitable for different steel jobs. Moreover, its steel-reinforced nature makes it optimal for industrial projects.

SteelStik sets and cures very quickly, a feature that gives it an advantage for industrial applications where emergencies can arise unexpectedly.

In as much as SteelStik is great for steel projects, its tensile strength of 900 PSI puts it at a disadvantage when working with other non-steel projects.

JB weld has other products with greater tensile strength, which might be a better option for you when carrying out repairs on non-steel surfaces.


High heat epoxy is an epoxy putty stick developed specifically for materials that are constantly exposed to high temperatures.

Unlike other JB weld products, the high heat epoxy can withstand continuous heat at temperatures up to 450F.

Temperature resistant:

The high heat epoxy can withstand very high temperatures for continuous periods. Materials like exhausts, tailpipes and machinery that constantly work with high temperatures can be easily repaired with high heat epoxy. This makes it a great fit for industrial and automotive applications.

Short cure time:

The high heat epoxy sets in about 1 hour and can be drilled after 8 hours of application. High heat epoxy can save manufacturers the stress of pausing operations for days to effect repairs in industries where every minute counts.

Blended color:

The high heat epoxy cures to a tough hard bond with a machine grey color. Its cured machine grey color easily blends with machines’ natural color, making it ideal for industrial uses.


just like the SteelStik weld, the high heat held is highly malleable. After being allowed to cure for 8 hours, the high heat epoxy can be drilled, tapped or molded into different shapes depending on the desired purpose.

Pros and Cons

Most glue products fail when constantly exposed to high temperatures. The High heat epoxy can withstand very high temperatures and can be easily used in various automotive and industrial applications.

Moreover, high heat epoxy forms a machine grey color upon curing, which makes it easily concealable. The incredibly short curing time of high heat epoxy makes it ideal for industrial situations where quick action is needed.

The major drawback of high heat epoxy is its limited functionality when working with other materials. The plastic weld or original cold weld product would be your best bet for plastic or ceramic materials.


Talking about the big boy temperature glue. The JB weld extreme heat paste is formulated to repair metals, iron and steel in a high-temperature environment.

Extreme heat can withstand high temperatures of up to 1000F without failing.

Withstand high temperature:

The extreme heat can be termed as the advanced version of JB weld high heat. It can withstand temperatures of up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit and is thus suitable for high-temperature equipment.

Catalytic converters, outdoor grills, and furnaces that operate at extremely high temperatures can be easily repaired or filled with JB weld extreme heat paste.


When fully cured, the JB weld extreme heat can be machined, sanded, or drilled to meet the application’s needs.

Machine parts come in a variety of sizes and may require drilling or machining as a result. Such operations, and others, can be handled by the extreme heat paste.

Versatile uses:

the nature of the Extreme heat paste material makes it suitable for various applications. It can be used on any high-temperature automobile or industrial product.

When you need to repair or fill up your exhaust pipe or outdoor grill, extreme heat should be your go-to product.

Resists harsh conditions:

Extreme heat is a water-based,non-flammable product. Its materials of production make it able to withstand contact with water, flame and other harsh conditions.

Industries that use machinery under harsh conditions can comfortably apply extreme heat for their repairs.

Pros and Cons

The most attractive feature of extreme heat is its ability to withstand high temperatures. Its malleable nature also makes it suitable for industrial applications.

Extreme heat is water and flame resistant, a feature which, when added to its versatility, makes it a must-have for industries, mechanics and home grill owners alike.

Even great products have their shortcomings. For Extreme heat, its shortcoming is its price which is way above the price of other JB weld products.


KwikWood is an epoxy putty formulated specifically for repairing various types of problems on furniture and other wood products.

Kwik wood sets within 15 to 25 minutes and forms a light tan color after curing in about 60 minutes.

Quick setting:

Just like the Plastic weld, KwikWood has a very short set time of 15 to 25 minutes and cures in about 60 minutes.

