Seal Krete Epoxy Seal Paint Reviews

What if there was a way to transform your garage floor? What if there was a way to finally integrate your garage floor and concrete driveway to look like the rest of your home?

In just a minute, I would be taking you on a journey towards transforming your garage floor.

For years the garage has served as more than just a home for our vehicles. It has also served as a home to a lot of other items.Items like bikes, old chairs, toys, clothes, and other stuff have been housed in the garage occasionally.

The garage floor, like all other floors in the house, needs to be maintained occasionally to keep it looking attractive.

One way to maintain the garage floor is by filling the cracks, removing oil stains,using a concrete sealer,and painting it once in a while to renew its look.

There are a lot of garage paints out there. A lot of manufacturers make numerous claims about their paints which customers find out to be untrue after using them.

This seal krete epoxy seal reviews would take us on a journey into the wonderful features the epoxy paint has to offer.

seal krete epoxy seal reviews

Features of seal krete epoxy seal paint

The seal krete paint is a one-part acrylic epoxy paint that is water, oil, grease, gasoline, and salt resistant.

When the paint dries, it has a long-lasting UV-resistant satin finish that resists scuffing, peeling, blistering, and hot tire pick-ups.

The satin finish of the paint makes it simple to maintain, making it an excellent choice for both interior and exterior applications.

When dirty, the paint can be easily cleaned up with soap and water on both coated and uncoated floors.

The paint is available in two colors: amour grey and slate grey, with the option of tinting to approximately 38 different colors.

For premium appearance after painting with acrylic paint, it’s best to dry the paint for a minimum of 24 hours with a temperature not less than 50F. You can also add flakes to the floor while painting to achieve your desired look.

Seal krete paint can also be used on other places in the house including your basement floor and basement walls.


Accessories used with seal krete epoxy garage floor paint

There are a few things you should do before applying the epoxy seal concrete floor paint to your garage floor.

• Thoroughly clean the garage floor concrete surface to remove any dirt or gasoline stains that may be present. If there are grease and oil stain, you should consider using seal-krete oil stain remover on the stains.
• The next step is a procedure known as concrete etching. Etching ensures that the paint adheres to the concrete surface properly when applied.

This step can be carried out effectively using seal krete CLEAN-N-ETCH.

• After etching the floor, check for dust with a piece of duct tape. If you encounter resistance when attempting to peel off the tape, your floor is dust-free.
• Once the floor has been thoroughly cleaned, use a concrete crack filler to repair any visible cracks.
• After properly preparing the concrete surfaces, apply seal krete lockdown concrete bonding primer. The primer prevents peeling and hot tire pickup on your garage floor paint.

After you have completed the above steps on your concrete garage floor, you can proceed to apply the Seal krete paint.

You can also apply a water based acrylic sealer to your floor after painting to give it a nice glossy finish.

Key benefits

• Seal krete garage floor epoxypaint prevents peeling and lifting of your floor.
• The paint makes your garage floor impact-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about dropping tools on it. •
• The satin finish of the seal krete paint adds a touch of elegance to your garage floor.
• The application process ensures that all cracks and flaws in your floor are repaired.
• Painting your garage floor with seal-krete concrete paint makes it simple to clean later.
• Seal concrete paint makes your garage floor more secure. by lowering the likelihood of slip and fall accidents.

With the right technique, you can also apply epoxy seal concrete paint to your decorative concrete surface.

Pros & Cons


Seal krete epoxy seal concrete paint is easy to maintain and can last for a very long time. Apart from the cost-effectiveness, the paint allows you to add various custom designs to your garage floor coating to achieve your desired taste.

Moreover, seal krete concrete paint protects your garage floor coverings from tool impacts, water oil stains, tire marks, and hot tire pickups.


Epoxy floor paints are skid resistant generally, but they can become very slippery when covered with oil especially the ones with a non-slip finish. The process of installing and painting epoxy paint is a bit tedious and requires a great deal of patience for optimum results.

What to look for before buying epoxy paint

There are numerous epoxy concrete floor paints available from various manufacturers. Before purchasing epoxy paint, you should conduct thorough research while keeping the desired outcome for your garage in mind.

If you have no prior experience purchasing epoxy paints or completing DIY projects, the best practice would be to purchase products from reputable and trusted brands such as Seal-krete.

Who should buy seal krete paint?


If you want to transform your garage into an extension of your home, seal krete concrete paint is the way to go. Seal krete has a thorough installation process that ensures all aspects of your garage floor are addressed.

Seal-krete paint is affordable; with a single purchase and installation, you can keep your garage floor looking nice for a long time.

If you are serious about changing the look of your garage floor or finally converting your garage into a home gym or personal space.

People Also Ask


How do you apply seal-krete-epoxy seal paint?

To apply seal krete concrete paint, you need to make sure that the temperature is between 50F to 90F 24hrs before application. If you are using more than one can, mix both of them to ensure consistent color.

Start by painting the edges of your garage concrete surfaces with a nylon polyester brush before using a roller to extend the paint towards the rest of your garage floor.

Does Seal krete work?

Yes, seal krete concrete paint works. Many satisfied customers including myself can testify to that.

How long does seal-krete take to dry?

The first coat of the concrete paint should be allowed for 4 to 6 hours before applying the second coating.

The second coating of paint should be allowed to dry for at least 24 hrs.



Painting your garage floor with a concrete floor paint is a step in the right direction towards improving the quality of your home. A wise man once said that anything worth doing is worth doing well.

If you decide to paint your garage floor, your best bet would be to go for a product that would stand the test of time while giving you a classy premium finish that would make your neighboursenvy your garage.

Reputable brands like Rust oleum have a lot of premium floor products including their well-known Rust oleum Epoxyshield paint.

This seal krete epoxy seal paint reviews will help make your decision-making process easier regarding your choice of garage floor paint.


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