Leather Tool Belts of 2023 | The Ultimate Guide for Choose, Buy & Tips on Maintenance!

Whether you are a carpenter or an electrician, you need a tool belt for greater efficiency, ease, and productivity. Most f the best and traditional tool belts are made of leather. Since you are starting down this road, why disappoint by swaying from tradition? Why don’t you just find the best leather tool belt for yourself!

A tool belt has its benefits but you will only be able to enjoy them when you find the right one for you. The right one will require you to look into multiple features and also multiple brands and models. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get to know what you need to know!

Let’s check out the leather tool belt review to set up what you can expect from the current market.

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Best Leather Tool Belt

Top List of Best Leather Tool Belts

What is a leather tool belt?

A leather tool belt is a belt with pouches and pockets that you have to wear around your waist. You can carry the tools you need for carpenter jobs or other such activities in the pockets and pouches of this tool belts. And, it is a leather tool belt because it is made of leather.

Leather Tool Belt: How Does It Work?

You have to fasten the tool belt around your waist normally or you can use suspenders for it. Once you do, you can access the tools you keep in it easily when you are working. As it will cling to your waist, you can climb ladders, walk around hands-free without having to carry a toolbox. The tool belt basically works as a toolbox but without constant attention.

It gives you easy access to the tools and keeps the operation hands-free.

Types of Leather Tool Belts

You will actually find types even within the leather tool belts. It is mainly based on how you wear them and the kind of leather used in the build.

a) The types based on how you wear them are:

1. Standard Leather Tool Belt

This works just like a normal belt with pockets and pouches. The whole weight will be focused on your waist. Some of these come with loops for you to attach suspenders.

2. Harnesses

These are the tool belts that come with suspenders and shoulder straps. It helps to distribute the weight from your waist to the shoulders. Therefore, you won’t experience any lower back pain or any such difficulty even if you wear the belt for really long hours.

b) Types based on the leather used.

You will find quite a number of leather types building different tool belts. Where the leather is derived from, how it has been treated, etc, are the concerns in this case. For example, full-grain and suede leather will give you different benefits. You will find suede leather is softer while fill grain is more durable.

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The list below takes into account the above considerations of the features of leather tool belts on the market.

1. Task Tools Belt- DIY Belt for Hubby

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If you are looking for a robust leather belt that has a great capacity then you can check this Task Tools T77265 Carpenter’s apron out. Apparently, it does not come with a lot of pockets like the other ones but provides you with a great capacity for the few tools you use. In case you use large tools but a few of them, this leather belt will serve you just the way you need a leather belt to serve you.

When you look and touch this leather belt and its pouches, the first word that will cross your mind is robust. The leather seems very strong and durable. In fact, it really is. The Oil-Tanned Split leather will last a long time even when you carry heavy-duty tools in it.

Now, the number of pockets may disappoint you or make you go, “Well, that is very efficient for what I need”. It offers up to 12 pockets, a 2-inch wide saddle leather belt with different sizes of pockets. So, if twelve serves you right, this leather belt will serve you right. Moreover, it comes with two hammer holders for you and these two holders are of a robust build as well.

Each of the pockets are is spacious with rounded corners. The rounded corners help to keep the tools in place and give you easy access to them when you need them. There’s a D-ring loop that can be used with suspenders with snaps. Furthermore, the really wide belt helps to distribute the weight making it easier for you to carry.

The problem is, the really wide belt may make you feel that the belt is bulky and heavy. Apart from that, you may face a bit of trouble with the size of the belt. Apparently, the belt is quite long with really few holes to adjust the size. It is fit for 45-50 inches waist size. So, you will have to make your own holes to make the best fit.

Other than the minor drawbacks, the belt looks great, performs great, and is quite comfortable as long as you find the right size.

  • It has a robust, long-lasting build
  • The wide belt distributes the weight quite well
  • The rounded corners prevent the tools from falling out
  • The pockets are spacious holding the tools really nicely
  • The leather is of high-quality and will surely last a while
  • A bit bulky
  • It is hard to adjust the size as the holes in the long belt are fewn a single size only

2. Occidental Tool Belt- For Maximum Comfort

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Occidental Leather is a brand that you can fully rely on when it comes to leather belts. Apparently, it has been at the job for years and it has used its years very well. This brand has always kept growing design and quality-wise. They have put the best researchers on creating the best leather belts out there. The 5089 XL Seven Bag Framer is one such creation. Also, this model is made in the USA.