With KwikWood, you can handle your product 15 minutes after applying it and return it to its applicable state after 60 minutes.

Versatile for woodwork:

KwikWood is the ultimate wood solution. KwikWood handles various problems so long as the material surface is wood.

You can use KwikWood for dry rot, knot holes, screw holes, insect damage and various other wood problems. With a pack of KwikWood in your toolkit, you can consider your wood problems solved.


KwikWood is extremely malleable when fully cured. It forms a light tan color with the wood and can be machined, drilled, tapped and even painted.

KwikWood allows woodworkers to perform their operations on wood like as if nothing happened in the first place.

Rot and shrink resistant:

KwikWood has anti-rot and anti-shrink properties. When fully cured, KwikWood does not shrink, crack or pull away. KwikWood can also resist rot which is the most common wood problem.

Pros and Cons

Anti-rot formula makes it the perfect tool for woodworkers. It has versatile applications and, as such can be used in many situations. KwikWood cures to a light tan color that easily blends with the rest of the wood.

KwikWood is great with wood products, but performs very poorly when in contact with other products, which is a major limitation for most people.


The wood Restore premium epoxy comes in two phases. A liquid solution is applied first and then an epoxy putty formula, which is applied as a second layer to complete the restore process.

Wood restore is a high-strength epoxy formula designed to repair and rebuild damaged or rotted wood.

Two-part formula:

The wood restore has a liquid formula that is applied first to penetrate deeply into the wood in order to properly repair the wood fibers.

The liquid epoxy then dries to form a solid foundation for the second formula, which is an epoxy putty.

The second layer is a hand mixable epoxy putty layer that rebuilds and reinforces the damaged wood.

The two-part restore process is comprehensive and is great for repairing doors, furniture, damaged wood and other wood problems.


The two-part Wood Restore Premium formula is an anti-rot and anti-shrink process. The means that your wood will not rot or shrink after applying Wood Restore Premium to it.

Quick action formula:

The wood restore formula has a very short set and cure time. After about 60 minutes of application, your wood can be drilled, machined or tapped and put back into use.

Improves structural integrity:

Wood restore formula improves the integrity of the wood by adding structural strength to the fibers.

Damaged/ rotten wood is usually weak and fails over time. The Wood Restore Premium formula penetrates deep into the fibers of the wood.

It restores the damaged part, which in turn increases the structural integrity of the wood and hence its useful life.

Pros and Cons

Wood Restore Premium is comprehensive in its work. It restores all parts of the damaged wood,making it great for repairing doors and furniture that termites and rot easily attack.

The wood restore also cures to the same density as the wood it is applied on; this ensures uniformity in both color and density throughout the wood.

The only downside to using Wood Restore Premium is that it is a bit pricey, plus it can only be used on wood.


Tank weld is a hand mixable epoxy putty that is great for repairing and rebuilding metals and metal surfaces.

Tank weld is steel reinforced and has anti-rust properties, among other features.

Great tensile strength:

Tankweld has a high tensile strength of 900 PSI. Because of its tensile strength, it is ideal for repairing materials that can withstand high strength and pressure.

Chemical resistant:

Tankweld is resistant to chemical and petroleum attacks and will withstand temperatures up to 300F. Materials that are constantly exposed to harsh working environments can be comfortably repaired with Tank Weld due to its resistant properties.

Quickset and cure time:

Tank weld sets in about 5 minutes and takes an hour to cure. Emergencies like a burst or leakage in metal tanks and pipes can be easily repaired with tank weld in 5 minutes. This is great for industrial applications where time is of the essence.


Tank weld is highly malleable and can be drilled or molded into shapes to effect the necessary repairs. Tank weld cures to a dark grey color and can also be drilled or machined depending on its intended use.

Pros and Cons

Tank weld has a wide range of applications and can be used on virtually any metal, making it an invaluable tool in the workshop.

