Top 5 Best Welding Bags in 2023 [Buying Guide]: Carry your welding equipment with you!

Are you a professional welder who has to move from one job to the next? If so, you should consider investing in the best welding bag to carry your protective gear, cables, pliers, and all other tools of trade.

Most seasoned welders use the regular duffel welding tool bag, but these do not have all the features required to carry welding tools and equipment such as helmets, and are also not durable enough to carry heavy tools.

However, there is a myriad of quality welding tool bags for you to choose from. Finding the right bag that meets all your needs might be challenging. To guide and help you make the most appropriate choice, we have reviewed some of the best welding bags for work.

Best Welding Bags

Short on time? Check out our short list of Best welding bags in 2023!

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1 Revco GB100 BSX Extreme Welders Backpack- Stylish Little Backpack

Revco GB100 BSX Extreme Gear Pack With Helmetcatch

Revco industries GB100 BSX welding gear bag comes with its quick-action helmet catch compartment. It also features a padded back and reinforced side pocket. The bag is designed to hold every single welding tool you might have, including welding gear, helmet jackets, cables, gloves, tools, grinders, clothing, and more.

The Revco industries GB100 BSX Extreme Gear Pack has a dimension of 19 x 12 x 9 inches, meaning its spacious enough to hold tools such as mini grinders and chipping hammers.

It’s made of durable 650D Nylon and 4 interior pockets, a carabiner for accessories and integrated lunch box inside the gear pack.

The 2 side pockets of this ensure that you can keep 2 gloves at a time. Another exciting feature is it has a superb pocket for carrying your welding helmet. It has some extra zippered pockets.

There is a chest strap that can be buckled with the reach inside the bend.

  • Its Shoulder straps are durable
  • It can hold personal protective gear
  • Comes with a helmet compartment
  • It can withstand sparks since its fire retardant
  • The bag is not water-resistant
  • Not very roomy

2 Tillman Tool Bag- Great Welding Hood Bag

tillman 520 helmet bag

Tillman 520 bag is made of 600 Denier polyester material for durability to withstand the bulky weight.

This bag dimension is (18 x 12 x 12), 18” deep, 12″ height and 12” wide, which is the main reason why welders go for this welding tool bag. The main compartment has the capacity to hold any welding helmet. It also comes with two extra mesh pockets on the outside to hold water bottles, welding gloves, or small tools.

The main compartment has a drawstring closure. The front pocket has a hook closure, which is ideal for holding things such as welding glasses, your cellphone, and keys.

However, it’s not made for carrying heavy tools such as drills, grinders, or heavy materials like wire rolls or welding rod etc.

  • It has a compact size
  • It can carry your welding helmet
  • It is made of high-quality and durable material
  • Hard to carry with one shoulder
  • The Tillman 520 welders bag has no lining

3 CLC 1165 Tool Bag- Very Spacious Bag

large bag bigmouth 22 pocket clc 1165

This welding tool bag is making from durable 600D polyester material and is the best to carry your welding tools around.

It features 22 pockets (12 inside and 10 outside), adjustable shoulder straps, web carrying handles, and it is well padded. These compartments make it easier for you to organize your tools for easy access. You should go for clc 1165 tool bag if you want functionality, efficiency, and accessibility to your tools.

What is more? It opens wide enough for easy access to your equipment and tools of trade. This bag is a special for most welders because it remains open when the zipper is open.

With the CLC Custom Leathercraft, you do not have to keep opening the mouth whenever you are trying to reach your tools.

  • It has heavy-duty stitching
  • The bag is durable and sturdy
  • The carrying handles are well reinforced
  • It is spacious and durable enough to carry heavy and large tools
  • Some pockets can be small
  • For the first couple of weeks, the bag emits this weird chemical smell

4 Miller Welding Bag- Great Little Bag

miller welding gear

This welding tool bag is 21.2” x 12.6”x 2” in size and features 22 pockets (9 inside, 13 outside).

The pockets are spacious enough to hold welding helmets, safety glasses, gloves, and a level.