When you wear this leather belt, the first thing you will notice is the comfort it provides you with. The leather, being of the highest quality gives you a really soothing and soft feeling. On top of that, the one-piece design of the whole belt distributes the weight just the way the weight should be distributed. This belt also comes with the D-rings that are going fitting with your suspension system.

Even without the suspenders, you won’t feel any kind of pressure on any particular body part. The belt comes with 23 pockets in two different pouches. Apparently, the placement of the pockets is great for increasing your efficiency. You will get the right tools right where it should be. Just reach out and you have it.

However, you may not like the placement of the tape holder. If you keep the tape on the belt, the tape may get in the way of your hand reaching for the pockets. Apart from all that, the build quality of the belt is so great that it is worth mentioning.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a left-handed or a right-handed person; this belt will be helpful, and It can fit waist sizes from 29 to 54 inches.

The stitches, the materials, the rivets, nothing will disappoint you and this belt will surely last a really long time. You will find the price to be in the mid-range but it is worth every penny you spend on it. It is one of the best men leather tool belts.

  • Great value for the price
  • Looks amazing of course
  • It distributes the weight really well
  • The number and design of pockets and pouches make you efficient
  • The Belt is very comfortable to wear because of the one-piece design
  • It also has the best kind of leather in the build which feels great to the touch and is very durable
  • Poor ventilation
  • The placement of the tape holder may not be the best

3. CLC Leather Tool Belt- Excellent Craftsmanship

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Are you looking for a leather belt that has the soft Suede leather feel? Then, you are looking at the right suede leather belt! In fact, this leather belt is built with quality and its functionality will amaze you as well.

The various kinds of functional pockets will accommodate your tools very well while providing you with easy access. If you are a newbie and do not know what tools you need- this tool belt will help you figure out. In fact, it has a center pocket for a tape! How cleverly placed is that?

It comes with 12 pockets, including the 4 main pockets designed to hold the nails, nail guns, cloth ruler, as well as your necessary tools, and has 8 secondary pockets to hold a hammer, pliers, screws, pencils, chalk, and a tape measure.

It also offers a 2-inch wide poly web belt with metal interlocking and two hammer loops.

Thanks to the additional square holder, it becomes the leather combination material, and it will fit waist size range from 29-inches to 46-inches.

The soft suede leather in the build will not just last a long time but it will also make you feel quite comfortable. Apart from that, the metal interlocking buckle is the only thing you will have trouble with. While it supports a wide range of waist sizes, it is rather difficult to adjust.

Other than that, the leather belt looks great, feels solid, and offers a great value for the price you pay.

  • Looks great
  • It is good for a wide range of waist sizes
  • It has a great quality build with good leather
  • The holders for the tapes and hammers function well
  • The pockets and their designs hold the tools really well
  • It’s a bit difficult to adjust

4. Lautus Brand Tool Belt- Holds variety of tools

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Looking for a leather belt with plenty of pockets and a long-lasting build? Then, this Lautus Top Grain Leather rig tool belts may be the one you are looking for. It has so many pockets and of such variety that it is suitable for any kind of job.

There are 11 pockets (2 large, 2 medium and 2 small pockets, tape measure, 2 metal loops for the hammers, 6 pockets for screwdrivers, pencil, and similar items) to hold a knife, hammer, nail, and your every type of tools does the job right.

In fact, the pouches are well-placed and you can even move the pockets as per your preference. Each of the pockets has a design well suited for the different kinds of tools you use. So, none of your tools, if they had feelings, will feel left out.

You also get two hammer holder loops made of metal. So, you see? The right pocket or loop for the right tool. The top-grain leather is one that will really last and amaze you with its quality and looks.

You do not even have to worry about the size fitting you. Because this belt fits anyone with a waist size from 28-46 inches. If you do not find the belt comfortable by itself then you can buy suspenders to attach to it to get the maximum comfort!