Tank weld’s resistance properties also make it useful to industrialists who work with various chemicals and temperatures up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

The disadvantage of tankweld is that it becomes a liability when working with wood or other non-metallic materials.


Clear Weld is your go-to weld when invisibility is your main goal. Clear weld is a two-part epoxy that provides a strong bond on various surfaces.

Quick setting:

Clear weld sets in 5 minutes and cures in about an hour. When invisibility and quick action is needed, clear weld got you covered.

Clear weld quickly sets and cures to a clear hard bond, making it great for working with delicate materials requiring color uniformity.

Versatile applications:

Clear weld is suitable for a variety of surfaces. Like tank weld, clear weld is great for metals and other surfaces that tank weld does not support. Clear weld is a must-have for homeowners and DIYers working with various materials.

Great tensile strength:

Clear weld has a tensile strength of 3900 PSI. Having a great tensile strength means that Clear weld can be used on materials that undergo great stress as well as materials with structural purposes.

Easy to use:

Clearweld comes in a syringe which makes mixing it in a 1:1 ratio relatively easy. Clear weld gives optimum results when mixed in a 1:1 ratio which can be difficult for people to achieve without the syringe.

Pros and Cons

The major selling point of Clear weld is its ability to remain invincible after performing its repair objectives. Clear weld is also versatile in its operations and can work with plastics, metal, fiberglass, wood and a range of other materials.

Moreover,Clear weld’s quick setting properties makes it great for emergencies.

The disadvantage of using Clearweld is that it cannot resist high temperatures, and it fails when continuously exposed to high temperatures.


JB weld has a large assortment of SuperWeld adhesives. SuperWeld is a cyanoacrylate glue that provides a strong bond within seconds.

SuperWeld forms a clear instant bond and is great for hard-to-bond surfaces.

Ultra-fast set time:

SuperWeld sets in less than a minute and takes about 24 hours to cure fully. When you need an instant bond for your delicate items, ensure you have a pack of SuperWeld in your tool bag.

Precision application:

SuperWeld comes with a brush applicator which allows for even application on surfaces.

The 20g size of SuperWeld has a pinpoint applicator that allows for pinpoint surface application. This feature eliminates the wastage that comes with applying glue on multiple surfaces.

Great tensile strength:

Like the Clear weld, SuperWeld has a great tensile strength of about 3000 PSI. This feature makes it great for various household repairs, crafts and automotive where strength is needed.

Versatile applications:

SuperWeld has versatile applications like the original cold weld. SuperWeld can be used on various surfaces, including plastic, metal, wood, and even rubber.

Having SuperWeld in your tool kit gives you an edge when working with delicate equipment of various materials.

Pros and Cons

Superweld is quite affordable considering its numerous cool features. Superweld instant bonding solution also makes it great for emergencies.

Superweld is quite versatile in its surface application which makes it handy for DIYers.

The disadvantage of Superweld is that it fails when exposed to high temperatures and as such, its use should be limited to room temperature materials.

What to look for before buying JB WELD adhesives

JB weld has a large assortment of adhesives for different materials and different purposes. While most might have versatile applications on various surfaces, others are specifically designed to solve a particular problem on limited surfaces.

Here are a few things to check on your list before buying JB weld adhesives

• Identify the type of material where the adhesive will be used
• Identify the problem or repair which the adhesive will be repairing.
• Conduct thorough research through their wide assortment of adhesives to identify the one that meets your needs.

In a situation where you don’t have a problem at hand to solve, and you just want to get it for future purposes.

Your best bet would be to go for one that has applications over various surfaces as it would be more economical for you in the long run. Their ClearWeld and SuperWeld products are also a great choice for DIYers working with delicate materials.

Wrapping it All up

JB weld adhesives are multipurpose and have great strength across various surfaces hence the reason why we have detailed the best JB WELD REVIEWS.

No matter the repair or the material involved, JB weld has various readily available products to take care of your needs.


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