The bag has mesh pockets on the outside for easy access to smaller tools such as marking tools and tape measures.

For durability, the Miller Electric bag is complete of polyester, with padded comfy shoulder straps.

  • Offers great value for your money
  • Made of durable polyester material
  • The shoulder straps are comfortable
  • 9 inside pockets and 13 extra outside pockets
  • The Shoulder straps are not strong enough to hold excess weight

5 Lincoln Electric Welder Bag- Excellent Duffle Bag

lincoln electric welding bag

Are you the type of welder who carries every single tool to work, plus an extra pair of clothes?

Lincoln electric duffle bag got you covered. This is a military-grade fabric welding bag with generous dimensions (14” x 3” x 14”).

Lincoln electric bag offers 3 big exterior pockets. It is specifically designed to hold bulky stuff such as your welding helmet, your leather jacket, gloves, tape, replacement lenses, food and a bottle of water, etc.

The bag features a solid bottom made of durable military-grade fabric that is abrasion and wear-resistant. It’s made from durable 1680 Denier fabric. There’s a big 4-inch carabiner to hang helmet. The material, clips, and zippers are heavy duty.

  • Heavy duty zippers
  • Puncture and Cut resistant
  • Holds gear, gloves and jacket
  • Made of high-quality military-grade fabric material
  • It is spacious enough to carry your welding tools and personal items as well Quite affordable
  • The shoulder straps need some improvements in terms of high quality

Buyers Guide for The Best Welders Bag

Every welding expert has various tools, accessories, and gear that he must carry around. But how do you choose the best bag that meets all your needs? With tons of these bags in the market, answering this question might be challenging.

We have done the research for you, and here are some tips on how to select the most appropriate welding tool bag.

1. Your needs
Why do you need a welding tool bag? You have to answer this question before making any decision to buy a welding tool bag. Our needs as welders are not universal. We all have unique needs, and this plays a big role when it comes to choosing a bag that is best for you.

Some welders are constantly moving from one job to the other, while others spend time climbing ladders. The job of a welder may vary. However, each welder understands the nature of his work and needs. You want to buy a welding tool bag that works for your needs. Welding tool bags are designed and styled differently, as you have seen in our top picks.

There are small, big, nylon, polyester, and hundreds of other options. The bag you choose is supposed to make your job easier. It should allow you to carry your tools, safety gear, accessories, and everything else you might need.

The good thing is that you have been in the welding profession long enough for you to know exactly what you need.

2. The Bag’s Capabilities
You might choose a bag based on the type of work you do and the locations you travel to, but considering the bag’s capacities is as important. What equipment and tools can and cannot fit in the welding bag?

Some of the things a welder needs to carry around include:

• Helmet
• Knee Pad
• Gloves
• Jacket
• Tip dip
• Welding cap
• Welding pliers
• Welding blankets
• Personal accessories such as phone, keys, and wallet
Welding clamps
• Anti-spatter sprays

You might not need all these tools on every job and might have to pack the welding bag based on the type of job and what is required. However, your bag needs to be spacious enough to carry your personal safety gear as well.

3. How you will you carry the bag
This is a vital welding bag shopping aspect that most people ignore. If you need to carry the bag up and down ladders a lot, then you should consider buying a bag that has backpack straps. It is safer carrying the welding bag on your back when climbing ladders.

If you just need a bag to move your tools from place to place, then one with carrying straps will work for you. If you do not want to carry the bag all through, you might consider picking from the welding bags with wheels. Consider buying a bag that is comfortable enough for you. Also, pick one that meets all your needs.

4. Will the bag be reliable?
The last thing any welder would want is a bag that tears up in the middle of the road as you move from one job to the next. It is, therefore, necessary that you confirm the bag is of durable quality before buying it. Check the straps or handles, particularly as these parts are responsible for withstanding the weight of the bag.

Closing Remarks

As you pursue the best welding bag, remember that our needs are unique. Consider your specific needs and base your best option on your preferences. Even after reading this guide, only you can tell what your needs are. However, our top product picks are worth looking at.


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