The only drawback to this belt is that it is quite long- this is not even a drawback. Apart from all that, this is a gorgeous tool belt for the money.

  • Metal loops for hammer holders
  • Looks great and provides great value for the money
  • It has enough pockets for your tools- of different kinds
  • The build quality is quite great with the top grain leather
  • Quite comfortable to wear- suspender loops to help you add more to the comfort
  • It is a bit too long

5. Style Craft Tool Belt- Descent bags

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Are you having a hard time finding a leather belt that fits you perfectly? Then, you can try this Style n Craft Pro-Framers combo out. Apparently, it comes with a belt that can fit 34-46 inches of waist sizes. Measure the waist size over your clothes and if you need more length then you can buy a separate belt to fit you!

This Style n Craft leather belt will provide you with the comfort you need when you are working. In fact, the leather building this belt is very soft to the touch and very comfortable to put on. You can rely on the quality of this leather.

Apart from that, you can adjust the placement of the pouches. Furthermore, the pouches come with pockets dedicated to specific tools.

This style craft belt is a 3-inch wide, which comes with 17 pockets. It offers 6 main pockets supported by 11 holders (2 smaller pencil holder, metal hammer holder, combination square & pry bar holders, Tape holder for pencils, nail sets, knife, etc.)

You won’t have a hard time finding a spot for unique tools like hammer or tapes. It also has enclosed pockets for the little things that you do not want to spill out.

The stitches are made with nylon threads. While they usually do great, in some cases, the single stitch gave out and the belt became not as durable as you wanted it to be. The carry handles on the pouches make storing and carrying the belt much easier.

Apart from all that, the leather belt sure does look great when anyone’s wearing it. You pay a good price and it’s worth it. It sure is a high-quality leather tool belt.

  • Good value for the money
  • It has specific pockets for the various kinds of tools
  • The leather is of great quality and feels very soft to the touch
  • The pouches are very easy to carry and store thanks to the carry handles
  • You will find a leather belt that fits you perfectly no matter what the size of your waist is
  • Comes in a single size onlyOne-color only
  • The stitches are not of the best qualityComes in a single size only

Why do You need a Leather Tool Belt?

Must you go as far as to replace your toolbox with an exquisite piece of leather tool belt? Yes, you definitely should. Here’s why:

  • Leather’s very durable and comfortable: The tool belts made of the leather won’t only last long but they are comfortable and they look great on you. It will be like your uniform and you will be in style.
  • Added Productivity: Since it will act like your uniform, it will put you in the mood to work. Furthermore, the benefits it provides will also help you work faster while letting you focus only on the work at hand.
  • Easy Access and use: You will have your hands free when wearing the belt. Furthermore, it will keep the tools organized, easy to see and take out. So, it will make your work a lot easier than it was once.

What to look for Before Buying?

You cannot just go out and buy any leather tool belt that people claim to be the best. In fact, you need to find a leather belt that is specifically best for you. So, consider the following things when buying one.

The Type of Leather Tool Belt you want

As you know, you can choose just the belt or a belt that comes with suspenders and straps for your shoulder. Choose the type and style of a leather tool belt that will be comfortable for you. You should not struggle when working in it, you should feel that the tool belt is light, not straining any part of your body and is only making the task at hand easier.

If you cannot afford the high-end leather tool belts you should opt for the quality leather tool belts.

The Pockets and capacity

This is one of the most important concerns when you are choosing not just a leather tool belt but any tool belt. You may be in any profession- a carpenter, an electrician, etc. Whatever it is you have your own preference for tools. There are certain tools you cannot do without and there are those that you do not need.

Now, the tool belt you choose must be able to carry all the tools you need at once. It should come with pouches with a number of pockets. How many pockets and slots there should be is up to you to decide. Apart from that, the design of these pockets should be such that they can hold each of the tools you use perfectly.

In other words, there should be a pocket for each of your tools. If there isn’t then the tool belt should have creative additions that allow you to attach the tool to it. For example, the tool belt can come with D-rings.

Apart from that, the pockets can be of various types. There may be a few that have an open mouth. This will provide you with easy access to the most used tools. Then, there can be pockets with Velcro closures, chains, etc. This way you ensure that the tools will stay in place and will be available when you need them.

