Can You Cut Bamboo With Circular Saw? (Tips, Techniques, and Safety Guidelines!)

Bamboo might seem like a normal wood but green, but its texture and nature are quite daunting for someone who is assigned to cut them into pieces. But can you cut bamboo with circular saw?

When cutting bamboo, you should choose a circular saw as it is powerful and can deliver a clean and precise cut. The blade should be diamond-tipped and with a higher tooth count.

If you have a pile of bamboo pieces in your workstation but don’t know where to start, you have landed on the right article.

Can You Cut Bamboo With Circular Saw

Why You Should Choose A Circular Saw For Cutting Bamboo?

The circular saw has gained popularity for its precise cuts on wood and steel. But its potential doesn’t stop it on those materials only. You can also opt for a circular saw for cutting and shaping bamboo pieces. Are you wondering why you should use a circular saw? Let’s find out.


A circular saw is the most versatile tool you can find in your workstation. Not only it cuts different materials from wood to shingles, but it can also cut different shapes and depths. You can make straight and curved both cuts with this. There are options for setting the depth and angles for making various cuts.


As bamboo is a very dense material, you will need a powerful motor that could empower the blade strongly enough to invade that dense texture. As a circular saw is powered by either electricity or battery, you will get more fierce power than a hand saw.

Cutting Speed

A circular saw doesn’t take more than a few seconds to cut a piece or a board. Whereas, you will have to toil till midnight if you will a handsaw or other manually-operated machines. This will be a valuable attribute when you have tons of bamboo to cut and process or when you have to cut very thick bamboo stalks.


A circular saw can provide you with the most precise and cleanest cut possible, depending on the blade’s sharpness and position. This tool is devised to make a smooth and clean cut. If you are a novice, you can also follow the built-in guides and notches to make precise cuts.

Affordable And Cost Effective

There are many models of circular saws, and you can choose from them what suits you best. A circular saw doesn’t have to be a very high-end product. However, the saw and blade must be of good quality and in good condition. In terms of its usability and versatility, the cost of a circular saw is very much justified.

Circular Saw Blade For Cutting Bamboo

You do not want to be wrong about the blade while cutting bamboo. A wrong blade can be a threat to your material, the blade, and the saw as well. So, before you jump on that big project of cutting bamboo with a circular saw, you should select what blades are suitable for this task. Let us see what attributes a circular saw blade must have to cut bamboo.

Diamond-Tipped Blade

A diamond-coated blade is the toughest among all the blades for the circular saw. there are small and minuscule diamond grits rooted in the tip of the teeth. This unique position allows the blade to cut through the densest material, even bamboo. More importantly, regular, and repeated use of bamboo will not make the blade blunt and dull.

Appropriate Teeth Count

The number of teeth on the blade plays a significant role in making a proper cut. A blade that has too many teeth is susceptible to overheating and wears out fast. On the contrary, a blade with lower teeth count can make cause bamboo splinter and the blade can bind too. A 60-80 teeth count is perfect for cutting bamboo.

Thickness Of The Blade

The blade’s thickness can indicate its stability and its aptitude for cutting tough and dense material. A blade with thick girth is stable and less prone to bend or warp while in motion. For cutting bamboo, a circular saw blade with a 0.07-inch thickness will be the best option.

Kerf Width

Kerf width is often ignored by common folks. However, it is crucial when you are cutting thick pieces of bamboo. A wider kerf can generate more waste and demand a more powerful circular saw motor. While cutting bamboo, a blade with 0.1-inch kerf width will do the trick.


Unlike depth, you can’t adjust the power setting of the circular saw in most of the models. They come in a default power and the speed is connected to that. So, you have to ensure that the blade you are choosing can be compatible with the circular saw’s speed and power. Without a good speed on the wheel, the cut can’t be accurate and precise.

If all these attributes and functions have frightened you, don’t worry. These are pretty common, and you can find the required information in the user manual or on the packaging. To save you tons of toil and time, here’s my recommendation for you. No products found. has really had its position impeccably in the diamond-tipped saw blade category.

Precautions While Cutting Bamboo With Circular Saw

As the texture of the bamboo is very dense and thick, you should be very careful while dealing with them with a circular saw. You don’t want to jump into cutting the material without the required preparation. Here’s a list of precautions that will make your bamboo-cutting experience more fun and fruitful.

Clamp The Bamboo Securely

The bamboo must be clamped to the workstation tightly. Due to the round demeanor of the material, it tends to roll off without supervision. Also, the movement and vibration of the circular saw will certainly shift the position. So, make sure the bamboo piece is secured on the bench.

Modify The Blade Depth

You can change the depth of the blade by determining the thickness of the material. This will assist you in making the proper cut and avoid cutting the surface underneath the bamboo. You can adjust the blade depth to a certain level by changing the lever.

Use A Straight Edge

As there is a hollow in the middle of the bamboo, the blade might distract from the path. So, a straight edge will lead the way to the end. You should draw the cutmark not only on the top but rather surrounding the circumference of the bamboo piece.

Do Not Force The Blade

The saw blade is strong enough to cut through the material without too much pressure. Let the blade do the work and force the blade into the material. It will deliver twisted and crusty cuts on the material. Also, the blade may endure permanent damage too.

Some Tips To Remember

  • When you are cutting the bamboo vertically, it is best to cut from the bottom and lead onto the front. This will deter the blade from splintering and chipping the material.
  • When the bamboo piece is tough and thick, you should prefer to cut it in stages. First, make a shallow cut and adjust the blade for a deeper cut. Repeat to penetrate to the core.
  • When there are piles of bamboo pieces to be cut, make sure to give the circular saw rest from time to time. The blade should not overheat. Let it cool down to avoid warping and overheating from the pressure.
  • Place a sacrificial board beneath the bamboo piece. This will prevent splintering and chipping on the bamboo. This board can be made from wood or other material.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is it possible to cut bamboo with a wood saw blade?

Technically it is possible to cut bamboo with a regular circular saw blade. However, I wouldn’t advocate for it. As bamboo is very thick and fibrous, a regular blade can’t possibly handle the pressure. The blade will be dull soon enough and the cut will not be great too.

Does bamboo splinter during the cut?

Bamboo tends to splinter and chip during the cut, but it can be avoided. A proper blade with corrected blade depth can reduce the amount of splintering significantly. Cut in stages so that the blade doesn’t face too much pressure. Also, clamp the piece securely to the work table.

Is a cordless circular saw a good choice for cutting bamboo?

You can certainly use a cordless circular saw for cutting bamboo, but the saw must be powerful enough to assist the blade to cut through the bamboo. You will need a very powerful motor to cut such a fibrous and dense texture of bamboo. So, the saw’s battery should be powerful enough to handle such a task.

Final Words

A circular saw can’t say no to any material, no matter how tough or dense it is. And you should not save yourself from such challenges as well. Learning to cut bamboo via a circular saw can unleash newer skills in you. So, go through the article and be ready to be challenged.


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