There is another option that is more flexible and customizable. There are belts that allow you to choose the pouches as per your needs. You can slide the pouches in the belts through the loops. If you do not find a tool belt that offers you with all the pockets you need, then you can choose brands that let you create one.

 The Padding in the belt

You will possibly be wearing the tool belt for a very long time. If it is uncomfortable then you won’t be able to merrily focus on your work. Therefore, you have to check how much more comfort the belt can provide you with.

In this case, the padding, the type of padding, and the ventilation within the padding will be things of concern. The tool belt must have enough padding in it so that you feel comfortable wearing it. In fact, the padding should be able to keep the hard and sharp tools away from your skin too.

Apart from that, air mesh in the padding helps airflow in it. As a result, it won’t block air for you and you will feel cool when wearing the tool belt. It is quite necessary because the working conditions can be very hot.

Lastly, the fabric that will be brushing up against your skin should be comfortable as well.

The Durability of the Tool Belt

Leather is actually the most durable material used in tool belts. However, you should check among the types of leathers to find the most durable one for you. However, that is not all durability is about.

You have to consider the stitch of the belt as well. At times, the belt has loose stitches that come out. You really do not want the belt to fall suddenly while you are working. Therefore, make sure that the belt has double stitches so that such wear and tear does not occur.

Your Safety

The pouches and pockets in the belt should have a design that does not let any harm come to you. For example, the pockets should hold the tools in such a way that they face outwards instead of inwards toward your skin. Apart from that, the pouches should not let the tool spill out from it.

It should be able to hold the tool well within it without any risk of it falling out. There are such safety concerns you have to keep in mind when choosing a tool belt.

The Right Fit

If you do not find a tool belt that fist perfectly on you then all the other features may feel useless. In order to feel comfortable, you need a leather tool belt that will stay where it is without feeling too loose or too tight. Therefore, always check that the one you are looking at has the right size for you.

Adjustable straps and holes will also work in your favor. Not all sizes fit everyone so the adjustability will make sure that you can fit the right size around your waist in an even righter way. Make sure to check reviews because they often tell you if the size is just as they listed it or you may have to go up or down a bit.

Care and Maintenance [Some Important Tips]

Luckily, taking care of a leather tool belt is not very hard. Here’s a list of things you will have to do.

  • Remove the tools from the belt when you are done for the day. Store teh tool belt in a nice, dry area.
  • Wipe anything off the tool belt. It can be dust, dirt, or soil. Just wipe it off.
  • If the dirt cannot be wiped off, wash the tool belt in hot water with a mild soap. Make sure you are not rough on it with a rough detergent or any such harsh chemical. Be gentle.

People Also Ask About Leather Belt


How do you moisturize leather?

You have to first test the conditioner on a small area of the leather to see how it affects the leather. Then, you have to rub the conditioner on the leather with one towel and wipe the residue away with another.

How do you stretch a leather belt?

All you have to do is soak the leather belt in water. Then, knead or twist it to help it absorb water. Leave it in the water for ten minutes. Finally, stretch it to the desired length.

How to clean leather belts?

Cleaning leather belts is quite easy. Wipe off anything that can be wiped off. Otherwise, clean it with warm water and mild soap. Then, dry it properly.

How can you soften leather quickly?

You can use rubbing alcohol and vaseline, mink oil, conditioner, or coconut oil to soften the leather. Rub the rubbing alcohol on the leather for a while then coat the leather with vaseline. Or, let the leather rest in the sun for some time then massage coconut oil on it.

Is vaseline good for leather?

Yes, vaseline is good for leather. It helps to make the leather soft and keep it that way.

Closing Remarks

Leather is quite the classy material for tool belts. It will take you and your work o a different level with its functionality and beauty. So, put some effort into finding the best leather tool belt for yourself and you will enjoy results for years to come.


My name is Michael M. Militello, and I want to help you find the right tools and the best products for your next project! As a professional tool expert here in Houston, TX, With my vast tool experience, I can help you choose the right brand, model, and size for the job. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. You can reach me here on my blog and also on Facebook, Twitter , and Pinterest. I look forward to hearing from you!

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